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Sandy Leong Collaborates with Gemfields + Other Fashion News To Know

Photography courtesy of Gemfields.

With Earth of the Month in its own way, there are many brainstorming collections to know right now, including a new collaboration between sustainability-focused jewelery designer Sandy Leong and Gemfields. Read on to get stuff on what’s new in the fashion world.

Sandy Leong and Gemfields introduce Soul Collection

Sandy leong collaborates with gemfields other fashion news to
Photography courtesy of Gemfields

As a sustainability-focused jewelry designer for nearly ten years, Sandy Leong chose to collaborate with gem supplier Jiffields on offering a piece that “responsibly sourced emeralds, 18-carat recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds “Is made with. In a press release. By running a gamut offering everything from gourmet diamond paw earrings to surplus cuffs, 10% of Soul Collection’s sales will go towards benefiting children and education-focused initiatives through the Gemfields Foundation. World Water Day – Monday, March 22 – The classification continues in an effort to raise awareness about conservation projects with which the Foundation is involved.

Recent Grammy winner Ketranada will play a set as part of the upcoming House of Vans digital experience

Sandy leong collaborates with gemfields other fashion news to
One’s imagination courtesy

One year into epidemic life, you may be looking to acquire a new skill – or simply find a way to relax through it. The House of Vans entered the virtual chipset with sessions in the virtual world the following week, including the introduction of Chippy NonStop, Nino Brown and last year’s DJing. Fashion Launch Party DJ, Babygirl. Or maybe you want to learn the basics of cookie decorating with skateboarding techniques with Toronto-based baker Lindsey Ghazal or Olympic-athlete Annie Guglia? Perhaps chilling for a Kaytranada made soundtrack is more its vibe? Register now to choose your own adventure.

Channel celebrates 100th anniversary of channel number 5 with short film

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Imagination courtesy of the channel

Fans of Khushboo have a reason to rejoice for the channel’s media platform with yesterday’s new fall, Inside the channel. The mesmerizing and poetic clip explores the storied backdrop of the brand’s most famous fragrance – the look of which has been captured by artists ranging from Andy Warhol to Jean-Paul Gode, and its bouquet to fashion and the film’s most famous faces Has appreciated Whether you are fond of history or not, this is a legacy that is definitely nothing to sniff at.

Launches Denim Collection Featuring Reform Fibretress Technology

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Photography courtesy of Reform

In a big move for transparency in the fashion world, LA-based lifestyle brand Reform – which prides itself on a consistent-minded approach to design – released a collaborative line using Fibertress’s embed technology is. According to a press statement, it “adds scalable, luminescent pigments to the fabric, allowing the transformation customers to follow the entire lifecycle from fiber to production to finished apparel when it is in their hands.” As the first US-based brand to include FibreTrace in its merchandise, Reformation focused on an American-style denim – essential for the launch of its Good Earth cotton capsules. You’ll find six pieces within the novel’s release, ranging from four styles of jeans to shorts and jackets.

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