The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Episode 2 Highlights

After a year without any Marvel projects, Vandavision And The falcon and the winter soldier Marvel has finally brought the Cinematic Universe back to the screen via the Disney + streaming service. The second episode of the subsequent series introduces several new characters and, among other notable, action-packed moments in this chapter, puts the spotlight on the new Captain America.

The falcon and the winter soldier MCU artists Anthony McKay and Sebastian Stein, respectively, bring back Sam Wilson and James “Bucky” Barnes, known as the high-flying Falcon and the Deadly Winter Soldier. Set after Avengers: Endgame, Reuniting the pair, who face new threats, remembering their friend and mentor, Steve Rogers, in the world.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, we’ll take a deep dip in each episode The falcon and the winter soldier And discuss some notable moments you’ve missed and MCU-relevant elements. (This article will discuss the plot points from the latest episode, so consider it Spoiler alert If you haven’t seen it yet.)

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The falcon and the winter soldier episode 2 highlights


After John Walker’s (Wyatt Russell) surprise introduction of the first episode as the new Captain America, the next chapter of the series goes a little deeper into his character with a (reasonably enough) title The star-spangled man. We learn a bit more about Walker’s background as a highly decorated soldier and he eventually gets to see him in action when he takes on reluctant teammates Sam and Bucky by a terrorist group known as Flag Smikers Said assists on a mission to stop the mysterious shipment.

The depth of Sam and Bucky’s hostility to each other is on display throughout the episode, and the only thing that agrees is their dislike for Walker, who is his own mission partner, Lemar Hoskins (Clint Bennett) , Which goes by the code name Battlester. After discovering that the flag smashers he fought seem similar to a new kind of supersoldier for Steve Rogers, Sam and Bucky met Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly), a black man several decades earlier. Supersold was subjected to a serum whose existence was kept secret by the US. Government.

The episode ends with Sam and Bucky planning a visit to the imprisoned Helmut Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) to find out more about the history of the Hydra organization with supermodeliers.

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Who is Isaiah Bradley?

Isaiah Bradley’s entry into the MCU is a big deal, as he is an important figure in Captain America’s comics lore.

Bradley was introduced in 2003 miniseries Truth: Red, White and BlackWritten by Robert Morels and illustrated by Kyle Baker. The series first introduced the idea that the US military tested supersoldier serum on Black soldiers long before administering Steve Rogers in a tragic story inspired by the lives of real soldiers. Many of the 300 soldiers the army experimented with suffered brutal mutations and severe death, either due to the effects of the serum or forced into combat tests and missions, ending with Bradley being the sole survivor. Was doing.

Red, white, and Black The old Bradley story and the subsequent cover-up of the US government made him a forgotten hero, who broke off from the country and eventually suffered debilitating brain damage as a result of the experiment, which led to the process used on Steve Rogers Led.

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family relations

While he only briefly appears during Sam and Bucky’s journey with Bradley, Isaiah’s grandson, Eli Bradley (Eliza Richardson) – who answers the door and later kicks the pair out – into the Marvel Comics universe Is an important character (if not cinematic). In Marvel’s comics lore, Eli becomes a hero known as Patriot, donating a costume similar to the one worn by his grandfather, Isaiah, and given Captain America’s first, triangular shield to use. is. He spent the majority of his young career as the leader of the Young Avengers, a group of teenage heroes alongside the Teenage Avengers.

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Running past

While Sam and Bucky are preparing to investigate the Flag Smashers’ warehouse, Bucky suggests that the pair should withdraw Captain America’s shield from Walker, prompting Sam to remind him of some of the problems that he had last experienced. Wicked and had to overcome the American government. .

Referring to the events of Captain america civil war, Reminding Sam Bucky that his decision to ally himself with Steve Rogers when he later refused to sign the Sokovia Accord (the Avengers were placed under the control of an international government agency) led many of them Forced to hide for many years. That decision also resulted in former SHIELD and CIA agent Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), who helped her by being an enemy of the state. Confirmed to reproduce her role as Carter with VanCamp The falcon and the winter soldier, This casual name drop is likely to be anything but we can expect to see Carter again at some point in the series.

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Battlestar and Power Broker

Along with Isaiah Bradley, two more Marvel Comics characters were introduced to the MCU in this episode of the series.

First launched in 1986, Lemar Hoskins’ comics timeline started him as a soldier who became a professional wrestler and partner for Walker, working under Captain Battle Star, the first of Captain America And both at the time of the walker. The pair worked as a lot of partners in their early lives, but eventually ran as a walker, with Hoskins going it alone or working as a paid trader at various points with a deep Took a turn. Whether the MCU version of Hoskin will follow the path remains to be seen.

In Marvel’s comics, Hopkins was given a supernatural ability to exploit people by a criminal who would pay for superpowers. That criminal was known as The Power Broker, and it seems unlikely that he will play a role The falcon and the winter soldier, Too.

When Flag Smashers are shown loading supplies in an airplane in Slovakia during the second episode, one member of the group alerts the rest to the imminent arrival of the “men of the power broker” to make their own sacrifices. To be forced into an escape. There are several versions of the character known as the Power Broker in the history of Marvel Comics, but both iterations profite from criminals’ ability to give supernatural abilities to anyone to pay a high-enough price. Given the reveal of Episode 2, it appears that Power Broker will play a similar role in this series.

New episodes of The falcon and the winter soldier Premieres every Friday on the Disney + streaming service.

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