Surface pro x vs. Ipad pro

Surface Pro X vs iPad Pro

Surface Pro X vs iPad Pro: Suppose you’re looking for a tablet that can double as a laptop. In that case, the two best options right now are Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro X. Both devices have super-slim bezels and support optional pen and keyboard accessories.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is one of two devices, although you may be wondering how it stands for the latest iPad Pro. This guide will compare design, performance, and portability to help you choose the right one for you.

The design

Surface pro x vs. Ipad pro
Surface pro x vs. Ipad pro

Both the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro X are super slim and pack a large, immersive display in terms of design. However, there are some notable differences.

First of all, the bezels on the iPad Pro are very slim and are consistent all around. The Bezels on the Surface Pro X are equally narrow on the sides, but the top and bottom borders are thicker.

High Resolution Screens

Both devices have high-resolution screens for display. The Surface Pro X comes with 2880 x 1920 (267 ppi) resolution, while the iPad Pro has 2732 x 2048 (264 ppi) resolution. The Surface Pro X also sports an aspect ratio of 3: 2, while the iPad Pro sits at 4: 3. This makes the Surface Pro X a better choice for professors, while the iPad Pro feels slightly more square, making for a more excellent tablet experience.

The Pro X has slightly more pixels per inch than the iPad, but the iPad Pro sports a stunning 600 Nut 120 Hz True Tone display, which we found is scrolling smoother and more responsive. The Surface Pro X is slightly dimmer with a Dimmer 450 Nut 60 Hz panel, familiar to most Windows devices.

Significantly, the Surface Pro X benefits from a built-in kickstand, making it easy to use the device on a flat surface (no punishment).

Surface pro x vs. Ipad pro

USB C Port

Next, there is connectivity, which also differs between the two tablets. There is a single USB-C port, a keyboard connector port, and a nano-SIM slot on the iPad Pro.

The Surface Pro X, meanwhile, doubles. It has two USB-C ports, a nano-SIM slot, and Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connect port for charging. You’ll also find a connector for the keyboard on the long button-free edge. Both devices lack a headphone jack, which means you’ll need to buy a dongle or use a pair of wireless headphones. It also does not have an SD card slot, so you should sit on a storage option that suits your needs, although the Surface Pro X does not feature a scalable DM.

Keyboard Cover

Finally, both devices sport an option for a keyboard cover. Apple’s new Magic Keyboard is based on the scissor-switch and is priced at $ 299. It includes a built-in trackpad, a USB-C port for pass-through charging, and a unique hinge that “floats” the tablet and angles it back for optimal viewing. The Cheap Smart Keyboard Folio does not include a trackpad.

The Surface Pro X, meanwhile, supports an optional $ 140 type cover. In terms of comfort, we found that this was essentially what we experienced with the Surface Pro 6, but now it also holds a special place in the top for the Surface Pen – which we’ll discuss later. However, note that the Pro X does not support the older Microsoft Type Cover because the connector is different.

Microsoft also sells a “signature” version of the keyboard bundled with a slim pen for $ 270. This keyboard has an Alcantara-covered surface, while the standard model does not.

Apple’s iPadOS has evolved to offer a better software solution for multitasking and productivity than in previous days. Still, the full version of Windows 10 on the Surface Pro X will be more familiar to most Windows PC owners.

Finally, iPad Pro is a better gunshot, But the Surface Pro X is a better laptop replacement.


Surface pro x vs. Ipad pro

Qualcomm Processors

Unlike previous Intel-based devices, Microsoft partnered with Qualcomm to create two all-in-one processors dubbed SQ1 and SQ2. They are based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx 1st- and 2nd-gen chips. They are also technically a system-on-a-chip or SoC, which includes processors and graphics cores and other components such as modems.


Both custom Microsoft chips rely on ARM’s large. Lift design. For example, the SQ1 had four “performance” CPU cores clocked at 3GHz and four “power-efficient” CPU cores clocked at 1.8GHz. One batch handles heavy loads (gaming), and one handles light tasks (web browsing). According to Microsoft, the SQ1 has three times more performance per watt than the Surface 8th-gen chip of the Surface Pro 6.

Similarly, the beefier SQ2 has four “big” CPU cores at 3.15GHz and four “Little” CPU cores at 2.42GHz. This chip did not appear on the Surface Pro X until October 2020.

However, some limitations are noted, as some Windows 10, and 64-bit apps are not optimised for ARM-based chipsets. It should still be great for web browsing and day-to-day activities, while other apps like Photoshop may not quite work as well.

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ARM Processor

Meanwhile, the latest iPad Pro, sporting Apple’s custom ARM-based processor, is named A12Z Bionic. Like Microsoft’s solution, it uses a large. Lift setup: four performance cores reaching 2.49GHz and four “power-efficient” cores when you don’t need big guns.

Take a look at their Geekbench score, and you can see how all three chips stack up against each other. What you’ll find is that Apple’s chip showcases two of Microsoft’s new custom chips with significant differences:

SQ1SQ2A12Z Bionic
single core747779Is 1126
MulticoreIs 2958Is 30454579

This means that the iPad Pro will run at breakneck speed whatever you download from the App Store. However, the iPad Pro is limited to apps in the App Store, as it is powered by iPadOS. Pro X, meanwhile, runs full Windows 10 and is compatible with traditional desktop programs, although you are limited to 32-bit applications.


