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The Best Nintendo Switch Fitness Games

During a time when going to a public gym is not an option, consumers are looking for other ways to stay in shape. Even outside the context of an epidemic, it is easy to see why people want to exercise from the comfort of their homes without the need for expensive equipment. This is where the Nintendo Switch comes in. While the hand-held console hybrid is known for its stunning action adventure games, platformers and indies where you can take it, it has a strong lineup of fitness games designed to keep you healthy and active.

Some are marketed exclusively as fitness games, while others simply use motion control to keep your heart rate up. The point is that there are many to choose from, from casual sports to more intensive workouts. Since there are so many options, we decided to take a look at very good games on the system that feature some kind of workout mechanic. These are the best fitness games for the Nintendo Switch.

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Rope jumping challenge


Before we get into the more intense games, let’s have a look first Rope jumping challenge, A title that leans into simplicity in its design and UI. In this game, all you have to do is to demonstrate the number of jumps that correspond to a certain day. Each day, you have a goal, which can be adjusted to suit your needs. The game uses motion sensors in each of the Joy-Con controllers to track your movement, and you have to jump to what is actually happening on the screen.

You are punctual during each session, so you can track your progress and beat your best times. What is clear is that you can also play with some other person for some extra fun. The best thing is Rope jumping challenge Is free and can be downloaded from eShop right now. Interestingly, Nintendo originally intended for the game to be available only for a limited time, but the company withdrew the move and the game is now available “until further notice”.

Thanks to all the players of #JumpRopeChallenge To make a total jump of 2.5 billion! As new jumpers are joining, the free download will be available until further notice and will not be removed from Nintendo #eShop On 9/30. pic.twitter.com/P9g7dXmmZe

& mdash; Nintendo of America (@NavAmerica) September 30, 2020

Mario Tennis Aces


You may not initially think of it as a workout game, but since then Mario Tennis Aces Can be played with motion control (known as swing mode), it is easy to work with a sweat during matches. Although it is not a 100% mirror for playing real tennis, it is a convenient option, allowing you to play with another person in a competitive setting.

The game is great because it is acceptable – players of all skill levels can understand the idea of ​​how to play, especially when they are very comfortable when using motion controls. Unfortunately, there is not a way to use motion control during the story or outside of swing mode, but whether is Available is still a fun experience that will keep you moving on your feet.

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Fitness Boxing 2: Pools and Exercises


Let’s move on to a sport that primarily focuses on fitness – Fitness Boxing 2: Pools and Exercises. As a sequel, Fitness boxing 2 The core is basically in line with the established formula, which includes additional features for better motion detection and more characters to choose from. The premise is that you have to do the tasks on the screen, such as jobs, straight punch, uppercase and so on.

You perform these actions to the beat of music, so it is like a mix between a rhythm and a workout game. Songs in Fitness boxing 2 There are unlicensed covers on some of the original tracks as well as familiar tunes. Later, the game mixes in duck and weave, which adds to the challenge. Being a fitness game, it has a progress tracker that takes note of the number of holes you have thrown and other milestones you want to know.

Just dance 2021


The Just Dance series has been around for some time, thanks to how acceptable it is, while still being a great way to get a solid workout. in Just dance 2021, The idea continues and includes some newly added features such as Quick Play Mode, which throws a random assortment of songs at you. Many of the games on this list are liked by Just Dance, you must match the on-screen dancer’s choreography using Joy-Con or a smartphone app.

The gameplay is solid and has attracted a wide audience, but the licensed song list is what surrounds the players. For Just dance 2021, You have tracks by artists such as Billy Ellisch, The Weeknd and Eminem. For the most part, the song selection is composed of tunes that have been released within the last few years, meaning younger audiences will still enjoy them. But there are also some older hits, such as Randy Newman’s You got my friend in me From toy Story movie. Just dance 2021 The long-running franchise has yet another entry, and is well worth your time if you’re into pop music and want to get an easy workout.

The hands


Once again, we’ve got a game for you that isn’t inherently focused on fitness, but can be used to stay in shape. The hands One of Nintendo’s latest intellectual assets is, a fighting game that sends you into one-on-one battles against AI or other players. The idea is that you can virtually “throw” punch and control your trajectory to hit, while your opponent attempts to dodge and weave.

Your character has long arms (hence the name) that you can control and use to outmaneuver your opponent. You can move left and right hands freely, and when you use the game’s intuitive motion controls, it’s easy to get some exercise even when playing only a few rounds. While many other sports on this list simply show you a workout routine, The hands Is competitive, with more emphasis on victory than achieving certain goals. The good thing is that you can take a break from using motion controls and use the traditional button scheme when tired.

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Zumba: Burn It Up


It is not possible to go to a real Zumba class right now, so why not try the next best thing? That’s with you Zumba: Burn It Up For the Nintendo Switch. It works a lot just Dance But intended for an audience focused on fitness rather than a casual market. It still features a list of songs for your performance, such as calorie burn and overall technique, along with statistics you perform.

The moves you draw are a lot more complicated than the simple choreography of the Just Dance series, so it’s best to have at least some experience if you plan on a hard routine. Zumba: Burn It Up Features various tracks and lots of intensity, great for users of most skill levels. The great thing is that, even if you are not perfectly matching the moves, but for the fact that you need it a lot, you will still get a hearty workout.

Sports party


while Sports party Never hits the height of anything Wii games, This is a similar concept, which is great for most players. Sports party The game is a collection of games that uses motion control. The available options are Frisbee, Jet Ski, Basketball, Golf, Skateboarding and Beach Tennis, and can be played in a local competitive setting. Once again, you don’t need to use the game’s motion controls, but if you want to break a sweat, providing them is a good option.

Of course, these games are a lot more fun with friends, and thankfully the local multiplayer works well. In terms of intensity, it falls somewhere in between. The hands And Just dance 2021, Which is great for those looking for things that will get you moving without knocking your feet. In addition, the diversity in the type of game is an extraordinary Sports party, Even if they are not completely ejected as you might expect.

Ring fit adventure


Finally, we will undoubtedly have to discuss the best fitness game (and quite possibly of all time) on the Nintendo Switch, Ring fit adventure. This is probably the best example of sarcastic fitness experience due to its smart design. For starters, it comes with Ring-Con (shown above), an elastic plastic ring that can be pulled and extended in many directions. You use it to interact with the game, moving it around, pulling it like a bow or squeezing it together to build strength.

Although really good, it is also a turn-based RPG. That’s right – each stage is characterized by different creatures that are all color coded. The colors correspond to different move types, and you deal more damage from enemies if you make moves that match their color. Between battles, you must mimic traveling throughout the level, and as you do, there are many coins to collect along with many useful items.

With enough coins, you can buy healing items or drinks that allow you to deal more damage. Tying everything together is the game’s smart fitness tracking system, which tells you how many exercises you’ve done each day documenting your progress. It will recommend an intensity that suits you based on your performance, and you can adjust it on the fly. When you make your way through stages and beat enemies, you earn XP, which gives you additional health slots, more moves that deal more damage, and other useful perks.

The best thing is how good Ring fit adventure Turn-based RPG blends mechanics with its fitness formula. It is designed in such a way that it does not feel gimmicky – perfect for those who play a lot of video games or casual users. So many fitness games simply implement motion control to get your heart rate up, and when it works, in game design Ring fit adventure Is the one that will keep you around you.

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