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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Episode 4 Highlights

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is back after a one-year hiatus, and both Vandavision And The falcon and the winter soldier The Disney + streaming service is worth the wait. Episode 4 The falcon and the winter soldier In one of the most brutal scenes in the MCU so far, there are many provocative tensions between the characters with a boil.

The falcon and the winter soldier MCU artists Anthony McKay and Sebastian Stan, respectively, bring back Sam Wilson and James “Bucky” Barnes, better known as the high-flying Falcon and Deadly Winter Soldier. We will take a deep dip in each episode to make sure you stay completely up to date The falcon and the winter soldier And discuss some notable moments you’ve missed and MCU-relevant elements.

(This article will discuss the plot points from the latest episode, so consider it Spoiler alert If you haven’t seen it yet.)

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The falcon and the winter soldier episode 4 highlights


Still in search of Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman) and the flag smashers, Sam and Bucky track her down in Latvia – with the help of Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) and her “irresistible” Turkish delight – who cremates the woman. Raised in her. However, the new Captain America, John Walker (Wyatt Russell), and his partner Lemar Hoskins (Clay Bennett) are hot on their mark, and are increasingly frustrated by Sam and Bucky’s resistance to more aggressive ways to eliminate flag smashers Huh. The efforts of both sides are complicated by the arrival of Dora Milje, Wakanda’s elite special forces unit, who seeks to bring Zemo to justice for the murder of his former king (in Captain america civil war) Belongs to.

During a raid on the Flag Smashers base, John and Lemar are ambushed, and John reveals that he has taken the last remaining vial of the Super-Soldier Serum, which he recovered from an earlier battle with Karli. When John, Lemar, Sam and Bucky fight the Flag Smashers, an enraged Carly joins the fray, killing Lemar with a devastating punch before fleeing the area. John tracks down one of the fleeing flag smashers and ruthlessly kills him with Captain America’s shield throughout the scene of a crowd of onlookers. The episode ends with John looking at the people around him as he now lifts up a sunny shield with blood.

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A gradient, foggy

While it is no surprise that John Walker was unable to live up to the legacy of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), the bloody moment that took home that fact is still troubling. The falcon and the winter soldier Lots of the episode’s ending moments are depicted, but no one has compared the image of Captain America as a blood-chilling shield to a crowd of people out of fear rather than reverence or admiration. Is staring at. As the title of the episode teases, The whole world is watching – And now we know what they saw.

John’s murder of the flag smasher, Nico (Noah Mills), is particularly troubled by Nico’s confession in the episode that he was once a fan of Captain America. This is a new Captain America, though, and the way he sends Nico provides a powerful point of comparison between Steve Rogers and John Walker. In the final battle of Civil war, Steve overcomes Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and takes off his Iron Man armor helmet, leaving Tony vulnerable. Steve brings his shield in the same way as John does, but instead of killing Tony, he brings him to the arc reactor powering his armor, disabling Tony instead of killing him.

If one needs a more clear distinction between the two versions of Captain America than Steve Rogers and John Walker, it is as direct as you can get.

RIP Battlestar

With the fourth episode of The falcon and the winter soldierLamar Hoskins’ brief superhero career, titled Battlester, comes to a violent end. Or does it?

Although Lamar’s death seems to be the element that sent the new Captain America completely off the rails, it is the MCU, so anything is possible when it comes to the resurgence. Still, it wouldn’t be surprising if Lemar’s story ended, given that the character was never a major figure in the Marvel Comics universe and often played a second role with John or the other characters, which he did Paired up during some of their productions in Marvel’s comics timeline. .

As we have already seen in several episodes, Lamar often voiced John, supporting him with a moral compass when his new role seemed to weigh too much. Without Lemar, it’s no one’s guess in which direction John will go, and with his body now filled with super-soldier serum, he’s clearly as much of a ticking bomb as Carly and the Flag Smashers.

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The return of actress Florence Kasumba as AO in this episode is a real treat, especially when it offers another opportunity to see Dora Milaje in action. If anything MCU fans have learned in the final few stages of the film franchise, it is that Wakendon is not to be underestimated – or challenged.

Given that Wakendon kept his entire country a secret from the world for generations, it should not be shocking that Bucky did not know of a secret method that he used to separate him from his powerful, Vibranium branch Was established. When the mystery unfolds, however, Bucky is not surprised by it only. Along with this pivotal moment, the episode also provided Wakanda’s first look within his years as the “White Wolf”, when he was brainwashed and his new arm built between events Civil war And Avengers: Infinity War.

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John walker growing up

The final scene of the episode portrays John Walker as the killer, but it’s worth noting that the Marvel Comics version of John exists in the publisher’s universe and the villain’s very gray area. The falcon and the winter soldier John’s painful past as a highly adorned soldier is hinted at who was ordered to do terrible things in the service of his country, and is worth noting as John’s story unfolds throughout the series.

In Marvel Comics lore, John has at various points worked alternating between a clearly bitten hero and a few more for the anti-hero, but has rarely been a complete-villain. His beliefs put the needs of his country on any personal affiliation or ideology, and the history of his comics is replete with events in which he was used as either the American government or the more sinister forces that controlled it. At one point in his career, he also served as an American liaison for a Canadian superhero team, serving himself at the request of Tony Bark. Like his comics counterpart, John is full of a character The falcon and the winter soldier, And anyone who thinks he is the villain of the story may be surprised as events play out.

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New episodes of The falcon and the winter soldier Premieres every Friday on the Disney + streaming service.

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