1616863953 spacexs starship high altitude test delayed until monday

SpaceX’s Starship High Altitude Test Delayed Until Monday

Spacexs starship high altitude test delayed until monday

SpaceX continues to go ahead with the testing of its prototype heavy rocket, the Starship. The starship’s latest prototype, the code-named serial number 11 or SN11, will soon undergo a test, launching it and climbs about 6 miles in the air before coming down again and attempting a clean landing .

This test is another step on the way to the reusable heavy rocket system. SpaceX wrote on its website, “a controlled aerodynamic descent with body flaps and vertical refilling capability, combined with refilling in space.

The plan was to conduct an all-important altitude test on SN11 on Friday, March 26, but the launch was scrubbed and the date was pushed back. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that “additional checkout and required” and that the company was trying to “completely descend and fully recover” the vehicle.

Probably SN11 stands down until Monday. Additional investigation is needed. Doing your best on land & amp; fully recover.

& mdash; Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 26, 2021

As has resulted from the prototype’s destruction of the previous three starship altitude tests, SpaceX takes extra care to try to preserve the SN11 prototype during testing. In the last three tests, which took place in December last year, in February this year, and earlier this month, the vehicles were successfully launched and built at a height. The prototype maneuvers the flip-over “belly flop” into the air, as expected, and returns to Earth.

The tricky part for the starship prototype is stopping the landing. The December trial ended when the prototype landed very hard and exploded, and so did it in February. The most recent prototype test appeared to land safely, but exploded minutes after returning to the launchpad.

SpaceX will be hoping to have the attraction for the fourth time and be able to survive the SN11 landing.

A fixed time and date for the delayed trial has not yet been shortened. However, the website of both Musk and SpaceX suggest that the test may go ahead as soon as Monday, March 29. SpaceX has said that it will livestream the video footage of the test on its website, so keep an eye on that for more details. You can see the test when this happens.

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