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The 9 Things Amazon Echo Can Do That Google Home Can’t

If you are in the market for smart home speakers, then you are probably familiar with Amazon Echo and Google Home products. Maybe you own one of these devices. Both speakers have come a long way over the past several years. Once a niche streaming music portal, now both brands are so much more capable. Through the power of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can use both speakers to control smart home gear, including light and camera, connect to favorite news and weather sources, play games, ask questions Can, and much more. The best thing is that after your inquiry or order you have to say “Alexa” or “OK, Google”. Smart speaker will do the rest for you.

Each device has its benefits and downs. Google Home Amazon Echo can’t, and Amazon Echo There are some skills, tricks, and tasks that Google Home cannot match. We are breaking things that Echo can do that Home cannot. If you want to compare the two devices in terms of their specs and features, see our article on Amazon Echo vs. Google Home.

1. Games and Commands with Echo Button

Echo button

You can use the Echo button to control smart home products and routines and trigger voice responses (i.e. you can press the button and Alexa declares that dinner is ready). You can also use them as general knowledge such as buzzers for games and accessories for games such as Simon Tap. As of now, Google does not have its own branded buttons like the Echo button.

2. Echo input and Echo Auto

Eco auto

Amazon continues to release new Echo devices for both home and on-the-application. Eco auto Your car connects to the stereo, allowing you to keep Alexa in your car. While Google is installing new Home and Nest devices, Google does not yet have devices such as the Echo Auto.

It is being said that there are many new vehicles in the market in the form of certified Android Auto cars. Equipped with Google Assistant, popular models from BMW, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet and Ford now allow you to plan your next commute, find a gas station on the go, and use Google Assistant while playing your favorite music. Highway.

If you are an Alexa fan, there are many new vehicles on the Amazon subsidiary ship. Brands include Audi, BMW and Chevrolet. Support is also available for brands such as Toyota and Ford, but only in conjunction with your phone’s Alexa app.

3. Tracking Shipment

Amazon prime day package

If you enable purchase notifications in the Alexa app, you can ask Alexa to track your Amazon packages. Your Echo will give you information about when your package will arrive and when to leave for delivery. Google Home does not have the same streamlined package tracking feature as Amazon.

4. Guard your home

Alexa guard

Echo devices allow you to enable Alexa Guard, a feature that listens for noise that signals danger such as breaking glass and alarms. Alexa sends you a warning and a clip of specific noise to let you know that there may be a sign of trouble. As of now, Google Home (on its own), does not have the ability to act as a pair of ears that can be heard to break glass and smoke detectors when not home.

Recently, Amazon expanded its Guard functionality with a new suite of features under Guard Plus, a $ 4.99 monthly service that offers 24/7 Amazon emergency support and compatibility with Ring, Arlo and August security brands such as Add- Grants on

5. Create and publish custom skills easily

Alexa blueprint

You can use the Alexa skill blueprint to create custom skills for your Echo. There are dozens of different blueprints, ranging from games and quizzes to jokes, to skills that help you instruct a babysitter or a belly sitter while on vacation. You do not need any coding knowledge to create custom skills, as you fill in pre-prepared templates.

Although you are using a template, you will have to customize the blueprint skills slightly, that too little. For example, when creating a general knowledge game, you can customize more than just questions and answers. You can also choose things like the voice that Alexa performs in response to a right or wrong response, choose how the game is scored, and decide whether a close answer can be considered a correct answer. You can share your skills, and even publish them in the skills store where other Echo users can use them and give them a rating.

You can create a custom experience for Google Assistant, but the learning curve is higher than the Alexa blueprint. Some have a template of custom Google Assistant experiences, such as quizzes and trivia, so it’s a bit easier, while others include APIs and the process is a bit more complicated.

6. Connect with Amazon Music and FireTV

Amazon firetv remote

Compatible Echo devices can control you Firetv. You can pause, play, search, and more. Google Home can control power on many TVs, and it can control TVs with Chromecast, but it cannot control your FireTV. The same goes for Amazon Prime Music and Music Unlimited.

7. Control over 60,000 smart home products

Amazon echo 4g general

At the end of May 2019, Amazon reports that there are more than 60,000 Alexa-compatible smart home devices from more than 7,000 different brands.

Google suggests that you can manage over 50,000 smart home products With Google Home Device. We know that there is a staggering amount of agricultural products, but Amazon leads with another 10,000 partners.

8. You Shop on Amazon

Prime day
Chris DeGrove /

It is no secret that Amazon is the secret to online shopping. Emulator project Online shopping will lead the Goliath e-commerce race in exactly the same way as it has been in recent years. Your Echo allows you to buy directly from Amazon. However, if you use Google Home, you are not ordering from Amazon but Google express Instead (you also have the opportunity Order Groceries from Walmart using Google Home) Belongs to.

9. Create Custom Routines Quickly and Easily

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Within the Alexa app, it’s straightforward and simple a routine. The routine menu is located on the main menu, and you can personalize everything for your preferences in about a minute. Google routine Their installations are much more complex in process. In the Google Home app, the routine feature detection is not straightforward, and the setup system is slower and more tedious.

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