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Products for Natural Hair Textures: 9 New Products We’re Excited About

This is Texture Talk, a weekly column that dives deep into the dynamic world of curly hair, from crowns of curls that flow free from strands drawn away in a protective style.

We all know that wonderful feeling when you find the perfect new hair product that meets your unique texture needs. Not only is it a big win coming across a shampoo, conditioner or styling product that is worthy of adding to your haircare lineup, but when it comes to products for natural hair texture, which ones to choose from are more options Not in love with? Here’s a look at the latest cleaners, conditioners, and styling product launches that hit shelves in 2021, each designed with curls and top of mind.

Pattern Beauty Scallop Serum

Pattern beauty scallop serum
Pattern Beauty Sculpt Serum, $ 32, patternbeauty.com

All two new treatments from Tracy Ellis Ross – aka the queen of celebrity curls! The newest members of the Pattern Beauty family emphasize the restorative value of intensive care rituals, with a scallop serum and healing mask for hair from root to tip. The former is a blend of peppermint, rosemary and lavender oil to use on any type of curl or protective style, as well as hydrating the juice of Ross Aloe vera which makes Ross “soothing, cooling and calming for your roots” Wala “.

Garnier Whole Blends Sulfate-Free Remedy Royal Hibiscus and Shea Butter 5-in-1 Conditioner

Garnier whole blends sulfate free remedy royal hibiscus and shea butter 5-in-1 conditioner
Garnier Whole Blends Sulfate Free Remedy Royal Hibiscus & Shea Butter 5-in-1 Conditioner, $ 9, Walmart.

Curly Champion Sulfate Free Formulas. Why? The shape of the textured strands becomes challenging for natural oils originating on the scalp to reach all the way to the ends, so the hair is usually dry. Sulfates added to the mixture, which clog the natural oils, will only leave it more parched. Part of a new collection of shampoos and conditioners made without sulfates, mineral oil or petrolatum, this conditioner uses soft ingredients as well as shea butter to deeply hydrate curls and coils. It is a workhorse that can be used for pre-washing or co-washing for traditional conditioning or combing creams And As a treatment for discharge.

Shia Moisture Papaya & Neroli All Day Fries Control Shampoo, Conditioner & Milk Gel

Shia moisture papaya & neroli all day fries control shampoo, conditioner & milk gel
Shia Moisture Papaya and Neroli All Day Fries Control Milk Gel, $ 12, Walmart.ca

If smoothing waves and curls is your haircare MO, then this is the collection for you. Mixed with fair-trade shea butter, it boasts hydrating papaya, soothing niroli and softfing bigflowers. Shampoos and conditioners work together to deliver long-lasting moisture, and the moisture-resistant milk gel raises the bar by adding a silky, shiny finish to the puff.

Attitude Curl Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo

Attitude curl ultra-hydrating shampoo
Attitude Curl Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo, $ 15, attitudeliving.com

Each curl is unique, but all curl joy begins in the shower. And a fresh batch of Canadian-made cleaners and conditioners is up to the task. Filled with plant-based ingredients, hair types 2 and 3, the curls can opt for the frozen-reducing coconut oil and chamomile blend of the amplifying set, while the curl moisturizing uses Duo Moringa and Olive Oil, which can be used in any dry waves. Offers light hydration and easy detangling. And curls. And curls seeking dense moisture and renovation (ie tight curls and coils that tend to be brittle) can take the ultra hydrating set with shea butter and papaya leaf extracts.

All about Curl by Zotos Professional

Zotos all about curls
Zotos Professional, $ 14-24, all about curls by Toronto Barber & Beauty Supply

Clocking in with eight products, this collection aims to cater to every curl type. Each cleanser, conditioner, and styling formula is created without the use of SLS / SLES sulfates and silicones to nourish and define curls. The variety in formulations here, such as- and low-leather cleansers plus soft and high definition gels, is a thoughtful touch that lets you easily choose what works best for your hair.

Gold Series Anti-Breakage Combining Craig

Gold series anti-breakage combining craig
Gold Series Anti-Breakage Cumming Creme, $ 10, Walmart.ca

Brought up by a team of black scientists, the latest additions to the Gold Series line have been designed to support the delicate nature of black hair. Each of the four hair repair products contains biotin (a strengthener) and kukui nut oil (for deep moisture). This light cream claims to reduce breakage by 69% and lends hydrating slip that accompanies detangling, but without a heavy residue that can reduce curls or contribute to build-up .

Mindy Double Down Co-wash Haircuts

Mindy double down co-wash haircuts
Haircuts by Mindy Double Down Co-Wash, $ 12, Walmart.ca

Inspired by the diverse child needs of a blended family, this new-to-Canada collection takes an inclusive stance and offers something for every texture. It is made with creamy co-wash grapeseed oil, yarrow extract and oat peptide to gently cleanse and hydrate hair from 2B to 4C. You won’t find sulfates, silicones, or mineral oils in the vegetarian line, but you’ll find a cheaper price that features guilt-free generous use.

Collenan Nourishing & Repairing Mask with Kapuren Butter Range

Collenan nourishing & repairing mask with kapuren butter range
Copalane Nutritious and Repairing Mask Cup with Cupua Butter Range, $ 15, jeancoutu.com

Thanks to a star ingredient and deliciously rich formulas it can nourish the dry, damaged hair that they need. The three-step line consists of organic cupauque butter, a potent emollient that has a repulsive effect on the rough outer layer of the dry outer curl and the breakage points. We are here for the versatility of the mask: choose to rinse it after five minutes, allow it to soak overnight or use as a leave-in conditioner.

LUS Brands Fragrance-Free 3-Phase System

Lus brands fragrance-free 3-phase system
LUS Brands Fragrance-Free 3-Step System, $ 59, lusbrands.ca

A fragrant version of one of the best-selling Canadian hair care lines is festive! This collection of sulfate-free shampoos, silicone-free conditioners and multi-use creams retains the original recipe of shea butter and moringa oil that fans of the brand like, but leave off the scent. Sold as a set or individually, it is a sweet relief for anyone with a wavy, curly or kinky-coiled texture who has to manage allergies, skin sensitivity and asthma related to beauty products, or one. There is a demand for fragrance free environment.

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