Sal or soul? Tracy morgan apologizes after mispronouncing film

Sal or Soul? Tracy Morgan Apologizes After Mispronouncing Film

2021 Golden Globes: Who Should Win vs. Who Should Win

Anyone else still looking for the year?

On Sunday, February 28, during the 2021 Golden Globes Tracy Morgan Awarded for Best Original Song in Motion Picture and Best Original Score.

While the first trophy went off without a hitch, the second category produced a few more waves.

While reading the award, Said tracy, “And the Golden Globe Goes … Sal …inner heart. Oops! Before the audience knew, the camera was mounted on the winners who gave the pre-recorded speech.

“We should follow our dreams because we have one life to live and one soul and this soul is happy to be recognized by the Hollywood Press today.” John batiste Shared. “Pixar, thank you for the work and cooperation, and everyone involved in creating the work that touched people all over the world.”

He continued, “And I want to thank God for the music and the film and for bringing it together in such innovative and collaborative ways that have come together.”

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