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T-Mobile carved out a name for itself as an un-carrier under the fearless (and cynical) leadership of John LeGray. Now a new CEO is in, but the company is still making waves – whether by absorbing Sprint, launching the first nationwide 5G network, or creating a plan that does away with the concept of premium data.

Speaking of plans, T-Mobile offers something – and different plans may be better or worse for your needs, depending on what you’re looking at. All of its postpaid plans now offer unlimited data, but it does offer some solid prepaid plans, which are very important.

Whether you are looking for unlimited coverage, or just want something to keep your phone connected, T-Mobile should offer something for your needs. Here is everything you need to know.

T-Mobile plans

T mobile plans explained digital trends

T-Mobile offers three unlimited data plans with its prepaid plans. Here is a detailed description of various schemes.

T-Mobile is mandatory

T-Mobile Essentials is the cheapest unlimited data plan of T-Mobile. But while it is cheaper than the others on offer, it is more than enough for most. You will get unlimited talk, text and data, but some of T-Mobile’s other plans do not include some features like Netflix subscriptions. Nevertheless, unlike the cheaper plans of some other carriers, Essentials comes with 50 gigabytes (GB) of so-called premium data, meaning that your speed won’t throttle below 50GB a month depending on your data usage.

You can still use Hot Spot on T-Mobile Essentials. However, you are limited to 3G speeds, and video streaming is limited to standard definition or 480p, which is not great, but should be fine for basic YouTube viewing. It is also important to note that unlike other T-Mobile plans, the base price does not consider taxes and fees.

In terms of price, Essential comes to $ 60 for one line and $ 30 for three lines. Adding data for the tablet comes at $ 15 per line and wearable at $ 10 per line.

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T-Mobile Magenta

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T-Mobile is one step above Magenta Essential, and is superior in most ways. There are still the basics of unlimited talk, text and data, but that unlimited data includes 100GB of premium data, which is double what Essential provides. You’ll also get a basic Netflix subscription, which allows for one standard definition screen at a time, but you’ll only get that subscription if you have two lines or more.

Magenta is also where you will start getting better hot spot data. At 5G or 4G LTE speed you will get 5GB hot spot data, then at 3G speed you will get unlimited data. Video streaming is still limited to standard definition. Other perks include one-hour gogo-in-flying texting and Wi-Fi in Mexico and Canada and unlimited talk, text and data (with 5GB of premium data).

Magenta comes in at $ 70 for one line and $ 40 per line for three lines. Taxes and fees are also included in those prices, which is a nice touch. Adding a tablet comes at $ 20 per line and a wearable at $ 10 per line.

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T-Mobile Magenta Max

Magenta Max is T-Mobile’s most recent plan, and it breaks the mold in some ways. That is, T-Mobile promises that if you are a Magenta Max customer, you will not throttle based on your data usage no matter how much data you use. Hot spot data has also increased – up to 40GB of high-speed hot spot usage and unlimited hot spot data at 3G speeds.

Netflix’s membership has also increased. You’ll still get a basic subscription with only one line, but if you have two lines or more, you’ll get a standard subscription, which allows for up to two screens. T-Mobile’s website says that you’ll get up to 4K streaming with this Netflix deal; However, Netflix’s standard subscription only offers HD streaming. We have reached out for clarification and will update this guide when we hear back.

Magenta Max is T-Mobile’s most recent plan, and it breaks the mold in some ways.

You’ll also get unlimited Gogo in-flight texting and Wi-Fi, and you’ll get unlimited talk, text, and data (with 5GB of 4G LTE data) in Mexico and Canada.

Magenta Max is, of course, T-Mobile’s most expensive plan. It comes to $ 85 for one line and $ 47 per line for three lines. Which includes taxes and fees. Adding the tablet costs $ 20 per line, and the wearable costs $ 10 per line. People over the age of 55, who are in the military, and first responders will get a discount on those prices.

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T-Mobile Prepaid Plan

T-Mobile offers some prepaid plans for those who do not need unlimited data and who want to pay for their phone bill upfront.

First up are the T-Mobile Connect plans, which are the least expensive prepaid plans on offer. With T-Mobile Connect, you will get unlimited talk and text, with 3GB of data for $ 15 per month and 25GB of data per month.

After this, T-Mobile is 10GB, which offers unlimited talk, text and 10GB data. It comes to $ 40 per month for one line or $ 100 total for three lines. It also offers other perks than T-Mobile Connect, like the fact that music streaming does not count against your data usage and the fact that you are able to use your phone as a hot spot Will – however 10GB of data you get will count against usage.

T-Mobile Unlimited T-Mobile is one step above 10 GB. As the name suggests, you will get unlimited talk, text and data on this plan. There are some caveats though – like the fact that you can throttle after 50GB of data usage, and that your hot spot usage is limited to 3G speeds. The plan comes to $ 50 for one line and $ 110 for three lines.

Last but not least is Unlimited Plus, which is similar to the Unlimited plan, but adds 10GB of 4G LTE hot spot data. Unlimited Plus costs $ 60 for one line and $ 120 for three lines.

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T-mobile coverage

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These days T-Mobile’s coverage is very good. In the past, Verizon was the go-to carrier for best coverage, but thanks to its merger with Sprint and the fact that it was the first to launch a nationwide 5G network, T-Mobile is closing the gap.

Of course, there are still some Rural areas in which you will only get Verizon or AT&T coverage, but those areas are few and in between now. If you regularly travel to a specific rural location, it may be worth checking the coverage on T-Mobile’s coverage map.

How T-Mobile compares to Verizon and AT&T

At this time, T-Mobile offers the best plan for the cheapest price. This can easily change – but for now, T-Mobile is our choice for the best plans.

Take AT & T’s plans, for example. AT & T’s cheapest unlimited plan, Unlimited Starter, starts at $ 65 for a line, which is $ 5 more than T-Mobile Essentials. But you will not get any primary premium data on AT&T offering nor will you get hot spot access. A line of AT&T Unlimited Elite costs $ 85, but unlike the T-Mobile Magenta Max, you won’t get unlimited premium data, and you’ll only get 30GB of hot spot data instead of 40GB.

It worsens with Verizon. Verizon’s cheapest unlimited plan is Start Unlimited, which is $ 70 for a line and has no prioritized data or hot spot access, despite being $ 10 more than T-Mobile Essentials. At the top end is Verizon’s Get More Unlimited, which is $ 90 for a line instead of Magenta Max’s $ 85, and it still offers only 50GB of premium data instead of unlimited. And none of Verizon’s plans include fees and taxes – so they would actually cost even more. That said, Verizon’s plan includes perks such as a Disney + bundle with Hulu and ESPN +, and an Apple Music subscription, which may make it worth the cost for some.

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