The Best Gun Controllers for PC Games

Gun controllers are witnessing a bit of renaissance these days thanks to VR gaming, where players are looking for a gun design to make their VR shooter encounters feel more authentic. However, there are also a number of gun controllers that can support more traditional PC gaming, especially if you have a Wii remote working.

Popular VR headsets, PC gaming and even PC arcade style gaming stations are gun controller options for a variety of situations to install!

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Oculus VR Pistol Case for Oculus Quest 2

The best gun controllers for pc games

These clever dual guns are specifically designed for Oculus Quest 2: Quest 2 controllers, and fit them into the controllers to give them their ability (and a little bit of extra weight helps with realism). The three-piece design uses a basic friction lock to hold or remove Oculus controllers and keep them locked while playing. Players get full button access, and finger gestures on the grip help a little with positioning and comfort. These guns also come in black!

Of course, being designed specifically for the Oculus Quest 2 means that they are not a good fit for other VR headset brands, so we would not recommend them unless you have an Oculus model.

NioTech Wii Motion Plus Gun

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The secret of the Wii controller is that you can quickly set it to act as your cursor on the PC, allowing it to function for a variety of FPS games. The next step is to get a gun frame for the controller – and it is one of the best, a set of two durable handgun-style frames that still allow access to the all-important button. The design is ergonomic and pleasantly dedicated to the detail people are playing in, while a remote slide lock is also included to keep the WiMot.

Of course, the downside is that you really need it is A Wii remote, preferably MotionPlus, for the entire setup to work. We will also point out that many PCs automatically struggle to recognize WiMot as a mouse replacement, so you may have to go through a brief Bluetooth connection process each time you use it. But if you already own a Wii or don’t mind buying a used controller, then this is a very economical option for you!

Ostent zapper gun for Wii

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A hand-designed pistol is fine to drive, but if you have a big shotgun, it is not exactly the experience you want. Enter the Zapper, which is basically the same idea but with a two-handed design that is much more suited to playing with a rifle and combining the use of Wii remote and Nunchuk controllers at the same time if you want. Allows to do (might be PC) a bit confusing with this setup, but if you didn’t want to get involved a bit more then people have developed a workaround).

Glistco Maggie Stock for Oculus Rift S / Quest

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Talk of controllers that more reliably mimic the rifle’s stock, a version here specifically designed to drive the rifle in a VR setting – and it’s certainly no slouch. The carbon-fiber design is extra durable and lightweight, and it uses magnets to help lock and protect them in the Oculus Rift S / Quest / other compatible controllers. It also comes with a nylon strap that acts as a two-point sling for easy handling, which also means that you need to set the rifle frame when you are busy handling other details. Does not occur.

Hyperkin Hyper Blaster for HTC Vive

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If you have an HTC headset, there’s no need to feel it: This simple pistol frame is a durable model designed to work with the HRC Vive Tracker – and even for effective gameplay Also provides some haptic feedback. While this is a great setup for older Vive models, you may be wondering how it works with Vive Cosmos. Fortunately, while the Cosmos models use an inside-out tracking system, Hyper Blaster is also compatible with steamware tracking and should be able to support older variants if set correctly.

Captiankn Bluetooth Game Controller Gun

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You may not be interested in VR or have easy access to something like WyMot, but you still have options! This gun frame is designed to work with mobile games, but as long as you have Bluetooth and a monitor, your PC should be fine, too … and it functions as a complete controller Can do! It includes a trigger button, onboard joystick, four action buttons, a slide-back mechanism for the reloading function (you’ll have to do some key-remapping to get this set, but it’s fun), and vibrational feedback. There is a side accessory with a joystick that turns it into a gun / controller hybrid, but it is not necessary that you leave it unattended. We also like soft grip materials and soft ones that are suited for long lasting sessions when you are in the zone.

AimTrak Light Gun

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If you have ambitious plans, this AIMTrac Light Gun may be more on your mind. It comes with an infrared sensor bar and can emulate a USB mouse or game controller entirely depending on your movements. This is a good option if you want a traditional, arcade-like experience and you’re not afraid to change and check it out until you’ve got things right.

Two factors to note here: First, the gun uses USB 2.0, which is now slightly dated and not all PCs will have USB 2.0 ports. USB-A is, in general, backwards compatible, but for something like USB-C you have to get an adapter, which will affect performance. Second, the infrared sensor bar that comes with the model can be replaced by other infrared sensor bars if you are looking for a sensor that works differently but still wants to use a gun.

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