1617459700 the perseverance rover found a weird green rock on mars

The Perseverance Rover Found a Weird Green Rock on Mars

Strongly identified rock
Strongly identified rock NASA

The big news from Mars this week is the preparations for the first flight of the Ingenuity helicopter, but while it is moving, the Fortitude Rover is keeping itself busy by examining the rocks on the Martian surface near its location. And the rover has found something strange: a strange green rock that has surprised scientists.

The image shown above, was shared on the official Perseverance Rover Twitter account, with the team writing that the strange discovery gave them a business hypothesis. The rock is about 6 inches long and both have an unusual green color and bright spots of unknown origin.

Persistence researchers are currently debating whether this rock comes from the area in which it was found, or whether it may have been moved from a different place of origin due to the impact of a different event. It could also have come from outside Mars, such as a meteorite that came from elsewhere in the solar system and affected Mars.

Perseverance’s Twitter account shared, “The team has formulated many different hypotheses about this.” “Is it the weather outside the local bedrolls? Is it a piece of Mars dropped from a far-off sphere of influence? Is it a meteor? or something else?”

The team has formulated many different hypotheses about this – is this something derived from the local bedroll? Is it a piece of Mars dropped from a far-off sphere of influence? Is it a meteor? or something else?

& mdash; NASA’s Persistence Mars Rover (@NASAPersevere) March 31, 2021

Rock has another nifty feature – you can see the line of scars created by the Rover’s Supercam Instrument laser. The instrument is designed to perform a type of analysis called laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, in which a laser is fired onto a target rock to convert a small amount of plasma into a rock. The device can then detect the chemical composition of this plasma, indicating what the rock is made of.

The laser used for this analysis is super powerful, capable of heating its targets up to 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit. And the instrument also includes a microphone, which records audio samples used to hear how far the laser is penetrating a sample and even gives clues to the hardness of the rock Can.

The Supercam instrument recently produced its first science result, and now we’ll have to wait to learn more about this strange rock.

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