See the Most Hilarious Moments of Kenan Thompson’s 2021 PCAs Monologue

weird guy Kenan Thompson Keeping it real!

NS saturday night live The star aired Tuesday, December 7 on E! Killed as the host of the 2021 People’s Choice Awards. Kenan gleefully mentions the top moments from last year in his opening monologue, including keeping up with the Kardashians Closing and Kenan’s SNL co-star Colin Jostomarriage of Scarlett Johansson,

“You may know me from my show Canon Or SNLBut if I spend more time on NBC, they’ll cover my ass with feathers and make me the new peacock,” Kennan quipped.

He continued, “Dwayne The Rock Johnson is here. This is right. His film has been watched for a total of 300 million hours. And, you know, even if you worked 300 million hours at the gym, you still wouldn’t look like The Rock!”

2021 People’s Icon Halle Berry A special outcry was also received from Kenan. “He hasn’t aged a single one,” insisted Kennan, the Oscar winner. “I’ve been watching for years, until the police told me to get out of the bushes!”

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