Pixel 6 vs Pixel 5: All the major rumored differences between Google

Pixel 6 vs. Pixel 5: All the major rumored differences between Google

In this article, we will be comparing pixel 6 and Pixel 5 to see which Pixel is better. Pixel 6 and Pixel 5 are the latest pixel phone releases, and both have come up with different specifications. The top specifications that we will be looking into for this post are pixel camera quality, battery life, design, fingerprint scanner, and network band support.

We all know that pixel phones come up with amazing camera performance as pixel brands promise us to deliver “the best camera ever” on their products. The previous model, pixel 5, does not disappoint because it brings the second-best smartphone camera to date after Google’s own Pixel 3. But here, in pixel 6, it’s offering a single 48 MP camera downgrade from pixel 5’s pixel 2.0 camera setup. Pixel 6 did a great job in pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL success. Can it follow the same suit for pixel 6?

Plus Point: As usual, pixel phones use HDR+ technology to give you amazing photo quality with their single-lens camera. You won’t be disappointed because pixel 6 has a better dynamic range than its predecessor. It also comes with OIS (optical image stabilization), which helps you take less blurry photos when shooting non-stabilized video or during fast motion.

When it comes to pixel-front cameras, both utilize AI software to help deliver better-looking selfie portrait mode by blurring the background in real-time without suffering any delay. Pixel 6 front camera uses Pixel 3’s Pixel 2.0 sensor, which pixel 5 has Pixel 3 XL Pixel 1.5 that captures amazing portrait selfies even in dark conditions without using flash.

Google pixel 6 vs. Pixel 5
Google pixel 6 vs. Pixel 5

As for the battery capacity, pixel 6 has 3000 mAh while pixel 5 has 2800 mAh, which is bigger than its previous model by 100 mAh of power capacity. But don’t let the numbers fool you. Pixel 6 claimed to give better battery life. Tanks to the A12 Bionic chipset with four neural processing units (NPU) are there to help to increase your device performance. Allow developers new ways to use machine learning on your phone more efficiently without draining too much power from our devices’ juice. The battery experience that iOS 12 brings also helps pixel 6 to give you better battery life.

Plus Point: pixel 6 also comes with a pixel wireless charging feature on the pixel stand which means fast wireless charging is available if you use Pixel stand on your Pixel 6 devices. Pixel 5, on the other hand, only supports the traditional Qi wireless standard, which is slower than Pixel’s version of it.

Design-wise, both of them look identical to their predecessors because of their notch display design and aluminum frame made out of solid metal alloy. The fingerprint scanner on pixel 6 is placed under the screen while pixel 5 has it at the back, just like the Pixel 3 series. There are no headphone jack ports, so you need to get an adapter if you want to enjoy wired earphones or headphones on your new phone. Same as pixel 5, pixel 6 also doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Plus Point: pixel 6 has an IP68 certificate, which means you are protected against dust particles or water droplets on your pixel device up to 1.5 meters deep for about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, Pixel 5 only supports water resistance at the IP67 level, so it is not as strong as pixel 6.

When it comes to network band support, pixel 6 offers 4G+4G LTE with three different models that you can choose from, where each model supports a different set of frequency bands. It means you get better signal reception if your pixel phone uses the same network carrier and country where you live and do most of your calling and internet surfing.

As for pixel 5, pixel 5 only has two models available, differently based on memory size. pixel 5 comes with 64 GB, 128 GB storage options while pixel 6 is available in 3 different versions : 64GB, 128GB and 256 GB internal storage .

Plus Point: pixel 6 has four-channel carrier aggregation support for download speed up to 1.2 Gbps, whereas pixel 5 can’t even reach half of it yet. It means Pixel six is a little bit stronger when it comes to downloading or uploading large files compared to pixel 5 at the moment.

