Smiley Piercing [50 Ideas]: Pain Level, Healing Time, Cost, Experience

Smiley piercing – The Complete Guide to Smiley Piercings

Frenulum piercing occurs between skin and gum line between the lip line and upper lip in the upper part of her mouth. As painful as that would sound the idea of a piercing will awaken many people’s adventurous and daring face. This is not an effortless way to visit the studio or go on a piercing. It’s important to know a lot about the skin before your procedure, especially one as painful as the frenülum piercing. From the pain level to maintenance of smiley piercings you may discover everything you are supposed to know about the type of piercing you should be prepared for a. This guide contains everything for any style.

The truth about Smiley Piercings

The smiley piercing goes through the frenulum and connects you to your lips with its tissue flap. Not Everyone can have the same piercings because sometimes it’s too thin and too small, making them more susceptible to rejection or tearing out. This piercing earned its nickname because it is most visible when you smile – so it might be a good option for people wanting a piercing further down their face. Get a complete list of the different ways you can obtain a perfect smiley tattoo on your face? Know what kind of pierces will hurt you. What is your answer in this article?

How do I get a smiley piercing?

A smiley piercing passes through your facial surface – a small piece of skin connected with your upper lip to your gums. This piercing is relatively invisible until you smile hence the name “smiley piercing”. Your piercer can determine if you can qualify. There are limitations such as the presence of braces or a lack of frenulum. Other disqualifying mouth conditions can include periodontal disease and gum disease. In reality the procedure runs relatively quick and lasts only a few minutes. Pain has an option for all wounds. The thicker the area the more the piercing would hurt. This piercing costs $30 to $75.

Is it possible to have Smiley Piercing?

Smiley piercing is one the most aesthetically appealing piercings however people don’t realise it quite yet. It’s because a smiley piercing will be a secret to your tiniest secrets unless you want people to see it. This article consists of a whole FAQ that you’ve thought about. Continue reading about these smiley piercings and their clues. Click here to get answers on smiley piercings. Do you want become an outer goddess and/or an inner demon? Give me your thoughts on mail online with mail and send me a copy via Email.

The Smiley (Frenulum) Piercing: Everything you need

The Smiley Piercing is named this because it will not be seen without smiling. It’s able to perforate a flap of tissue connecting the top lip. As the Frenulum is thin many people cannot get the piercings. Also its skin tends to be more exposed as compared to skin which becomes ripped out or rejected. This piercing won’t be for everyone so it is important to know the whole piercing process before deciding on it yourself. The subtle surprise makes this piercing a fun choice for those who want piercing that is less intrusive than other lip piercing variations.

A Beginner’s Guide to In-Mouth Piercings

The inside of your mouth piercings differ significantly from the outside of your body. Each one is brought with its own risk and possible healing difficulties. It’s not to be taken very seriously though it can look awesome if done properly. No smoking. Avoid kissing and oral sexual relations. Pain is at 6+ and healing time at 11 to 12 weeks. The cost is $25-60 per piercing; the cost of the smallest in-mouth piercing at least $60. A large in-mouth deformity requiring piercing will probably heal between 7 and 8 weeks.

Smiley Piercings: Guide & Images

A smiley piercing has been in decline since it first began attracting attention in the 1990s. By the end of this course you will understand the risks and advantages of any such piercing. In order to know more about Smiley piercing go to this page. You can understand the risks and rewards of this beautiful and attractive piercing. Please see links for detailed info.

Smiley Piercing: Imagine the piercing, which is visible only to someone who would make you smile. Intrigued? Then let’s discover a fabulous smiley piercing!

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What is a Smiley Piercing

Smiley piercing is a perforation of the frenulum, which is a thin tissue between gum and lip. Smiley is known as a top gum piercing located under the upper lip. This piercing gets its name from its functionality – it is hidden until you smile.

Smiley piercing image

Smiley upper lip piercing image

Smiley upper lip piercing image

Smiley piercing with braces

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Should You Go For It

Everything about this lip frenulum piercing sounds very unusual, doesn’t it? Probably now you would like to know more about its pros and side effects.


  1. The first and foremost advantage of smiley piercing is evident. Smiley piercings are quite universal as you could always hide it. Its placement is a great advantage in situations when you need to look professional, at the workplace or during the exams.
  2. You should not care too much about the pain while getting your frenulum pierced. The piercing area is quite thin, so the perforation itself would be relatively easy to perform.


  1. Piercing under top lip is not suitable for everybody. In case your frenulum is too thin, the piercing master could refuse to pierce it. If the area is too small, it simply can not hold the jewelry. So take a look at the frenulum before considering to pierce your smiley.
  2. There are some risks associated with scrumper piercing. As you will have jewelry inside your mouth, you can easily get problems with gum and teeth. To avoid this, it is important to stick to special aftercare rules given by the piercing master right after the procedure.

Smiley lip piercing black girl Smiley piercing ring

How to take care of smiley piercing


Before the procedure, you rinse your mouth with the antibacterial liquid. Then the piercer sterilizes the needle and the surface. When your upper lip is pulled back, the needle goes sharply through your frenulum.

