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The Best Shows to Watch for Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month – celebrated in the US, UK and Australia since 1978, when it began as Women’s History Week – And it’s all about shining a spotlight on women’s contributions to history and contemporary society. But in fact, it is important that we take a step back and not only recognize how far women have come but also how far we have to go. Many educational and informative films and documentaries have been made, which celebrate influential women personalities throughout history. But when it comes to television, it’s good to sit back and relax with an entertaining series that pays homage to strong women, which is independent, influential, and encourages women of the past, present, and fantasy worlds.

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Mrs. America on hulu

Mrs america

Beyond the cast of the A-list, this historical drama could not be more appropriate for Women’s History Month. This delays the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment to the political movement in the 70s that would guarantee equal rights for both men and women. While the focus is on a controversial conservative activist, Fialis Schlafly, who campaigned to ratify the amendment to the constitution, the minarets also housed famous women such as Gloria Steinem and Shirley Chisholm. Keep in mind that this is a play of the story, but it still highlights an important period in history for women. It is no surprise that this miniseries, distributed in nine parts, received 10 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and was nominated by the American Film Institute as one of the 10 Best by 2020.

created by: Dahwi Waller
cast: Cate Blanchett, Rose Beren, Uzo Adaba, Elizabeth Banks, Kaylee Carter, Ari Greiner, Melanie Linsey, Margo Martindale, John Slaty, Jean Tripplehorn, Tres Uleman, Sarah Paulson
Number of seasons: 1

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Marvel msec msel on amazon prime

Marvelous Mrs. Massel

Yes, this is about comedy, well, comedy. But beneath the constant laughter is an important story about a woman who advances conventions. While the creators have never confirmed that the main character, Miz Massel, is loosely or not, based on any early female stand-up comedian, there are similarities with people like Jean Carroll and Joan Rivers. Set in the 50s, when her husband leaves her for her secretary, Miz (Rachel Brosnahan) discovers her talent for stand-up comedy. A local comedy club manager (Alex Borstein), the woman also sees potential and decides to take Miz under her wing. As the two try desperately to make it in a male-dominated industry, they face obstacles and fall down walls. This is an inspirational story delivered with a healthy dose of laughter.

created by: Amy Sherman-Palledino
cast: Rachel Broshn, Alex Borstein, Michael Zegan, Marin Hinkle, Tony Schalhou, Kevin Pollack, Carolyn Aaron, Jane Lynch
Number of seasons: 3

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Fleabag on amazon prime
Luke Worley / Amazon Prime


A confident, modern-day woman who is comfortable with her sexuality, the series is a great choice to watch Women’s History Month not only because of the show, but also in recognition of producer and executive producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge. , Who has become an inspiration to other women in the entertainment industry due to her many achievements. A British black comedy, the story is based on Bridge’s one-woman stage show and follows the title character, an independent, sexually-awakened young woman living in London, making it through day-to-day life Is trying It is one of the few series that maintains a solid 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics calling it “clever and viciously funny”.

created by: Phoebe Waller-Bridge
cast: Foeb Waller-Bridge, Cyan Clifford, Olivia Colman, Bill Patterson, Brett Gelman, Hui Skinner
Number of seasons: 2

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Good girls rebellion

Good Girls Rebellion

Inspired by Lynn Povich’s book of the same name and based on real-life events, Good Girls Rebellion It was set in 1969 when several young women were working in News of the Week magazine. While many of these women are better educated and more talented than male journalists, they are stuck in low-level, low-paying jobs. What’s more, they write much of the material used by men in their authorial stories, yet get no credit. Often compared Mad Man But said from a female perspective, the series takes note of the still relevant issues of equal pay and recognition in the workplace.

created by: Dana Calvo
cast: Genevieve Engelsen, Anna Camp, Erin Darke, Hunter Parish, Chris Dimenthopoulos, Joey Bryant
Number of seasons: 1

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The great on hulu
Oli Upton / Hulu


The Empress of All Russia went from an outsider as the longest-reigning female ruler in the history of Russia after a coup overthrowing her husband, Catherine the Great. He is credited with being in power from 1762 to 1796 for helping in the development, revival and growth of the country. Although the series is a satire and a comedy-drama, it is based on a real-life character. And while thinking back to important women in history, great Light brings one of the greatest.

created by: Tony McNamara
cast: Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hult, Phoebe Fox, Sacha Dhawan, Charity Wakefield, Gwilliam Lee, Adam Godley, Douglas Hodge, Belinda Bromillo, Richard Pyros
Number of seasons: 1

