The best cheap hp laptop deals of july 2020

The Best Cheap HP Laptop Deals of July 2020

Anyone familiar with the computer immediately recognizes the HP name. Formerly known as Hewlett-Packard, the industry giant formed a major part of the spear of the ’90s and’ 00s home computing revolution, and to date, HP still holds some of the coolest gaming laptops , Taking out 2-in-1. Ultrabooks, and chromebooks that money can buy.

Whatever type of portable PC you want, if you’re on the search for laptop deals, you don’t want to ignore HP. Here, we are making a good selection of the cheapest HP laptop deals you can score online now, each of which will set you back under $ 1,000. Our pics cover everything from gaming machines to 2-in-1s, so whichever laptop you want the taste of, the chances are good that we’ve got it here:

Today’s Best HP Laptop Deals

  • HP Chromebook 14$ 245
  • HP chromebook 14 2-in-1 laptop$ 499, Was $ 629
  • HP Pavilion 15z Touch Laptop$ 550, Was $ 680
  • HP Envy x360 2-in-1 Laptop$ 600, Was $ 700
  • HP Pavilion GTX 1660 Ti Gaming Laptop$ 750, Was $ 900
  • HP Specter Folio 2-in-1 Laptop$ 979, Was $ 1,400

HP Chromebook 14

Cheap hp laptops - hp 14 chromebook

Most cheap laptops have very bare-bones specs, often run on mobile processors and lack things like memory and storage. This may be a problem with Windows PCs, but it actually fits on the Chromebook itself, as the cloud-based Chrome OS is not as resource-hungry, and the HP Chromebook 14 is about the cheapest laptop That you can find which is still suitable (not for comfortable working)

This Chromebook is a solid inexpensive HP laptop for work, entertainment, and general everyday use, and you can get it on sale right now for a super-affordable $ 245.

HP chromebook 14 2-in-1 laptop

Hp chromebook 14 2-in-1 laptop

In 2020 it is clear that the Chromebook is here to stay. It’s easy to see why these cheap laptops running cloud-based Chrome OS are so popular, and HP makes some of the best. This highly affordable workhorse Chromebook combines the speed and convenience of a Chrome operating system with a convenient 2-in-1 form factor and 14-inch touch display. Its Core i3 CPU, 8 GB RAM, light weight and generous battery life make it the perfect everyday companion for work and entertainment.

If you’re interested in experiencing the simplicity and reliability of one of the better Chromebooks without paying nearly a grand for a premium model like the Google Pixelbook, you can grab this cheap HP laptop for $ 499 right now and $ 130 Can save.

HP Pavilion 15z Touch Laptop

Hp president day cell laptop deals - hp pavilion 15z touch

If you prefer a cheap laptop, but want something with a more standard size screen, a minor upgrade to Specs and a 2-in-1 form factor, the high-priced HP Pavilion 15z laptop is perfect. This Windows 10 computer comes with a 15.6-inch HD touchscreen, an AMD Ryzen 5 processor with Vega 8 graphics (giving it a bit of light gaming power), a 256GB SSD, and an impressive 16GB DDR4 RAM (a memory card). Rarely look at the cheapest laptop).

This inexpensive laptop from HP is perfect for remote work and all other basic computing needs, and rings at a savings of only $ 550 – $ 130.

HP Envy x360 2-in-1 Laptop

Hp envy x360 15z laptop

When it comes to inexpensive workhorse computers, HP makes some of the best. This 15-inch Envy x360 2-in-1 is one such inexpensive HP laptop, but one that blows up its weight with its AMD Ryzen 3 CPU with Radeon Vega graphics, 8GB RAM and a nice fast 256GB SSD. is. Erectile glasses of course, but very solid for working, studying, web browsing, and general daily use, also has a fold-flat touchscreen with the versatility of its 15.6-inch 1080p display.

This cheap HP laptop deal rings in at $ 600 after a nice $ 100 discount – not a bad price for a modern 2-in-1 at all.

HP Pavilion GTX 1660 Ti Gaming Laptop

1595302868 8 the best cheap hp laptop deals of july 2020

HP is most famous for its work-focused laptop for students and professionals, but it also produces some very solid gaming PCs. This all-new 16-inch HP Pavilion is a solid example for the modern sub- $ 1,000 gaming laptop, and has produced plenty of juice with its 10th-gen Core i5 CPU for gaming, the Nvidia GeForce GT 4G 60Ti graphics card. Have given. (One of the best modern mid-range GPUs for 1080p gaming), and 8GB of RAM.

