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The Best PS4 Headsets for 2021

A good headset is a staple of online gaming – after all, the only thing that can truly destroy a good team fight is someone’s mic. To avoid tragedies like these, it is important to use the right headset. That way, you will be able to secretly listen to enemies and other players’ instructions on you – and, most importantly, other players will be able to hear. You. However, since there are so many good headsets in the market, it can be difficult to narrow down which ones will work within your budget and still suit your needs.

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To make things easier, we’ve combed the PlayStation 4 headset in the market and selected the best of them SteeleSeries Archis Pro, A headset known for its excellent design and high quality audio. We base our inventory on the sound quality, comfort, design, and cost of a headset so that you can find the right fit for your gaming needs. If you’re looking for an Xbox One headset, we’ve found those too.

Best PS4 headset at a glance

Best Ps4 Headset: SteelSeries Arctis Pro

Steeleseries archis pro

Why should you buy it? It is the best gaming headset for virtually any system.

what’s that for? Those who want high fidelity audio and a premium feel.

Why we picked SteelSeries Arctic Pro:

Arctic Pro excels in so many categories that it is difficult to know where to start. Regardless of your preferred setup, you’ll be able to find a version of the Pro that works for you, as both wired and wireless models exist. Both versions include plug-and-play peripherals that support high-res sound and enable users to fix EQ settings and surround sound on a much grander scale than the competition. For multiplayer communication, the headset includes a highly flexible, crystal-clear mic that rivals some professional-grade audio equipment as well. Best of all, it does all of this without the need for additional software or downloads, which is something that prevents previous Arctic headsets from reaching their full potential when connected to the PS4.

If you are a multiplayer player with multiple consoles or gaming PCs in addition to your PS4, you will be able to enjoy Arctic Pro on all those systems. Although the optional Hi-Res GameDack and 2.4G Bluetooth receiver box are only compatible with PCs and PS4s, the Arctic Pro is compatible with almost every console, either via wireless USB or 3.5mm wired connections. All players, regardless of platform, can take advantage of the headset’s stunning stereo mix and super-clear microphone. As a bonus, the package available on the official website even comes with a carry bag, leather ear cushions, and a three-month tidal hyphae, so you can really test their sound quality.

Finally, unlike many heavy headsets with flashy designs, the Architis ProThe design looks mature and professional. Its aesthetically stylish audiophile headphones with a novel, one-size-fits-all headband, which is incredibly comfortable and can be customized with various earpad fabrics and headband styles to fit your taste.

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Best Premium Wired Headset: Logitech G Pro X

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Why should you buy it? Wired performance is excellent for high-quality, competitive connections.

what’s that for? Gamers who want a headset made for professionals.

Why we picked Logitech G Pro X:

If you’re looking for a wired headset, you’re probably interested in audio quality and accuracy above all – one reason why competitive pro players rely on wired headsets, especially for team play. In keeping with this model, the focus was on featuring an excellent detachable mic with real-time technology to reduce noise, compress audio streams and limit sudden static and sound bursts for maximum stability. I went.

50mm drivers offer high-quality sound on their own, but Logitech is sure to support 7.1 surround sound and object-based surround sound for careful pinpointing where the noise is coming from (included with the headset External sound card helps) If you want to create a profile there is enough onboard memory to save specific EQ settings for the game.

Only real downside Logitech G Pro X You get every advantage until you’re on a PC to tweak the software settings, but it’s still a top choice for PS4 Play and a great option if you play on both the console and PC. .

Best Premium Wireless Headset: Astro Gaming A50

Astro a50ps4 headset
Why should you buy it? It is one of the most full-featured wireless headsets available for the PS4.

what’s that for? PlayStation gamers who want a powerful wireless headset (and have no objection to paying for it).

Why we chose Astro Gaming A50:

The latest iterations of Astro’s A50 game include all the same hallmarks of their last-gen Brethren, and to be honest, we couldn’t be happier with it. The phenomenal headset is one of the best options on our list – if you can justify the exorbitant price tag – providing you with 5.8GHz wireless technology and virtual 7.1 surround sound with a solid, over-the-year design. The uni-directional mic helps separate your voice from the surrounding background noise, while a built-in feature allows you to engage the mute function by just bouncing upwards. Three distinct EQ modes, awesome sound reproduction, and cross-platform support give it even more appeal.

