The Elementary Particles: “masterfully interpreted”, “lack of spice”… what do you think…

The elementary particles masterfully interpreted lack of spice what do

Broadcast last night on France 2, the TV movie adapted from the novelist’s cult work by screenwriter Gilles Taurand (“Twist in Bamako”) and director Antoien Garceau (“Ten percent”) convinced the critics?

What is it about ?

2009. Michel Djerzinski, a genius researcher specializing in molecular biology, mysteriously disappears in Ireland. His latest discoveries would have paved the way for a major upheaval in the history of human genetics.

This is an opportunity for a vertiginous plunge into time where we will discover his half-brother Bruno, a tortured pleasure seeker who will meet love in a post-68 campground, Janine, the mother of Bruno and Michel, a former hippie who has always refused to raise her children in a conventional way, and Annabelle, whom Michel will fall in love with as a child.

Elementary Particles is the adaptation of the cult novel by Michel Houellebecq, a monument of contemporary literature, which draws up a fierce and moving satire of modern society undermined by loneliness and individualism.

The Elementary Particles, written by Michel Houellebecq and Gilles Taurand and directed by Antoine Garceau

With Guillaume Gouix, Jean-Charles Clichet, Pascale Arbillot, Deborah Francois…

Available in replay on and SALTO

What the press think…

According to Télé 7 Jours:

A perfectly successful free adaptation, masterfully interpreted by all the actors with a special mention to Jean-Charles Clichet and Guillaume Gouix. We find all the darkness and biting irony of Michel Houellebecq. 4/5

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According to TV Cable Sat:

From the first minutes, the atmosphere captures and fascinates, spreading an unclassifiable and disturbing turmoil. The original book, where the theme of sexual misery is central, is not likeable. This telefilm succeeds in the challenge of keeping this harshness while bringing out a nagging emotion and a real empathy for these two antiheroes.4/5

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According to The Point:

Of course, we have to mourn the “extreme” dimension of Houellebecq’s work, but these Elementary Particles leave a taste of spiciness on the tongue that takes up the challenge of prime time and makes you want to dive, or dive again, into his novels. Good game !3.5/5

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According to Le Monde:

“The real audacity of programming is undoubtedly there: not so much to have wisely adapted for prime time a text once enveloped in mephitic vapours, as to stage two irremediable solitudes. 3.5/5

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According to Marianne:

“Elementary Particles” has no more pretension than to be a TV movie, with the means and aesthetics of public service; and the more beautifullaviant touch that goes with it. And in this context, Antoine Garceau is doing quite well. 3/5

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According to South West:

Fans won’t exactly recognize the original plot here, though. Screenwriter Gilles Taurand takes great liberties with the detail of the novel, but keeps the backstory: the chaotic journey of two half-brothers (…) This character by Michel Djerzinski (…) is embodied at the age adult by a very Houellebecquian Jean-Charles Clichet.3/5

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According to Télé Loisirs:

Freely adapted from Houellebecq’s novel, a film that is both serious and funny, even if the production lacks spice.3/5

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According to Télé 2 Semaines:

Adapting Michel Houellebecq’s second novel, a monument of contemporary literature, was quite a challenge. Audacious bet succeeded for the screenwriter Gilles Taurand and the director Antoine Garceau with this adaptation as skilful as it is dense of this cult work, a fierce and moving satire of modern society undermined by loneliness and individualism. 3/5

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