Now let’s talk about security features that Pixel phones have always been proud of, especially their exclusive “puk unlock “technology for you to unlock your pixel phone with what looks like a physical key from its home button. pPixel6 comes with a new feature called “secure puk unlock,” which is more secure than ever before. Pixel 5 also has the same technology as pixel 6, but Pixel 5’s version is less secure, especially if you can reproduce it on other devices.

But pixel 5 still has a special security chip inside its device to protect users from viruses and malware attacks.

Last but not least, the Pixel series has always been recognized for its camera excellence. So pixel 6 continues this tradition by giving better photo quality than pixel 5 plus added features like night sight mode that allows you to take brighter low-light condition photos without using flash or tripod  Plus. There are many more software enhancements to enjoy your Pixel 6 devices.

Now let’s talk about Pixel’s price. pPixel6 price starts at $799 for the base model while pixel 5 is available in two versions where pixel 5X starts at $699 and pixel 5S starts at $649

So Pixel 6 coins when it comes to overall performance. Don’t forget that pixel series is always better than pixel 2, which was considered one of the best camera phones ever made until 2018. So if you are planning to buy a new phone for this year, the Pixel 6 is worth considering. It will be de your new favorite device for years to come, not only because of its amazing camera quality but also top-notch hardware specs that support new technology.

Good points:

– IP68 certification vs. IP67

– four-channel carrier aggregation support vs. three-channel carrier aggregation support

– secure puk unlock technology vs. pixel 5’s insecure version

– night sight mode vs. no night shot mode

Bad points:

– pixel 6 is available in 3 different models, pixel 5 is available in two models, pixel 5’s less secure puk unlock technology, and pixel 5 has a headphone jack port which pixel 6 doesn’t. Pixel 6 is also more expensive than pixel 5.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a new phone to buy this year, Pixel 6 is your best choice if you can afford it, of course. Not only because of its camera quality but also top-notch hardware specs plus the bonus features like water-resistant and puk unlock technology that protects

News, price, leaks specs, and everything we know about the Google Pixel 6

Pixel 6 confirmed its introduction yesterday that it would come loaded with a google tensor chip. The release isn’t known, but the system’s open in October 2021′ in the US. The phone reportedly leaks a few, but we are still waiting on a fully unveiled product. For this time, we know for sure it will cost us more than just a Pixel 6. We heard of some new photo options, including the magnetic eraser, scene lock, and Portrait spotlight, and we heard new details about the phone which will be used during the. We still no longer have any specs or price for it, so we’re ready to find it.

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

With the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro just about to arrive, getting a new Pixel 5 right now is bound to result in instant buyer’s remorse. Judging from all the rumors, the Pixel 6 platform will be a gigantic leap forward in power, performance, features, and design. That said, Google’s new flagship-class phones will also likely have sky-high sticker prices to match.

The question is, though, just how far ahead of its predecessor will the Pixel 6 be? That fact is important because it’ll determine whether you should drop your older Pixel immediately for Google’s latest and greatest. Heck, if the Pixel 6 is all it’s cracked up to be current, then Pixel 5 owners will be tempted too.

So no matter where you are in the Pixel phone upgrade cycle, knowing how well the Pixel 6 devices will stack up is imperative. Here’s how we expect Google’s uber handsets will compare with last year’s model.

Biggest upgrades to expect

The next Google Pixel may be unrecognizable as a sequel of the previous Google Pixel 5. Although some differences will be aesthetic, many more may be noticeable hardware upgrades. It is believed that earlier rumors combined with the official word on the Tensor chip and other camera gear paint an exciting Pixel 6 picture. We still don’t know about this Pixel 6 Pro, but what we know(or had heard) could indicate that 2021 may be a noticeable step up over Pixel 5. The new Pixel 6 will make several big changes to the Pixel line and compare it to its predecessor.

All the major rumored differences between Google phones

Is the Google Pixel 6 cheaper than the Pixel 5? Users have widely touted Google’s new flagship smartphone as having high price tags. How far in front should I go when the Pixel6 takes the smartphone market? This is crucial because they decide whether to move onto next-generation smartphones or not. Pixel 6 represents a giant step forward in power, performance, functions, and design. Below is what we’re hearing based on all the current rumors on the Pixel 6 Pro. Microsoft expects Android phones for September.