1617174223 96 surface pro x vs ipad pro

In terms of portability, the Surface Pro X and iPad Pro are almost neck and neck. Here is a chart to compare the three:

Surface Pro XIPad Pro 12.9Ipad pro 11
height in inches)11.311.059.75
Width (in inches)8.28.46Is 7.03
Depth (in inches)
Weight in pounds)1.706Is 1.4181.043

Of the three, the 11-inch iPad Pro is the lightest, but the iPad Pro is both the lightest and the thinnest compared to the two larger tablets. The Surface Pro X is longer and narrower than the larger iPad.

Battery Life

For battery life, Apple promises up to 10 hours on the iPad Pro, though we were able to push our iPad Pro through several days with a few hours of usage at a time. The iPad Pro also supports fast charging with an optional 30-watt USB-C power adapter.

Microsoft has promised to provide up to 13 hours of battery life on the Surface Pro X with a screen. However, given that the Pro X is an always-connected PC – which we have given up to 13 hours of battery – this may prove to be correct. It also supports fast charging via the Surface Connect port. Microsoft claims that it can charge you 80% in just one hour.

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We will also mention support for LTE on both devices. All models of the Surface Pro X have a nano-SIM tray. This means that you get LTE connectivity with any configuration, while with the iPad Pro, you’ll need to pay an additional $ 150 if you want a model with LTE.

Finally, there is the pen. Microsoft’s Surface Slim Pen correctly slots into the cover keyboard and recharges wirelessly. This makes it easy for portability but is also a separate $ 145 purchase. That’s over $ 129 Apple Pencil, which charges wirelessly when magnetically attached on top of the iPad Pro – no keyboard accessory needed.

Ipad pro crowns

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The Surface Pro X and iPad Pro are similar in many ways, but we think most people would be happy with Apple’s offering.


The base 11-inch iPad Pro (with 64GB storage and without LTE option) comes at a starting price of $ 799, adding up to 1TB of storage space and LTE to $ 1,449. If you prefer the larger 12.9-inch model, you can expect to pay an initial cost that ranges from $ 999 to $ 1,649. It is worth noting that you will have to add $ 129 for the Apple Keyboard and approximately $ 179 for the Smart Keyboard Folio and Smart Keyboard, and $ 299 (base rate) sequentially.

When it comes to the Surface Pro X, the base price for the SQ1 chip, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage space is $ 999. However, the rate increases to $ 1,217 when you combine it with a keyboard and pen (when you buy these as a bundle). Yes, you’ll get a lot more storage space in the first model than the equivalent iPad Pro, but you’ll also need to check that its ARM-based processor will harmonise with the apps you want to use regularly.

In particular, the iPad Pro is the dominant choice at this point. Even if you are accustomed to working with Windows, you will discover many apps included in Apple’s App Store. If you’re someone who wants to use traditional desktop software, we think Microsoft’s Surface Pro X would be better for you.

Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Apple iPad Pro comparison can be complicated because both of these devices are very popular. There has been much debate about which one is better for creating the perfect personal computer. Although they are each powerful, the latest models are quite different. They can perform many of the same functions, and that is why people prefer them so much. Each brand has a different advantage over the other.


When it comes to power, Microsoft Surface Pro X has the edge. The Microsoft Surface Pro-X tablet computer is fully equipped with various software and hardware applications, including Microsoft Office, Word, and PowerPoint. This gives it a significant advantage over Apple’s product, even though the iPad has a lot of great applications as well. However, it has less powerful hardware than the Surface Pro, and it also lacks some of the software applications that are available through the Windows store. The differences in the capabilities available on each machine are, however, minimal.


While the X performs substantially better than the iPad, it doesn’t have the application selection of the Pro. The iPad comes with some of the most popular programs, such as Google Maps, but the Pro only has the Maps app and a few other useful apps. This could be a problem if you have a lot of highly specialised programs. However, most people will love the iPad for professional use.


One of the most significant differences between these two devices is how the stylus operates the screen. If you’re a photographer who loves to take pictures of family members while out and about, then you’ll likely like the more significant, softer brush of the Surface Pro, as it allows you to make the perfect pointing motion so that everything is nice and sharp when you take the shot. If you want to edit your pictures and often use Microsoft Office programs, you may be much happier with the larger, textured version of the device that the iPad Pro has.

Size Difference

The difference in size between these two devices is mainly cosmetic. The iPad has an 8.3-inch screen, while the Surface Pro has a slightly larger screen at just over ten inches. This may not seem like a big difference, but if you consider that the screen is just a few inches smaller than the iPhone, you start to see a significant difference. Even the most basic applications like Paint are much easier to use on the iPad, even though the Surface Pro has an advantage in functionality. For the most part, the larger screen of the Pro is a tradeoff for the larger, higher-resolution resolution display of the device.


The size of the devices also comes into play with the type of applications that can be run on them. The Surface Pro can also be used to do the same things as the iPhone. If you travel frequently or use this device in specific areas, the larger device will serve your purposes better. The iPad offers a limited view of the area you are in, while the Surface Pro provides a more detailed representation.


The keyboard on the iPad is smaller than the Surface Pro. Although it’s not enough to cause any problems, this is something you will have to deal with every single time you use the iPad. The keys are still large and easy to use. On the other hand, the Pro’s keyboard is also very comfortable to type on. You can rest your hands on the keys, and you’ll feel more secure typing for long periods of time.

Final Opinion

When it comes down to it, the two devices are pretty much the same regarding capabilities and functionality. The Surface Pro is a better choice if you are a fan of the iPad. If you’ve never used a tablet computer before, then the Surface Pro is probably a better choice. The Surface Pro is a great option for those who already own an iPad and want to upgrade to a new model.

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