Shaquille o'neal dishes on becoming alexa's latest celebrity voice

Shaquille O’Neal Dishes on Becoming Alexa’s Latest Celebrity Voice

E!: What was your initial reaction when asked to be the voice for Alexa?

Shak: I was amazed, I was stunned. I know my voice will add extra personality to the Alexa experience. I have heard of Samuel L Jackson. I wanted to be as good as him.

E!: What’s your favorite Alexa feature?

Shaq: I’ll wake you up in the morning, for dinner – I’ve got you covered, I can give you the weather, tell you a story, I love all the amenities. I heard a prototype the other day, it was awesome.

E!: You’ve been open about your culinary journey on Learning to Cook with Shake. In what ways have you used Alexa to cook?

Shaq: I definitely use a timer, especially when I’m watching sports. I use it for recipes and of course to learn to cook.

E!: Are there any other celebrities who you think would have a good voice for Alexa?

Shaq: Yes Charles Barkley. Because he’s weird.

E!: What do your kids think about Alexa becoming one of the new voices?

Shaq: I don’t think they know. I don’t really talk to him about my projects. But I tell them to ask Alexa, ‘Hey let me talk to Shaq’ and I think they’re going to be surprised.

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