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The Best Motorola Edge Plus Cases and Covers

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Motorola’s Edge Plus is the best smartphone that Motorola has made in those years, and if you buy this beautiful $ 1,000 glass, you will want to make sure it is fitted with a proper case to protect it from damage. . Wild. We’ve got some great entries that will make moving your new phone around in style easy, safe and comfortable.

Ghost clear phone case with stand

Ghost clear phone case with stand

Ghostech makes a stylish case that is impervious to almost all types of abuses, ranging from drops to dents and scratches. This special number features advanced shockproof technology that doubles impact resistance, while also boasting hard scratch-proof, exactly when your cat is fond of phones. The raised corners further increase shock-resistance, while the surface material confirms safe non-slip grip. Other commendable features include built-in kickstands, wireless charging compatibility and raised bezels for additional screen and camera lens protection.

Oterbox Cemetery Series Case

Oterbox cemetery series moto edge plus case

OtterBox is one of the most popular smartphone case brands as it has got a well-deserved reputation for excellent drop protection. The new Cimetri series offers three styles for the new Moto Edge Plus: clear, clear shine, and black, all made of polycarbonate and synthetic rubber. They have a slim profile that slips easily into your pocket and fits with any look. A raised screen bumper helps protect your display. The one-piece design is easy to turn on and off, so you can remove it without damaging your phone – or your fingers. It is a bit expensive, but does its job well.

Spec Presidio Grip Case

Spec presidio grip case for motorola moto edge plus

Here is possibly the most comprehensive Moto Edge Plus case you can find right now. Its main selling point is probably the 13-foot drop protection it provides, which is achieved through some specially owned cushioning material. It also combines a durable polycarbonate outer shell with an inner layer, making things even stronger with this dual setup. On top of that, it has a hanging surface, which enhances the exposed bezels to protect the grip, camera, and screen, and a microbean coating that significantly reduces bacterial growth. It is also compatible with wireless charging, so you can’t really ask for too much.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Spigen ultra hybrid case for moto edge plus

This attractive minimalist transparent case will preserve the good looks of the Moto Edge Plus in more ways than one. Not only does transparency allow you to show the original design of the phone, but a combination of a tighter PC rear and flexible bumper edge make for some very serious protection. It has been tested to a military-grade standard, so you can be sure that its slimline design does not come at the expense of fragility. The phone also has touch buttons to help you use normal, as well as raised lips.

Folu Bumper Frame Case for Motorola Moto Edge Plus

Folu bumper frame case for motorola moto edge plus

If you believe that there is an outside chance your Moto Edge Plus may get caught up in a distant explosion in the future, this heavy duty case of Folu gives the phone a better chance of survival. It mixes an aluminum metal bumper with a more flexible silicone material, which together offer a snug fit, plus it protects your phone more than your bog-standard variety of damage. The case also adds a built-in stand, raised bezels and a tempered glass screen protector. It even comes with screws and a screwdriver, which if nothing else, just gives some indication of how serious this thing is.

Osphotor for Moto Edge Plus

Osophter motorola moto edge plus case

This clear, slim, lightweight design adds to the beauty of your Moto Edge Plus phone. Made of soft, clear, shatterproof TPU gel and polycarbonate material, Osphotor absorbs shocks and impact and protects against dust, dirt and sharp objects. With its slim, slim design, it has additional features Safety with extended bumpers along the corners, which are reinforced with raised edges to avoid screen damage. this is aAvailable in clear and smoky colors.

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