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If you work or play for hours on your PC, there is a wallpaper to look at which can be one of the best ways to spice up your idea about the system. Nobody likes staring at a blue screen or Windows logo for hours, so let’s make things a little more interesting, shall we?

We’ve misused the near-endless options of beautiful images and animated backgrounds to give you the best wallpapers out there. But we have not yet chosen beautiful people. We have looked specifically for images that make for a nice background. They are not too cluttered, provide plenty of space and clarity for icons, and in the case of smarter people, give you plenty of options to make them like you.

Static screen

Do all of the fussing and distracting of something animated and interactive? not a problem. You can still choose from millions of beautiful pictures, and even though they are not specifically designed for wallpaper, that doesn’t mean they won’t work as one.

Because what we are talking about is essentially just photography, there are almost endless options on the Internet. To get you started, though, sites like WallpaperFusion have a selection of bonanza of beautiful wallpapers, including landscapes, fantasy creatures, cars, and cartoon characters. Many of them are also compatible with Messania.

NASA has a collection of the best images ever shot in space – all of this makes for a great contrast with your desktop shortcuts – including some final snaps of Cassini before she dies. There are also some beautiful historical shots from the NASA archives if you want to have a retro space-themed wallpaper.

If you want to create something less factual and more digitally, DigitalBlasphemy has been making great wallpapers for years.

Some of those links require a premium membership or payment. For guaranteed free images, these are our favorites. For a taste of everything you can find, check out this user’s collection of beautiful wallpaper framed photography on Unsplash. Finally, if you’re looking for something more minimal, check out, which has an assortment of distraction-less options for every platformer imaginable.

Here are some of the best wallpapers we found in our search. Click the source link in the caption box to move to the full-size version.

Animated wallpaper

Moving one step beyond standard wallpaper images, animated wallpapers give you a slight movement in your background. This can really make your desktop come alive, so as long as it’s not zooming all over the place, that can be distracting.

There are plenty of ways to help these fancy wallpapers work, including the DesktopHut Windows app, WallpaperEngine, and BeyoncĂ©’s GIF Wallpaper Animator (with a wealth of YouTube videos). Although some have more speed than others, once set, your desktop background should look like this:

In terms of finding truly animated wallpapers, companies like Uscenes offer loads of premium, animated wallpapers, while DesktopHut has a much larger collection of freebies. If you are desperate for more of these, check out the Living Background subreddit, where you can find a continuous stream of new animated wallpapers to choose from.

These are some of the best animated wallpapers we can find, although note that these are still images from them. Click the caption link to take you to the download page.

Interactive wallpaper

If you are a fan of animated wallpapers, there is a good chance you will love high-quality, customizable, interactive wallpapers as well. The tools for these wallpapers will cost a little extra, but when you see the amazing effects and options, they are always worth it. You can adjust things like lighting and backgrounds, and even play built-in mini games.

Here are some examples of some awesome interactive wallpapers:

For those who want an even deeper customizing tool, Rainmeter lets you customize your desktop beyond wallpaper that includes everything from live-state trackers to music visualization and custom icon layouts.

Our still captured do not do these wallpapers justice; We highly recommend installing them to see the full impact for yourself.

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