This headset cuts off all the feature points you expect from high-quality gear, such as auto shutoff, a hassle-free wireless connection, and long battery life. But most importantly, Astro Gaming A50 Makes the game more enjoyable and entertaining, and is also compatible with PC and Mac. For the serious gamer seeking an incredible wireless experience, the A50 is a great option – provided you are ready and able to shell out the cash.

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Best Budget Wired Headset: Turtle Beach Recon 200

Turtle beach racon 200

Why should you buy it? It is an affordable headset with great audio and chat functionality.

what’s that for? Budget-minded gamer.

Why we chose Turtle Beach Recon 200

If you’re willing to spend $ 100 or more, you can choose something like the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, but for the sound quality, comfort, and easy chat features on a budget, Turtle Beach is the perfect choice for your Recon 200 wired headset. Is covered with. Moving from the Xbox One to the PlayStation 4 equipped with a 3.5mm jack to easily switch between systems to quickly switch to Nintendo, the Recon 200 has the audio quality you’re looking for in a dedicated gaming headset. Its always on-bass boost feature brings extra immersion to your favorite games. Kratos’s “boy!” The cries never feel so real.

Turtle Beach Racon 200 Unbelievably inexpensive for what you’re getting, and it offers so much more than just sound quality. The microphone built into the headset is omnidirectional, and has a flip-to-mute feature, so you don’t have to hit any button after going into its vertical position. It has microphone monitoring built-in, so you can hear your voice level while chatting online with your gaming friends, and the control panel has a monitoring wheel so you can adjust it on the fly.

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Best Budget Wireless Headset: Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

1620655228 572 the best ps4 headsets for 2021

Why should you buy it? You’ll get a comfortable, great looking headset without a break.

what’s that for? Those on a tight budget still want the convenience of a wireless model.

Why we raised Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset:

While wireless support for gaming with the PS4 is great, many wireless models are expensive animals for which not everyone has the budget, especially gamers who are looking for something a little simpler that allows them to save some money.

The Corsairs HS70 fits the bill by focusing on core components and quality: the result is higher-end audio in a more affordable package. These headphones include a custom-tuned 50mm neodymium driver, memory foam ear cups with full adjustment, and an omnidirectional, flexible mic that still has a flip-to-mute option to help save time (and fully Can be separated which you prefer). The 20Hz-20kHz frequency response range and 32 ohm impedance rating are what you’d expect from any major gaming headset, so you’re not really giving up any sound quality by saving money.

The cut cost is easy to notice with the design, a simplified model with original memory that skips over extensive adjustment options for a streamlined design. But since you still get rich audio and support for Virtual 7.1 surround sound, we are definitely not complaining.

How do we test

Just like we do for all the products we test, we place the gaming headset through the ringer. We are based on the audio performance, mic performance, and wearability of a headset. The evaluation of battery life and wireless connectivity, as applicable, is also part of the stay.

The best way to judge these aspects is to test a variety of different mediums and styles, ranging from team-focused shooters to more environmental exploration. Our checklist of audio items to discover helps ensure that the headsets will look great in both action-heavy gameplay and quiet segments. We also listen to non-gaming audio and video, including a selection of music from different genres at different rates. By examining the specs of a headset with a range of audio types, we can find out whether headsets perform well in terms of gaming.

To test the mics, we record clips of ourselves speaking in a quiet and fast environment, both on and off to cancel or amplify any noise. We use headsets over several days, wear them during gaming, watch videos, or listen to music to test the veracity of battery life claims.

Finally, we also want to make them aware of their long-term wear capacity and comfort, and we keep our list updated for concerns or new assessments. Since PS4 headsets are often compatible with PS5 (including pics on our list), we also hope on new consoles when possible and make sure everything is still working as expected, so you should update your update No need to worry about the headset until you are ready.

If you are in the market for a new PS4 headset, our recommendations are your best bet!

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