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Photography courtesy of Uniqlo.

Chic Multi-Hyphenet’s new Uniqlo collab is out now.

Available today with her latest Uniqlo collaboration, French fashion icon Inès de la Fressange gives us a glimpse of the seaside resort town of Deauville (where she spent many holidays when she was a child hanging out with her undoubtedly stylish) Grandma Ma ). Collection – 15Th Between de la Fresange and the Japanese mega-brand – including different slice blazers and attractive blouses, sailing-inspired knits and UV-blocking hats.

All the same subtle sophistication is known to models, designers, and perfumers when they look dressed, to reflect the feeling of being simple and cool. “Many famous designers were inspired by Deauville for a long time and many photographers also went there,” de la Fresange said in a press release about the collection. “The city is very much connected to the fashion world. I saw many pictures of beautiful women by the beach. It is part of my culture. “

Here, De La shares with Fresange Fashion She is optimistic about how she is spending her days in lockdown and both the fashion industry and life.

Ines de la fresenz uniclo
Photography courtesy of Uniqlo.

You are considered a style icon for your life; What is the one thing that people may not know about you?

Ah thank you! Actually, when I listen people are shocked that people know me, so I rarely think about what they don’t know. One thing that always surprises me is that many people think that my modeling career started when I worked with brands like Chanel. I consider it like the end of my modeling career!

Now you are optimistic that we are out of 2020?

People had time to think about their lives, their priorities and what they were missing. Today, with vaccines, I hope things will get better and we will all be happy to find a sense of normalcy in life again with restaurants, museums, cinema, travel, kisses, et cetera. I understand this fact [because] Most of these things disappeared during the epidemic, people will now appreciate how precious they really are. Now, I hope everyone has more to be thankful for.

Ines de la fresange
Photography courtesy of Uniqlo.

What do you think are some of the most important changes in the fashion industry in recent years?

Many things have changed over the years, such as the way singers and film stars make the most impact on fashion. I also think that e-commerce has completely changed the fashion landscape. With online shopping, demand has changed, and consumers have to shift sizes and shapes of clothing to find the right fit for consumers.

Did you pick up any hobbies during the epidemic? How did you stay busy and positive?

I have been very fortunate to be in lockdown in Provence because I think it is impossible to get bored in the country. There is always something to do around the house! I demolished my closets and storage rooms. I also did a lot of gardening: cutting olive branches and planting vegetables. I quickly discovered that growing vegetables was very difficult!

I also did a lot of work – drawing jewelry and doing virtual fittings. I always like to be busy!

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