On top of that, you also get a nice high-speed 512GB solid-state drive for games and other software, and the 16.1-inch 1080p 144Hz display is a nice upgrade for gaming and all-day use. A welcome $ 150 discount brings this HP gaming laptop down to $ 750.

HP Specter Folio 2-in-1 Laptop

1595302870 36 the best cheap hp laptop deals of july 2020
Mark Coppock /

No roundup of HP laptop deals and 2-in-1s would be complete without one of our new favorites: the gorgeous HP Specter Folio. This powerful 2-in-1 represents the pinnacle of modern Windows ultrabook design, with a beautiful 13-inch touchscreen display, superb hardware, great build quality, and generous all-day battery life.

While these premium laptops may be priced, this leather-clad 2-in-1 is a solid price, with our $ 1,000 budget limit (and an eighth-generation i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD) It fits. ‘Feeling sluggish in 2020). This is one of the few HP Specter Ultrabooks you’ll find around a grand, plus, it’s coming right in the $ 979 mark after a nice $ 421 savings.

How to choose hp laptop

HP’s lineup of computers is extensive, and its laptops alone provide enough variety to spin your head. Despite being a decade-old brand, it certainly remains over time: Today, HP builds everything from modern Chromebooks to the sleek 2-Ultra 1 to be a gaming machine, and for your needs or budget. There is no possibility, chances are good that an HP laptop deal is waiting for you.

Laptops can be broken into more or less three categories: traditional laptops, 2-in-1s and gaming laptops, all of which can be found in the highest price bracket. After you decide what you want and decide how much you’re willing to spend (something that you already have well), it’s time to start looking at what features you want. Are – and also what to expect from a cheap HP laptop within your chosen price range.

These features include things like screen size and resolution, hard drive type (SSD or HDD) and capacity, and hardware (such as how much RAM you need, or whether you want discrete graphics cards that can handle gaming) . More features and better hardware come with a higher price tag, of course, but if you know what you want ahead of time and set realistic expectations, you’ll be happy with your purchase. To make things easier, here are some things to keep in mind:

Does HP laptop have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless standard that is ubiquitous nowadays. Your phone definitely has Bluetooth capability, and almost all modern tablets and laptops, including HP laptops, pack this connectivity. Bluetooth allows you to tie your computer or any other device to external devices in the form of wireless headphones or speakers (to name two of the most popular examples), but if you want information about being on the latest standard, you can close Would like to see PC specs get your eye to make sure it’s not out of date – if you’re looking for cheap HP laptop deals at the cheapest, you risk it.

Are HP laptops good for gaming?

Any Windows laptop can play games, but that does not mean that any computer can play any game. To play modern games at good settings, you need a laptop with a dedicated (or “discrete”) graphics card. This GPU works almost like a second CPU for your PC, but one that is fully dedicated to handling resource-heavy graphical tasks. This usually means gaming, but also applies to jobs such as video rendering.

You’ll also want a good modern CPU, ideally a ninth or 10th generation Intel Core processor or one of the newer AMD Risen processors. Many HP laptops (and even many other cheap gaming laptops you can find today) are loaded with such hardware and HP builds several PCs dedicated to gaming in its pavilion and omen lines, so you Some options will be found if you are looking for a beefier machine for both work and sports.

Do HP laptops come with Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word, being a component of the Microsoft Office suite, is paid software, and HP laptops do not include it for free. However, many offices come with tests, and you may be able to get Microsoft Office for free through your school or workplace (and if not, consider looking for a good Microsoft Office deal to save some money Do). If all you need is a basic word processor, Windows still includes the classic WordPad text editor, and you can also see the free Microsoft Office option.

Are HP laptops waterproof?

Electronics and water are usually not very well mixed, and laptops (from HP or any brand) are no different. Although you can often save a laptop from a laptop on a keyboard, no consumer-grade PC is completely waterproof or even what you would consider water-resistant. Even Apple MacBooks, despite some persistent rumors, are not waterproof. If you are worried about it, you can invest in a waterproof cover or bag that can keep your HP laptop safe.

Do HP laptops have HDMI ports?

The majority of modern computers come with ports for an HDMI cable, which is the current standard for A / V connectivity (DisplayPort is also popular, though used more for desktops rather than laptops). HDMI is a connection that transmits high-definition audio and video signals with a single cable, and many HP laptops feature an HDMI port, allowing you to connect your computer to an external display if you wish. Huh.

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