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The Best Calculator Apps for Android and iOS

It is quite likely that calculator manufacturers are not the biggest fans of smartphones. For decades, students and professionals alike used reliable calculators whenever they needed to perform a mathematical operation they could not do in their heads. Now, however, they pick up their phones, adding the calculator to a long list of “primitive” devices killed by Apple and other manufacturers. Still, it makes things more convenient for the average person, because instead of spending money on a stand-alone calculator, you can now only pick up your iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21.

There is no dearth of great calculator apps for iOS and Android. This article rounds out the best calculator app yet available for download, accessing apps from fairly well-organized calculators that do special tasks for engineers and scientists.

The calculator

Okay, Apple’s basic calculator app may be familiar to anyone with an iPhone or iPad, but you can use it to do more than just add and subtract. Turn your iPhone to your side, and the app turns into a scientific calculator, such as by magic. Or, well, science. This allows you to perform more complex calculations, including functions for geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. It is perfect for students studying math, and while it may lack some of the more advanced features of premium calculator apps, it works great when the basics are correct.


7th gear calculator

There is a calculator for both Android and iOS that works as a basic and scientific calculator. Its scientific calculator includes more than 30 scientific works, including common trigonometric functions (such as sine, cosine, tangent, etc.). The app also lets you take notes and drag with your finger, and you can customize its overall look. Another welcome feature is the ability to view and edit your calculation history to double-check a previous operation. It allows you to print notes, email your calculation history and calculate with just 75 digits of accuracy. It costs $ 1 on iOS.

Android iOS


This application is called a calculator, and its use of the definite article is perfectly justified here as it is one of the most comprehensive calculator applications you can possibly find. It is only available for iOS, while the full version (for one year) costs $ 6. That said, you get more than your fair share of features for that amount, the application for the ability to throw everything from a scientific calculator – rather than type equations. It also adds several additional welcome features, such as a converter for more than 170 currencies (now including bitcoin), a dark mode, and the ability to switch between more than 70 topics. Other features include edit and history functions, Apple Watch support, and split view. The available operations and functions are very vast, including engineering exporters, binary logarithms, arcs and hyperbolic sines / cosines / tangents, and random number inputs.


Google calculator

If you have an Android device, chances are that you already have the Google calculator installed. If not, you should give the app a chance as it is a simple yet very powerful virtual calculator. It lets you switch between a standard and scientific calculator, which provides trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions, among others. It also includes a very useful history feature, allowing you to scroll past operations. Its random layout – and the lack of ads – make it a great choice for a more involved app.


Samsung calculator

Another good option for Android users is the Samsung calculator app. It is a pared-down and streamlined app that lets you switch between basic and engineering calculations with a tap of a button, making it compatible with a much wider number of uses. It also offers a unit converter feature, allowing you to convert meters into yards and kilograms into stones, and vice versa. Like other calculator apps, it also saves your calculation history and lets you reuse previously inputted formulas. Common but effective.


Calculator ++ by Sergey Soloyev

Here is a deceptively complex calculator app that hides behind a logical and non-threatening layout. One of its most distinguishing features is that it uses gestures, so you can swipe up or down on particular buttons to use them in different ways or simply tap them to use them in another Can. It can be used as a basic and scientific calculator, with the ability to add functions and mathematical constants as well as their functions. It also gives you 2D and 3D graphs, from which you can do multiple tasks at the same time. Another very useful feature is the ability to use the app as a thumbnail window-in-window compared to other apps, so you can check your bank balance in your browser, and still calculate. The app also offers customizable themes, the ability to copy and paste, and home screen widgets.


PCalc ($ 10)


It may be $ 10, but PCalc is the most hardcore calculator app in the universe. Instead of targeting the general public, it is aimed at scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or anyone with a love for a particularly well-done calculator. The level of customization offered is impressive, with the help of this app you can choose whatever button layout you want. Some users of the application – real deadards – have used it to recreate the old HP calculator for decades. Importantly, the app also provides an RPN mode, which lets users eliminate any ambiguity over operator precedence in complex calculations. There are also unit conversion functions, mathematical constants, a wide range of undo and rework functions, and support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations. If the other apps on this list are too simple for you, then this is the go for you.



Calcu is a powerful Android-only calculator app that suits casual and serious mathematicians in equal measure. It provides a basic and a scientific calculator, with the latter being open to customization so you can only choose the tasks you really need. You can also create user-defined constants, and increase its usefulness for a more specific audience. In addition, the app is well presented, offering multiple themes (such as the Beach theme), showing the results of an equation as you type it, and also support for Samsung Multi Window Provide.



Calc is a simple yet effective calculator app that, despite being stripped-back, gets the basics right. Its most notable features include the ability to edit equations as you type them (if you enter an incorrect number), the ability to reuse previous results in new calculations, and notes with friends or A shared function when you need to compare homework. It also lets you see its past history of calculations, and unlike most other apps, its history shows the full equation on a line, as opposed to one line per element. For those who like to spice things up, there are many themes to choose from, if you are bored of looking at a black screen.


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