The procedure takes only a few seconds, after which the jewelry is inserted. However, it is not finished yet. The very important last step is to discuss aftercare rules with the piercer. Proper aftercare will help your piercing to heal faster.

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To get an idea of how the procedure looks in reality, watch these videos:

How Does It Hurt?

4 of 10

Mouth smiley piercing pain is measured as 4 out of 10 on a pain scale.

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However, pain level always depends on your individual characteristics, and on how tolerant to the pain you are. The procedure is fast, so don’t expect it to be very painful. But the upper lip area may become swollen or sore afterward. It is a typical body reaction to most piercings, and it surely causes some discomfort.

Find out more about body piercing pain chart from most to least.

Cool smiley piercing with cbr

Scumper piercing Male smiley piercing image

Healing and Aftercare

Expect your upper frenulum piercing to heal within 1 – 3 months.

Smiley piercing healing time is relatively short, comparing to other lip piercings. However, the first weeks after the procedure is the time when the risk of infection is high. Remember the following:

  • Always watch your hands before touching the piercing.
  • Maintain oral hygiene and keep your toothbrush clean.
  • Do not remove the jewelry until the piercing is healed completely. Otherwise, you may experience some side effects, such as jewelry rejection or the frenulum may get infected.
  • Consult with a doctor immediately if something has gone wrong. Keep records of your healing process.
  • Get used to cleaning routine.

Clear smiley piercing

Smiley face piercing

Recommended Aftercare Products

Sea salt

Choose for DIY sea salt soaks. The best product to speed up the healing process.

Smiley piercing 50 ideas pain level healing time costSmiley piercing 50 ideas pain level healing time cost

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Piercing aftercare spray

Choose if you don’t have time to make saline solution every time you need to clean your piercing.

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How to Clean

For cleaning the area inside the mouth, use a special alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash. Rinse your mouth for about 4-6 times a day – normally each time after eating.

In order to clean the wound, use sea salt mixture. Put 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized salt into the glass with warm water. Apply the solutions using cotton balls twice a day: in the morning and before going to bed. Do not stop the cleaning until you see that you labial frenulum piercing is healed.

Read more details on how to use saline solution for a new piercing.

What to Avoid During the Healing

To make the healing process faster you should avoid certain things.

  • Make sure not to trigger your piercing. Avoid playing with the jewelry or touching it by your tongue
  • Avoid oral contacts for the first few weeks. Let your body get used to the piercing
  • Do not eat spicy food and avoid smoking. It will extend healing time
  • Try not to talk too much. It is the same as playing with jewelry
  • Do not put in the mouth anything except food. Don’t let the infections to spread


Be aware of possible complications related to smiley piercing.

  1. Gum rubbing. If you wear CBR (captive bead ring), the ball may irritate a gum and even cause the gum recession. So, it is better to choose another type of jewelry
  2. Teeth damage. The jewelry would interact with teeth, so remember about possible erosion. It also may happen even with tiny CBR
  3. Migration. It happens if your body rejects the jewelry. You will notice it if the piercing is slowly moving out of the frenulum. In this case, consider changing the jewelry or removing piercing at all to avoid further problems

Best Jewelry

For the new piercing, try small and cute gauge.

After a few months, you may change it to a pretty straight barbell or to a sexy ring.

The nicest option for a guy would be a silver bar. However, shiny rings would always look cool and trendy.

How Much Does a Smiley Piercing Cost

  • Smiley piercing price in the US is about $30 – $70.
  • In the UK it costs from £25 to £65.
  • In Europe, you can pay around €25 – €60.


Smiley Piercing Images

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What things should be considered before a decision?

Smiley-piercing also is not considered acceptable in society as it is currently envisaged. Some people may ask questions during this smiley piercing process. You can get it done quickly. It is perhaps insecure during a job interview or at work where the piercing is unrestricted. Conduct careful studies about the frenulum, find out the precautions, if you’re allergic to it or not and so on. Do research as well to determine if you’re willing to do all these items before getting that smiley piercing. The best part is this is invisible to everyone. When you pass a stranger in the street you don’t see your piercing in person. It would be much less visible.

How do you know if your smiley piercing is infected or not

Smiley Piercings are generally infected but should not be neglected if there’s serious disease. You may also experience a piercing rejection that can result from many reasons. The migration of your smiley piercing marks the biggest piercing rejection indicator. If your piercing starts shifting from its original place, frenulum then it could mean your body is denying itself. If the infection is not painful, you can maintain a proper aftercare regimen and perhaps make the redness and swelling better. If this condition worsens over time you might get the piercing off of your head as soon as possible. These ugly rejection signals are not a funny thing.

How do you clean your shoes?

There’s no one logical way to clean a smiley piercing. If your mouth needs to be cleansed it’s the best choice. When you rinse your mouth squeeze the solution so that water penetrates into your frenulum. Some people prefer piercing and afterburning products that they can easily obtain from most drug stores. To ensure good oral hygiene you must use dental brushes at least twice a day. This reduces the chance of bacteria coming out of your mouth at the point of piercing this may cause problems when putting them in your mouth. In addition if you continue putting on all of these cleaning steps for months you will feel more healed immediately.

