1615477877 the best new march 2021 beauty launches to shop

The Best New March 2021 Beauty Launches To Shop

Byte Beauty Upsiding Extreme Longwear Liquid Eyeliner, $ 33, Sepora

Which should include a clean liquid eyeliner and new flavors of your favorite lip balm.

For the shortest month of the year, February make sure it pulled on and on. But finally, finally, after feeling like the longest winter ever, we are finally getting a glimpse of what we are looking forward to: the sweet release of spring. A few weeks of transition between winter and spring, otherwise known as March, are all getting brighter (we are losing an hour of sleep this weekend, after all), skin repair (of winter Subsequent dry complexion, anyone?) And summer preparations (? Skin looks like it hasn’t seen the sun in months?). We’ve rounded up the March 2021 beauty products that have been launched this month – or are launching soon – that can help you transition between seasons, And Still cold-ish, uncertain days in between, to deal with the rain.

Fenty Beauty Body Sauce Body Luminating Tint

Fenty beauty body sauce body luminating tint
Fenty Beauty Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint, $ 63, Sepora

Launched on March 5, Fenty Beauty’s latest release is a light shiny body tint that provides skin coverage and a little shimmer for a healthy-looking glow. Available in seven colors, sheer buildable for medium coverage tint is the thing to add to your vehicle after a long winter. Bonus: It is sweaty, moisture- and transfer-proof so that you can continue to use it in the upcoming warmer months.

Rodan + Fields Suthe Regimen

Rodan + fields suthe regimen
Rodan + Fields Sooth Regimen, $ 227, rodanandfields.com

Still dealing with masked ones? Rodan + Fields’ new Sooth Regimen launched on March 24 and includes a four-step system – a cleanser, treatment, moisturizer, and SPF – specifically designed for sensitive, red, dry, and irritable skin . Rekha has been proven to show results in eczema and atopic dermatitis thanks to super-soothing ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal and seven essential ceramides to nourish and provide relief to the skin.

Embolis late-creme sensitive

Embolis late-creme sensitive
Embraolis Late-Crème Sensitive, $ 43, Shoppers Drug Mart

Embryolisse’s new Lait-Crème Sensitive, a hypoallergenic version of the cult favorite Lait-Crème Concentré, was specifically designed for sensitive and reactive skin. So gentle that it can be used on babies and toddlers as well, 98 percent of its natural formula contains soothing ingredients such as Shia Butter, Beeswax and Aloe Vera. The multipurpose product can be used in many ways, including moisturizers, makeup removers, body creams, and after-shade lotions.

Skinlots Silimarin CF

Skincites silymarin cf
SkinCuticles Silmarine CF, $ 190, Schnosalteska

acne prone? Breakout occurs when sebum oxidizes and closes pores, and application of topical antioxidants may help heal. Skinkites’ oil-free Vitamin C serum, Silymarin CF, works overtime to reduce excess oil and improve skin smoothness and clarity.

Fresh Chinese Mango Hydrating Lip Balm

Fresh chinese mango hydrating lip balm
Fresh Sugar Mango Hydrating Lip Balm, $ 24, Sepora

The lovely fresh lip balm offerings available in flavors like peach, coconut and caramel, just got three tropical new additions: Mango, Passionfruit and Lychee. In the springtime, these hydrating lip balms provide 24-hours of moisture, tons of shine and of course, a truly addictive taste.

Nassy Super Sérum 10

Hell super serum 10
Nelson Super Serum 10, $ 86, Hudson’s Bay

For the first time, Necrus has used a green process called natural microfluidic encapsulation, which eliminates the use of silicones in a formulation. Super Serum 10 incorporates vegetable oils in thousands of micro-regions, resulting in a truly unique sensory experience as the micro-spheres they form make contact with the skin upon application and develop when When you massage the serum, over time, these vegetable oils will contribute. For smooth, shiny and glowing skin.

With silk powder

With silk powder
Tacha The Silk Powder, $ 64, Sepora

Inspired by Joshi, the opaque yet traditionally opaque makeup worn by Bhusha to enhance her complexion, Tacha has launched The Silk Powder, a protective, talc-free, transparent skincare powder formulated in Tokyo. A blend of oil-absorbing, skin-staining silk and bright pink and gold Japanese pearls, The Silk Powder absorbs excess oil while providing fullness to the skin.

Smell First Care Active Serum

Smell first care active serum
Sulabhao First Care Activating Serum, $ 117, Sepora

The 5th generation of its global best-seller, Sulhaso’s recently launched First Care Activating Serum is formulated using a Golden Ratio Master blend of five herbal ingredients to address wrinkles, hydration, shine, moisture inhibitors Let’s work together. A bottle of Sulvaso’s First Care Serum is sold every 10 seconds in Korea, and this latest iteration can be used on the skin, around the eye area, and on the neck and hands. Used immediately after cleansing, the serum can also increase the absorption of products in the rest of your skincare.

Byte Beauty Upsiding Extreme Longwear Liquid Eyeliner

March 2021 beauty: bite beauty upsiding extreme longwear liquid eyeliner
Byte Beauty Upsiding Extreme Longwear Liquid Eyeliner, $ 33, Sepora

A black liquid eyeliner is a beauty bag staple, but trying to find one made with high quality hygienic ingredients is a challenge. Q Bite Beauty. The brand is known for its non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free formula, and its first-ever liner, Upsing Extreme Longwear Liquid Eyeliner, is made with nutritious zest and a fruit-derived thickening agent, which is smooth -Glade saves color. What’s more, the felt-tip is something to dip into, even eyeliner hobbyists can specialize in swallowing and flicking an innocent cat’s eye. Bonus: The pitch-black pigment does not move once the liner is dry.

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