The best vehicle anti theft devices for 2021

The Best Vehicle Anti-Theft Devices for 2021

Stealing a car is no longer as easy as learning to hot-wire the ignition, but technology does not reduce the number of cars. Thieves are learning new ways to drive in your ride. If you regularly park in an unsafe area, or if you regularly leave valuable belongings in the cabin, we suggest investing in an anti-theft device. They are not always cheap, but the peace of mind they are invaluable. Here are the best anti-theft tools for 2020.

Steering wheel lock


The best vehicle anti theft devices for 2021

Steering wheel locks are one of the oldest and best-known theft prevention devices on the market today. A steering wheel lock engages the car’s steering wheel to lock it in place, preventing anyone from driving. There are two main styles for this lock. The first horizontally crosses the steering wheel and connects the wheel at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The lock on one side extends too far, preventing the wheel from turning too far. The second style is attached along the top of the wheel and extends over the front dash to prevent the wheel from turning. The club is one of the most popular models.

Tire lock

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You may have seen their use by the police if a car is parked illegally, but they are also useful as anti-theft tools. If you have space in the trunk, a tire lock (or boot) is a great way to prevent a carjacking. This is only possible when you are parking your car for a longer period of time. There is no point attaching a boot every time you stop to fill your tank or run to your favorite coffee shop for a double espresso. This will not stop anyone from breaking and stealing things, so keep locking your doors.

And, if you get a tire lock, remember to invest in locking lug nuts. Otherwise, someone with a spare wheel can jack up your car, remove the lock and steal the wheel on it and install a new one.

Baby caretaker

Hello baby monitor

Video cameras are great deterrents, as thieves want your car not to be caught when the film breaks. Unfortunately, cameras can be expensive and cannot show you real-time pictures of what is happening. Baby monitors are great for this purpose because they are mostly inexpensive, can transmit pictures, and run on a separate battery to keep them away from your vehicle’s power supply.

kill switch

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One of the more advanced anti-theft devices is the kill switch. It works by interrupting the flow of electricity in fuel pumps or other critical systems. Without this interruption it becomes impossible to start the car by flunting the switch. A thief needs to end his robbery quickly, so anything that makes his task more challenging will encourage him to proceed to the next car.

A keel switch needs to be hidden to be effective. Otherwise, a thief may discover and disable the system and take it from his vehicle, defeating the entire objective. You want to keep the keel switch close to other important elements of the car, so it’s usually a good idea to place it under the dashboard or under the driver’s seat.

You can decide where the kill switch should be installed, but unless you are a mechanic yourself, you will want to leave the actual work to a professional. Properly installing a keel switch requires a lot of work with the ignition of the car, which is not what you want to botch.

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Electronic tracking system

Vyncs tracker

Most security devices only prevent drive-off theft, but resourceful car thieves use various techniques to acquire cars, such as towing or repelling their target vehicles. Using GPS is an ideal way to track your vehicle, and all you have to do is pay a monthly subscription fee for the benefit.

Law enforcement can track location data from your GPS, meaning they can find your car and possibly obtain important information to help track thieves. A GPS tracking device can help you recover your vehicle, where the thief tries to hide it.


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