1615430644 some ethical hackers are making huge amounts of cash

Some Ethical Hackers Are Making Huge Amounts of Cash

Some ethical hackers are making huge amounts of cash

Broadly, hackers come in two flavors. Those who go out to take advantage of the computer system and create havoc for its operators and people who use it, and those who discover loopholes in the system and then notify the operator in exchange for a cash reward.

The latter can make some serious dough from his work, that too, with the top able to earn millions of dollars in a year’s space.

HackerOne is a Silicon Valley-based company with the global hacker community to track security issues for its customers – through so-called “bug bounty programs” – before vulnerabilities can be exploited by criminals.

A growing number of companies, large and small, are working with Hacken to launch bug bounty programs to identify and fix flaws, removing them as a potential threat to their business. .

In its latest annual hacker report, HackerOne shows how well some ethical hackers are doing.

In the past year, ethical hackers made $ 40 million through reporting vulnerabilities to programs run by hackers, a massive increase from the $ 19 million earned in 2019. Nine hackers have grossed $ 1 million dollars on the platform since 2019, and one hacker crossed the $ 2 million mark in 2020.

More and more ethical hackers around the world are signing bug bounty programs, with hackers seeing a 63% increase in the number of hackers reporting flaws alone over the past year. The company now has over one lakh investigators on its books.

In May 2020, HackerOne reached a $ 100 million milestone paid to hackers for vulnerability reports, of which 50,000 were made in the final year, with the company forecasting hackers to total 1 billion in bug bounties in five years Will earn dollars.

Payments for reported vulnerabilities can vary as they largely depend on how dangerous the bug can be to a firm’s computer system and overall operations if it is exploited by hackers with nefarious intentions Go

For an example of how the payment system works with bug bounty programs, we can look at one powered by Sony that invites ethical hackers to discover vulnerabilities on their PlayStation platform.

As of 2020, payments for low-risk risk discovered on Sony’s gaming platform start at $ 100, with more valuable tiers paying a minimum of $ 400, $ 1,000, and $ 3,000.

For example, search for a low-rated vulnerability on PlayStation 4, and you should get a minimum amount of $ 500, with a minimum amount of $ 2,500 and $ 10,000. The most significant weaknesses, meanwhile, will be in payments of at least $ 50,000.

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