1617379124 summer game fest returns in june as e3 2021 rumors

Summer Game Fest Returns in June, As E3 2021 Rumors Heat Up

Summer game fest returns in june as e3 2021 rumors

The Summer Sports Festival is officially returning in June. The digital video game showcase was announced a day after a new set of rumors surfaced about E3’s own Digital 2021 plans.

Summer Games Fest was founded last year by Geoff Keiley. The four-month event was served as a way for developers to show off their game announcements last summer following the cancellation of E3 2020. Keighley had earlier said that the incident would return this year, but now we have some firm information about what it will be.

The showcase begins in June, although no exact date was given. It will highlight both AAA and Indy games during separate events. The first confirmed event is Day of Devas: Summer Game Fest Edition. Co-produced by Double Fine and i88bit, the digital showcase will reveal exclusive news and gameplay. Developers can currently submit their games for consideration.

More details are coming in the next few weeks on what the developers are participating in the show and at the planned time. Fans will be able to tune in through major streaming platforms such as Twitch.

This announcement is in the same way as there is more confusion about the future of E3. A new VGC report states that ESA plans to rebrand E3 as the Electronic Entertainment Experience for its 2021 digital show. Reportedly, it has considered introducing some type of paywall for the show, which may be how fans use hand-to-hand demos.

Took E3 Twitter Refuting the rumors, tweeting, “E3’s 2021 Digital Show is a free event for all attendees. We are excited to fill you all the real news for this event soon. No official details about the show have been revealed otherwise, except that it will be from June 15 to June 17.

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