1614189856 the best huawei mate 20 pro cases and covers

The Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro Cases and Covers

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is no longer a spring chicken, but it is still a powerful phone, and if you bought one at the end of 2018 or the end of 2019, it may still be going strong. If you are still using your Mate 20 Pro, it is highly likely that you want to use it. As such, the matter of keeping your phone safe is very important. Although a lot of manufacturers have moved away from cases for this old phone, there are still a lot of big names that you can keep in your smartphone. Here are some of the best Huawei Mate 20 Pro cases and covers.

Lovecase Rose Case Clear

The best huawei mate 20 pro cases and covers

Protection can also come with style, and this is something that LoveCases specializes in. The Roses Clear Case combines a clear TPU material with a beautiful floral rose print, allowing it to show through your phone’s design, but is also complementary. This is a great case if you don’t want to completely hide your phone, but would like to add a little extra style as well. The slim TPU will not provide you with the most protection you can buy, but the flexible material will still do a good job in absorbing minor bumps and small drops, while also removing dirt and scratches. The price is good, so you are not breaking the bank, so if you are looking for decent security and style on a budget, you can do very bad for it.

Tech21 Evo Luxe Case

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Tech21 likes the case as being a bit “extra”, but there’s nothing about the Evo Lux. A thin and light shell is dotted with faux leather, and is made to withstand a wide range of shocks. Faux leather may not be real, but it would be hard to tell you that this is the case, as it looks and feels great. It is protected up to 12 feet (3.6 meters), is a seriously tough case and is proof against most everyday hazards, and a slightly enlarged lip and camera lens around the display ensure those areas are relaxed. There is no risk of scratching from. Surfaces. While this used to be a costly affair, it is not so now and you can grab it for real bargains.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

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Spigen is one of the biggest names in smartphone security, and while its cases are as good as the Neo Hybrid, it’s easy to see. The TPU’s internal core is patterned and textured for a beautiful herringbone look, while its shock-absorbing properties ensure that it provides good protection against drops and bumps. The bumper around the outside is made of rigid polycarbonate, and contrasted with the darker TPU inner core. It is a sleek, high-tech case, and while the price is higher than some other cases, it is worth the investment.

Ringke Fusion-X Rugged Case

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Ringke specializes in security with a unique style, and this is what Fusion-X delivers. It is made from a combination of hard polycarbonate and soft TPU. The polycarbonate creates a transparent back panel, which protects your phone from damage, and the TPU bumper enhances tactile grip, as well as providing great shock-absorbency. It can also return with certified military-grade drop protection with real-world performance. There is also a hole for a lanyard or wrist strap, and the outer edges slightly protruding to protect the screen and camera lens from surfaces.

Noreve Leather Flip Case

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Not as sleek and executive as leather out there, and Noreve provides a classic example of the level of prestige a case can add. This flip case from Norve is highly customizable, and you can make it from a variety of leather or leather-like materials, from inexpensive synthetic PU leather, all the way to the extremely luxurious pine leather that has been especially aged. . Of course, you will need to pay more for more luxury options, but if you want the best materials around, Norway is a good place to go. Also, if you are feeling really exceptional then you can add a belt clip or a personal logo.

Oterbox Cemetery Clear Case

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Otterbox is one of the names in protective cases, and it’s easy to see why. Otbox only has a symmetry clear case for the Mate 20 Pro, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are not getting good protection for your money. It is made from a combination of polycarbonate and TPU, so it provides protection against scratches and drops. The single-piece design makes it easy to slip and close as needed, and the lack of bulk means it’s easy to slip into pockets as well. The otterbox’s symmetry case is not as expensive, but it is still not a budget option. Still, with an impeccable portfolio of security, it’s a great choice for security that doesn’t obscure the style of your phone.

Olix ultra-thin clear case

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When you want to protect your phone, you probably don’t want to stop anyone from seeing its beautiful glass design. This is where the case of Olyxer came out. It is made of perfectly clear TPU, so you can always show the design of your phone. The flexible TPU is protective, and the softer material provides great shock-absorption – and is also durable. It is designed to fit your phone perfectly, and a raised front bezel protects your phone’s display from abrasive surfaces and dirt. It is basic, and it will not provide the level of protection a great deal, but it is cheap and gets the job done.

UAG Monarch Series

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If you want some serious protection, you don’t need to go further than UAG’s Monarch series. Manufactured from a combination of top-grain leather and metal alloys, the Monarch case boasts five layers of protection and twice the military standards for drop and shock protection. It has a soft, impact-resistant core as well as a honeycomb traction grip that will help you maintain your device. There is also an enhanced bezel to protect your screen and oversized button cover. UAG is proud of this, the case also comes with a 10-year limited warranty. If you are very out and you really need great protection, then you should invest in this case.

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