The Most Common PS5 Problems and How to Fix Them

PlayStation 5 is finally here and has been receiving rave reviews from gamers so far. The latest Sony console has exceeded the expectations we had so far for the next generation system, and exclusive titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales And Demon spirits Gamers have been sticking to their controllers since launch.

That being said, owners have a handful of issues with consoles pointing online. There are some minor (and fixed) issues that usually arise after its release. In this guide, we will go through the most common problems that players are facing and you are going through fixing them. Make sure you have installed the latest console software updates before diving.

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Issue with download queue

As games move into a digital marketplace, players must download massive files to play unbreakable copies of their favorite games. Gone are the days of scratches and unreadable data. However, downloading these huge files has caused some bugs in the software.

Problem: Games and applications are getting caught in Limbo’s “queue for download” or will simply appear as a download error. Your system will show the game / app in your library, but it will not be usable, nor can the download be canceled and resumed.

Solution: We wish we had better news, but so far the only way to fix the problem is to initiate a complete factory reset of the system. This solution will remain as long as Sony can patch the bug through a wireless system update (assuming that a problem exists in the system’s code / software).

To perform a factory reset:

  • Go for Adjustment > system
  • Choose system software
  • Choose Reset option
  • Choose Reset your console
  • Choose Reset

This will erase their memory system, and players will have to download their previously saved game. Thankfully the cloud will keep in-game progress. Players are advised to ensure that their cloud is working properly before starting a factory reset.

PS4 data transfer issue

The most common ps5 problems and how to fix them

When setting up your PS5, you will be prompted to transfer your PS4 data via wireless or USB / LAN cable. This step is completely optional, but transferring data is most easily done during set-up.

Problem: PS5 users have reported very long wait times when transferring data via cable. There have also been reports of the entire system crashing.

Solution: While hardwiring may seem like the safest solution, transferring data via Wi-Fi to the system is really easy. Ensure that both systems are connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal. Players continue to experience issues are unfortunately advised to initiate a factory reset.

Cross-generation games running PS4 version

As we drew closer to launch day, players were offered the choice of purchasing digital copies of the latest games with cross-gen compatibility. It either came in the form of a few extra dollars Black Ops: Cold War With pre-order or as an underlying feature Assassin’s Creed: Vallah.

Problem: Both versions of the game (PS4 & PS5) are being installed. The PS5, for one reason or another, defaults to the PS4 version of the game.

Solution: A tweet of activation support in the context of Black Ops: Cold War (Sports players have reported experiencing this problem) Recommend the following:

To make sure you’re playing the next-gen version of #BlackOpsColdWar On PS5:

1. Highlight the game tile on the dashboard

2. Scroll down and highlight “Play”

3. Select 3 dots and open the menu

4. “PS5 | Full | Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War “

5. Launch and Enjoy!

& Mdash; Activism Support (@ATVIAssist) November 14, 2020

We are assuming that this solution will work with all other cross-gene games. As the consoles roll out, more issues are bound to roll. You should also make sure that this bug is not associated with the “mentioned limbo” bug. The Ps4 version of the game can only be downloaded while the PS4 version is stuck in your system.

PS5 may crash in rest mode

Players use the rest mode while downloading games overnight or charging their controllers while exiting the house. This is a great way to conserve energy and let your system do its work in low-power mode.

Problem: The PS5 has been reported to crash unexpectedly when entering rest mode.

Solution: On the side of caution don’t use er and rest mode until Sony can figure out what the problem is. Players are advised to disable rest mode completely:

  • The establishments> power saving
  • Choose PS5 enters rest mode
  • Disable rest mode

This will ensure that players do not enter rest mode by mistake and crash their entire system. This is not a bug that is hurting everyone, but there is no point taking it at risk.

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