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The Roborock H7 Is Both a Vacuum Cleaner and a Mop

The roborock h7 is both a vacuum cleaner and a

RoboRock is famous for its range of robotic vacuum cleaners like the RoboRock S7, but the company recently branched out into handheld vacuums. The Roborock H7 is its latest model, loaded with upgrades from previous versions of Roborock’s handheld lineup.

The H7 improves first cleaning power compared to its predecessors. With a power of 480 watts, the H7 is capable of sucking deeper-than-dirt carpets. You can use it to clean everything from your mattress to the interior of your car. If you’re worried about how it can drain the battery, don’t do it – in Eco mode the H7 can last a full 90 minutes and reach a full charge in just 2.5 hours. This is a 37% percent reduction in charge time requirements compared to the H6, allowing you to resume cleaning so fast.

One of the downsides of handheld vacuum cleaners is a small dust bin. The H7 has an increased dust bin capacity of 500 ml. If that is not enough, users can connect disposable dust bags to expand the amount of storage capacity provided by the H7 while reducing the amount of air pollution for allergy sufferers.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the H7 is its ability to swap in various cleaning modes. By adding a mop accessory (sold separately), you can switch the H7 from vacuuming to moping mode. You can easily clean both hardwood and carpeted floors in this way, pulling both dust from the floor and dirt accumulated in the ground through a combination of the two methods.

Powerful filtration systems mean that users can reduce particles up to 99.99% as small as 0.3 microns, improving indoor air quality and ensuring that the particles will not survive the roborock. This, combined with the lower weight (the H7 weighs just 3.2 pounds), is an ideal choice for the homeowner who wants to keep both their floor and home clean.

The RoboRock H7 includes a magnetic handy store system called Magbase that lets users store all accessories in one place and easily hangs vacuum cleaners for charging when not in use.

The Roborock H4 will be available to purchase in the United States from July for $ 500.

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