Saunas and Steam Baths

Saunas and Steam Baths: There are two types of sauna bath. The first is the traditional sauna that is the main focal point of the home’s indoor spa. The heat source is usually a wood stove, and the sauna is designed to be portable. The heat source itself is a small electric heater such as canister steamers or infrared heaters. In most cases, these devices are less than 1,000 watts.

High-end portable saunas are not used as much as in the past. With the cost of electricity prohibitive for many households, heat sources such as gas or wood are generally used. Modern high-end ovens are often used for cooking the sauna, and they are often accompanied by their own cooking systems, including refrigerators for storing the steam. You may use additional  Additional grills for infrared wavelength cooking.

Saunas and steam baths
Saunas and steam baths

Traditional saunas are available in a variety of material choices and styles. Generally speaking, wood is the least expensive and most common material for the stove and the roof above the sauna. After installing the sauna, paint it varnished, textured or stained to match the décor of the home’s interior.

However, if an area must be kept tan when the sauna is not in use, the wood used may not be as durable as other materials. If the floor or floor covering is not finished well, this can take away from the natural beauty and show sign of wear and basic wear of the flooring. The paint itself is not necessarily waterproof, but depending on the care the sauna is taken of, a build-up of dirt and debris may begin to peel and appear more. And a water leak from an internal plumbing leak can become a problem if wooden beams or thin wooden floor joists are visible where they hold the sauna to the floor or structure.

With any heat source with a wood stove or boiler as the source, it is always wise to add “contamazines” to the sauna. That is a mixture of cheap wood and special water treatment, which helps the wood last longer than Mother Nature longer. A wooden counter that mimics a high-end stove is considered by many to be essential to an infrared sauna. Plain wood cabinetry would be great as well and could be as inexpensive or expensive as desired. Also, an ash container is recommended.

Nowadays, many of the top manufacturers of infrared saunas ship their units either factory-assembled or assembled in the home to fit most living standards. They can also be found in most commercial settings, in restaurants and convention centres. The ” Stun Gun” that xenon flashlight users used in high school science projects were designed long before xenon flashlights were available.

The most attractive feature of an infrared sauna is its cost. The actual heating time is less than a minute compared to a conventional sauna and on average infrared saunas are about 75 to 100 per cent cheaper to operate. Either a thermos cell accompanied with an insulated case is the basic silent hood with a built-in fan. This is one of the features that define saunas. You can get them as individual pieces. However, many pieces must be organized in a cabinet, especially when larger groups are in saunas available.

All infrared saunas and steam bathtubs now have emitters attached to the head of the emitters, either aluminium or ceramic dome-shaped panels which use a series of wires to emitter the heat. The aluminium panel is halogen coated and emit infrared rays quickly. However, the glass dome will heat the sauna for a greater time. Most infrared saunas have Dallas sauna kits; however, complete sauna kits can be compartmentalized and out of the way if needed. Many people do not live with a shower, and not many people need a spa either.

An infrared sauna has many benefits, both physically and mentally. Recommended benefits include rejuvenating sweat, the relief of first steps thermic fatigue, improved blood circulation, removal of toxins, skilled cardiovascular conditioning of the trunk, improvement of the immune system, binding of joints and muscles, and healing of arthritis, to name a few. If you can afford it, a complete atmosphere with a sound system or stereo system might be just what you are looking for. Check out your local listings to see if you can find a dealer that can set up a site near you.

If your time is worth looking at choices for an infrared sauna, then take your time. Do not be hasty – often, an inexpensive infrared sauna is not necessarily cheap. Look carefully, and ask questions first on the phone. If you come across something that seems interesting when you call, you should know better, and you will not be disappointed.

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