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Season 2 of Bridgerton: Everything We Know So Far – FASHION

(Photography by Liam Daniel / Netflix)

Ready for more spoon-licking, Regency-era gowns and gossip? so are we.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve recently spent a solid eight hours living in the world of Lady Whistledown, bored with the spoon-licking of actor Reege-Jean Page and imagining the look of a Bridgestone Chuches How will life be

Reg-jean page, licking a spoon as the duke of hastings, bridgerton
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First season of, based on a series of young adult books by Julia Quinn Bridgerton Duchess Two-Bee, Daphne Bridgerton, and her hard-headed, last husband Simon Bassett, revolve around the life of the Duke of Hastings. The 19th-century world is spread around England, with the fanaticism of clothes, the sweetest of gossip, the most dramatic of balls and, of course, the ugliest of romance. The first season dropped in December last year, and word is that we have more jaw-dropping Regency-era fashion, steamy sex scenes and casting variety to look forward to in the upcoming second season.

Until it is released on Netflix and we can make love once again with our on-screen, even everything we know – so far! – about season 2 Bridgerton.

Bridgerton to star in episode 108 of bridgerton in galida rosheuvel of bridgerton
(Photography by Liam Daniel / Netflix)

There will be one Bridgerton season 2?

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes et al will be blessed Bridgerton Lovers with a second season. While there is no official release date yet, the second season will be in place by the spring of this year, according to an @shondaland Instagram post and an official press release from Netflix.

Season 2 Bridgerton Will focus on Anthony Bridgeton’s love life

In an interview with today, The show’s creator Chris Van Dusen said that the eligible bachelor Anthony would get a lot of screen time in season 2. “Anthony is going to be a love interest and it is going to be as widespread and expected to be as beautiful as the audience. The show,” he told the publication.

Fans of books know that the next novel in the series, The Viscount Who Loved Me, A heavy focus on a woman with strong intentions, Kate, the promise in Anthony’s heart (and the underpants – see image below for said underpants).

Jonathan bailey as anthony bridgeton, looking away on horseback, bridgestone in episode 101
(Photography by Nick Briggs / Netflix)

Who will join the cast Bridgerton season 2?

Lady Whistledown (voiced by Julie Andrews) will be a new young woman to gossip about the upcoming season. British actress Simone Ashley, best known for her roles in Netflix. sex education And broad church, Kate Sharma, will join the cast as Anthony’s love interest.

In the official description of The Viscount Who Loved Me, Kate is described as an “enthusiastic schemer” and “one of the most meditative women to grace the London ballroom.” Um, sign us up.

Can we expect to see more extraordinary Bridgerton Clothes in season 2?

In addition to the tantalizing love scene, forbidden romance and mass gossip, the costumes are the show’s hit – and we’re going to see more of the way they came.

The lush costumes depicted in the show are impressive pieces of craftsmanship. Hand and heart behind the design is Ellen Miroznik, a 71-year-old New York resident who is also known for her work fatal Attraction (1987), wall Street (1987) and Basic nature (1992).

He reported that Mirojnick produced approximately 7,500 pieces with a total of 5,000 screen costumes. the trend Last year. In 2019, Quinn shared images of Mirosnik’s moodboard for the show, heavily influenced by the Regency period in London.

Golda rochewell as queen charlotte in episode 101 of bridgerton
(Photography by Liam Daniel / Netflix)

Penelope Featherington may also get some headlines

The final scene of season 1 featured Penelope Featherington (Dairy girls‘Nicola Kaflan) rode in a horse drawn car, implying that he probably knew a thing or two about the identity of the mysterious Lady Whistledown. It seems that the second season of the show will give Penelope an opportunity to make headlines.

“I would love to go on that trip with her to see how she changes,” she said in a December 2020 interview with the UK Radio times. “I would really like to come back because I think we have scratched the surface.”

Lovers of Quinn’s novels know that Penelope’s romance time is coming soon, if not in Season 2, then in the next.

Will we finally find out who Lady Whistledown is?

In season 1, Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) and Queen Charlotte (Golda Rochewell) are dead to uncover the true identity of Lady Whistledown. (Warning: Minor Season 1 spoiler ahead.)

Nicola caglan as penelope featherington sits at a table with basie carter as prudence feedington as philip featherington and basie carter as harriet in the background in episode 10 of bridgerton.
(Photography by Liam Daniel / Netflix)

By the end of the first season, we get a hint that a Penelope Featherington might be either Happen Lady Whistledown, or help her. Will the elusive Lady W’s identity ever be confirmed?

To know this you have to watch season 2 with us.

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