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Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Review: Do You Need Alexa?

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Sharp Smart Microwave SMC1139FS

“Having voice commands only is useful when you are finishing finishing.”

  • Solid performer

  • Makes great popcorn

  • sleek design

  • Alexa Connectivity Hit-or-Miss

The Sharp Smart Microwave is smooth, works well, and can take 30 commands from Alexa. This makes us wonder if all devices need to jump on the voice command wagon as our homes get smarter. This is not the first time we have tested our cooking skills with a connected countertop appliance, but it is not the last.

a silver lining

As far as microwaves go, this is the Sharp model, Fast. In front of the microwave, the model SMC1449FS is bathed in stainless steel, and the black push pad with white lettering and blue start button adds to its appeal. This model will definitely have an updated modern kitchen feel.

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12 x 20.3 x 14.9 in) and weighing 29.8 pounds, the microwave is not the largest we have. But it is not even the smallest. The 1.1 cubic feet model takes a reasonable amount of counter space, so keep in mind that if you don’t have a lot of space, but if you place it under cabinets, there should still be a lot of space in the middle of the top. Microwave and under a cupboard.

Alexa, make me some popcorn

Smart microwave works with Alexa. This is different from a product that is inside Alexa. You can ask your Alexa device to do something with a microwave. And sometimes it actually does. Sounds like a game of telephone, doesn’t it?

We are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start. There are three ways to pair Alexa devices (such as Echo Dot) with microwaves: Zero Touch (handles Wi-Fi work), barcode (scan from your phone), or user-directed (manually do it in your Alexa app Add to) following the steps). Regardless of how you make the connection, Wi-Fi is essential, which makes sense. How will Alexa and Microwave communicate?

The chicken was not rubberized, parts of it were cooked.

We tried all three methods on multiple devices and found that Wi-Fi is the easiest for those who already have an Alexa network. If you are just getting started with Alexa, the bar code option works well. A note about Wi-Fi: Once you connect a microwave to your Wi-Fi network, it will use that information to program the clock. For some reason, our internet is on East Coast time (what to do with this internet provider), so the clock is ET. We tried to program the clock manually, and by the time Wi-Fi is connected, the clock defaults to ET.

You can give 30 set commands to the microwave (it does not respond to improvisation). Before you can ask it to do anything, you actually have to put the food in the microwave, turn it off, and then ask it to do a command. The voice command is only useful when you are finishing finishing touch on a dish and needs to heat some vegetables or something else in the microwave, so everything will be hot when you serve it.

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In our tests, performance using Alexa got hit-or-miss and we got more frustrated than anything. We could probably get it to work half the time, and no matter where we were in the house. We tried to stand right next to the microwave – sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

Main event

The good news is that the Sharp Microwave does everything else really well. We tested a 1,000 watt microwave for a few months and can report that it is a solid unit. We especially like the defrost, potato and popcorn settings – three options we loathe to use normally for fear they will ruin our food.

We placed the chicken breast on the carousel in the microwave to defrost, weighed in, and let the microwave rest. When we took it out after about nine minutes, the chicken was not rubbery, parts of it were cooked. After letting the chicken rest for a few minutes, we were able to cook it easily. We were equally pleased with the potato setting. A medium-sized spud came out very soft within about eight minutes. We stuck it in the toaster oven for that crispy crust, and we had a delicious potato that took about 15 minutes from start to finish.

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It teamed up with Sharp Orville Raidenbacker for the popcorn setting – and we were able to pop a perfect bag of popcorn. We bought a package of Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, placed a bag in the microwave, and pressed the popcorn button once. Time changed on the microwave digital numeric pad, it popped up for about three minutes and that was it. None of it was burnt, and there were at least kernels under the bag. Interestingly, popcorn did not sound like it was too popping.

Take us

The Sharp Smart Microwave is slightly better than the early Amazon Smart Oven with Alexa’s commands. However, the technique has not improved so much. The reason you don’t claim “works with Alexa” is because you buy this model.

Is there a better option?

There are a few other microwaves that work with Alexa that are less expensive and smaller. If a microwave working with Alexa is necessary and you want a larger, more powerful option, get this. However, if Alexa connectivity is not necessary, there are plenty of microwaves available that do not cost much.

How long will it last?

The microwave should be between nine and 10 years old. Read our guide on equipment longevity to learn more.

The Sharp Smart Microwave SMC1449FS comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor. The warranty covers the magnetron tube for an additional four years. As with all warranties, it is important to take proper care of the microwave.

Should you buy it

At around $ 170, microwaves cost more than the same model that does not feature Alexa. If you are going to buy it on its properties as a microwave, we say do it (or save some flour and get the SMC1442CS). If you are buying it for the Alexa feature, it is not there yet.

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