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You can maximize your space by mounting hardware directly to your computer housing, and a new SSD or HHD is no different. These SSD adapter brackets are simple to give your computer hardware a clean, orderly appearance and installation. Let’s find the right one for your needs.

Valuegist Internal SSD / HDD Mounting Kit

Best overall

The Valgeist’s mounting bracket provides a simple, slim profile to organize your computer hardware. The kit comes with a 15-inch SATA cable, and the bracket for installation requires eight screws. It is not suitable for Macs, but PC users will be able to upgrade storage for better performance, without rigging anything.

SNANSHI SSD Mounting Bracket

best value

This two-pack metal mounting bracket works with both SSD and HHD options. It maximizes your internal space with eight screws and a slim profile. It offers direct installation and measures 12 x 10 x 1.4 centimeters. The housing is corrosion resistant and durable for many years of service.

Intake SSD Mounting Bracket

easy to install

Inateck’s heavy-duty mounting bracket provides direct installation for a variety of PC types. The metal alloy resists corrosion and helps extend the life of the bracket, while the attached tools and accessories help you install it right out of the box. It comes with all mounting hardware and compatible screwdrivers. It has space for two 2.5 drives.

Adapter brackets for SSDs provide a way to organize your external hardware. They protect your hard drive and free your computer from clutter. Our best options are durable, offer direct installation, and provide reliable storage space. Keep your work area clear and give everything its proper home.

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