How do you treat an infected smiley?

Infections are usually characterized by redness and swelling in the lining. It’s possible that the jewelry caused you an allergic reaction which eventually had lead to an infection. Avoid smoking, drinking and cooking and be careful not to touch the pierce. If symptoms become painful then you should consult a doctor. It is also important to practice a few other practices everyday. Those tips help stop any virus or any infection. It would be better if you kept away from the use of your mouth. It involves playing the instrument and blowing air and particularly physical activities such as kissing.

How much do they cost?

A smiley piercing can generally cost $30-90 but the price range varies according to where the country is located. The frenulum is a delicate part of the mouth and requires dexterity and special skill for a thorough procedure. Every piercer will not charge the same price so it is good to keep a list of different experts and choose the one that offers a safe procedure and affordable rates. Make sure to get advice from your tattoo artist and piercing artist before booking. They will discuss the cost of it with you so that you will keep everything ready. Let’s not forget that there’s more to the jewelry so than just a basic maintenance fee.

How much does a smiley piercing cost?

Despite the sensitivity the method requires for piercing it’s not too costly to perform. In a reputable jewelry store it could cost anywhere from $30 or 89. Ask about sterilizing his machinery before you agree nothing before you sit down in your chair, seconds before the needle enters. A smiley piercing carries a high risk of rejection in people who have too much frenulum tissue exposed. You should have hired someone that knows his stuff. I never want anyone to pay for an unspeakable piercing. You will have dozens of unnecessary headaches you could have avoided.

How do I hide a smiley piercing?

Your smiley piercing can often be hidden behind a banana or horse-shoe bar piercing. These piercings are smiley and have very slight faces that don’t appear too much when you smile. This gives them an almost smooth look. Other options would be to not smile at all but should people not smile? For some people a horsesho would be a good option depending how one smiles and how your lip cover the piercing. Among others the best solution might be to remove the piercing, but this could result in the piercing closing after just 24 hours in professional conditions.

How much do smiley piercings hurt?

The smiley piercing is rated as 4/10 on the Pain scale for most people. Your pain intensity depends upon your specific tolerance for pain. A smiley procedure is fairly quickly and penetrates thin skin. Your upper lip region will look sore or swollen afterwards. This is a typical reaction to most piercings and can cause some irritation if this is your first oral piercing. This handy guide table provides an overview of relative pain from piercing. For more information, visit and Powerkit for details.

How long does a smiley piercing take to heal?

You should be completely healed within 3-6 months of your infection despite medical complications. Eating a balanced eating diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables gives your immune system a boost. Once you heal you can decide whether to switch out your jewellery if you want. Until this time you may leave it in place just for precaution, you can’t change it out of place for long stretches of time only after it fully recovered and.


Most piercers recommend frequent ocean salt rinsings to prevent infection during treatment. Don’t share foods or saliva with people while in the healing phase that are infected. It is important to remove overly-tampered piercings from the body to avoid injuries due to cheaper jewelry or a nickel-packed jewelry. If you suffer from irritation do not panic says dermatologist Sharil Sperling. You’d better avoid smoking or using hard mouthwash while the wound is bleeding fresh, says Dr. Spering. You even advised from kissing and oral sex – either for an unfinished wound or while in a new condition said a piercer.

Aftercare Rules

A smiley lip prick may be difficult even to make once one has a good eating habit. Rinse yourself twice daily with soap solution or sea salt rinse twice everyday. Keep your mouth open while wearing shoes. Do not play with jewelry with your tongue if it has bitten your nails too tightly. There are also aftercare rinses made for orally piercings designed specifically for these types of wounds. For the first several days, keep eating soft food until your frenulum has fully healed and don’t kiss until the piercer confirms they’re healed.


All aspects of body modification (style, pain threshold, healing time) are advisable before proceeding to the desired procedure. All procedures are done with care including your safety and health in mind and your responsibility shall be met. Visit the local piercer or tattooist for any questions that may arise. The information provided is not valid or intended to diagnose, treat or prevent diseases originating with modifications in the body. In most cases, proper medical guidance from the health practitioner was sought.

Cleaning Your Smiley Piercing

Use an alcohol free and antimicrobial mouthwash to avoid irritations at piercings. Use this mouthwash around 6-8 times a day especially in case you eat. Make a saline solution for contacting your ear with an gallon of water and 4 tablespoons of salt. Use a small hand towel or rag to apply saline once or twice a day preferably early in the morning as well as before sleep. Continue with this everyday routine until your smiley piercing healed. Learn more about the effects of solution on the piercing at… [link].

Why should I not get a smiley piercing?

The frenculum is naturally thin that many cannot get pierced. Unless your frenulum is not the suitable size to have another piercing done, you have other possibilities. You may need to wait to get your smiley piercing if you currently have braces. Braces are done but they’re still one more feature in your jewelry piece. If your gums and teeth have receded then you probably don’t need these. It is no permanent piercing. It might last some years though many say its lasted one. If you want it to last longer.

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