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Dickinson on apple tv +


Emily Dickinson grew up at 18Th Sadi, an aspiring poet who fought against traditional conventions, including the expected act of the desire of women and her parents to abstain from marriage. Instead, Emily loved to immerse herself in her poetry. This comedy takes place during 19Th Adds a modern and humorous spin to the century and the story, showing a version of Emily as she tackles the typical trials and tribulations of coming-of-age. In fact, Dickinson was accused of being a cynical recluse who, in the series alike, had a very close relationship with her sister-in-law and Moose, Susan. Although the interpretation in this series is fictitious, it is a look at a young woman who has made her own way and whose true talent has not been discovered and is not publicly recognized until after her death.

created by: Alina Smith
cast: Hailey Steinfeld, Toby Huss, Adrian Blake Ensko, Anna Berishnikov, Ella Hunt, Jane Krakowski
Number of seasons: 2

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Wills on amazon prime


An interesting inclusion in this list, Wilds Was called Lord of the Flies But with girls. At the center of the story is a group of troubled young women, from different walks of life, whose parents send them to retreats designed to bring them back and drive them out of their respective funk. But when the plane crashes on a deserted island, and the girls are forced to fend for themselves and deal with their own demons, the truth is revealed, and the challenges of being a teenage woman come to light. Is brought into At heart is a desire to prove feminism and a story of a woman, through unconventional methods, that when pushed to their limits, women can prevail.

created by: Sara Stretcher
cast: Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Raj Edwards, Mia Healy, Helena Howard, Erna James, Sarah Pidgeon, David Sullivan, Troy Winbusch, Rachel Griffin
Number of seasons: 1

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Diary of a future president on disney +

Diary of a future president

Looking for something to watch with your children to celebrate Women’s History Month? This comedy-drama is about 12-year-old Elana, who, like many children, dreams big of becoming president one day. The series is presented through voice-overs and excerpts from Elena’s diary, with Gina Rodriguez as the older version of Elena in the future, officially fulfilled her dream. It is an inspirational story that not only teaches children to follow their dreams, but also shows a young girl going through all the specific things that women can relate to, from emotions to high stress and those who return her Let’s try to catch up. This is the perfect feel-good series to watch with the whole family this month. The series has been well received by critics and audiences alike.

created by: Ilana Pena
cast: Tess Romero, Selenis Leyva, Charlie Bushnell, Michael Weaver
Number of seasons: 1

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Sex and the city

sex and the City

The question is if there was a series promoting women empowerment. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte were 30- and 40-something single women living in New York City and navigating their busy careers, social lives, and dating. Each female fan felt as if she could relate to one of these women or a mixture of the qualities of each. But what came out was that each woman was following her own path and was adamant about her journey and choices. Even without ridiculously expensive wardrobes, high-flying careers, and a steady revolving door of dates, every woman aspires to be like these avid and confident people from the trailblazing series, who stand out to the audience and be of fantastic origin. Television content concentrates on HBO as a provider.

created by: Darren Starr
cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catterall, Kristen David, Cynthia Nixon
Number of seasons: 4

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I am you destroyed in michaela koel

I may hear you

Listened to the Golden Globes, vocal activist, feminist, and actor Jane Fonda made sure to call this British series and its powerful message. Creator Michaela Cole used 12 episodes of the play to tell a fictionalized version of his personal story of being raped. Arabella, her character, blacks out during a night out with friends and slowly begins to recall the events taking place. The story that follows is an honest, emotional portrayal of a young woman dealing with the trauma of a breach in more ways than one. Yet Koel manages to tell a very serious story in a way that is considered dark and uncomfortable as well as hilarious. This is a fine line that Koel balances beautifully.

created by: Michella cuckoo
cast: Michela Koel, Veruche Opia, Papa Essideau
Number of seasons: 1

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Incredible on netflix

beyond belief

After several rapes in Washington, two female detectives investigate, while a teenage victim who comes forward is accused of lying. It is an interesting story that navigates every aspect of the female experience in rape and sexual assault cases. T. Taken from Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong’s article “An Incredible Story of Rape” and their book A false reportThe series has been called both heartwarming and powerful. A great choice for fans of the true-crime genre, it puts a spin on a frequently told story that really sheds light on the female survivors and their stories.

created by: Susanna Grant, Ailette Waldman, Michael Chaban
cast: Tony Collett, Merritt Weaver, Catiline Dever
Number of seasons: 1

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Mary tyler moore show on hulu

Mary Tyler Moore Show

When it comes to the role of women in entertainment, one that often comes to mind is Mary Tyler Moore. The premise of her name series today seems outrageous, but in the early 70s, the idea of ​​a young career woman rose up the ranks in a news program with no desire to fill a specific female role. The sitcom is considered one of the best series ever. Moore, who died in 2017, remains an inspiration to young comedians and actors, woman and man, to this day.

created by: James L. Brooks, Alan Burns
cast: Mary Tyler Moore, Edward Asner, Gavin Macleod, Ted Knight, Valerie Harper, Chloris Leachman, Georgia Engel, Betty White.
Number of seasons: 7

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