The rumors of differences

Google is putting out a new pixel in November. This was suggested to be at the same prices as its predecessor Pixel 5. Google has already made several teasers regarding its new phone. It’s only fair to test these handsets against one another to see if there’s any substantial improvement. The Pixel 6 and the Pixel 5 will be revealed on October 19 with a reported price of around £35,000. Google is launching their next-generation Android handset soon, announcing prices of 24.99 € (26.99 €); 35.99$ ($35.999 $)

Price: Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro won’t come cheap

When the Pixel 5 debuted last October, it came with a $699 price tag. And at the time of this writing, it’ll set you back just as much. But with all the advanced components the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro should boast, all bets are off.

Google typically offers its latest Pixel for the same price that the previous Pixel cost, but leaker Yogesh Brar speculates that the Pixel 6 could have a starting price of $749, while the Pixel Pro may cost between $1,049 and $1,099. This would make Google’s new smartphone more expensive than its predecessor.

Google reportedly is angling to snatch premium phone market share away from Apple and Samsung. The Galaxy S21 ranges in price from $799 to $1,379. Similarly, the iPhone 13 costs anywhere from $799 to $1,099, depending on how you configure it. So it’s a good call the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will also demand top dollar.

Design: The Pixel 6 phones will stand out for looking good

All of Google’s previous Pixel phones, including the Pixel 5, were deliberately designed not to distract from their screens. The hardware was meant to drop away in the user’s eye, serving as a mere vehicle for Google’s Android software.

Not so with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Minted in multiple splashy colors and sporting glossy metal highlights, both handsets are built to get noticed. That’s a lot more visually exciting than the Pixel 5’s two subtle hues of “just black” and “sorta sage.”

Design Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 is one of the greatest-looking smartphones in the series and has some interesting looks. The product is planned for release in May with a series of smorgasbords of lustrous finish – polished aluminum. In particular, the cameras on the back of Sony’s flagship cameras will make them turn heads with a protruding, straight form. Another noticeable difference was that Pixel 6 would have an in-display fingerprint scanner, too, which would, for most people, be upgraded from Pixel 5’s more archaic. While the design is subjective, the most likely scenario is that most people would agree to carry on the Pixel 6 rather than a somewhat outdated Pixel 5.

Google Pixel 6 Software

Pixel 6 will receive exclusive access to a new Tool Material You color picker app. The chip could help Google to support five years of software support.  Google has created new cameras with ‘Easiest Ways To Get More Likeness From My Phone’ and ‘Flech’ technologies to make things as simple and efficient as possible. The tool is also called “Face deblur,” where you can combine data from your main sensor in an even more elegant photograph.

Google Pixel 6 specs

The Pixel 6pro has a 6.7-inch display in QHD+ format with a 120Hz refresh rate and three cameras. Both cars will carry fingerprint detection on the screen. These mobiles provide a significant improvement over the Pixel 5, with better refresh rates, larger batteries, and speed comparable to an Apple Snapdragon 780 G Smartphone. Google is not yet offering the specs for its upgraded camera system, apart of the fact the Google Pixel 6 will have wide-angle and ultrawide sensors while the Pro has a. Google tensor should significantly improve battery and performance on an Android smartphone.

Google Pixel 6 Price

The surprisingly affordable Pixel 6 could also have enhanced specs. It’ll compete with smartphones like the iPhone 13 and the upcoming Galaxy Note 21 Galaxy S22 at comparable prices. The leak is expected, so Google has increased its hardware specifications by not ballooning its asking price. Pixels are priced within the same mid-tier range as their predecessors. In August, Google’s hardware chief Rick Osterloh said that the new Pixel would be different from a standard Pixel 6 Pro. The new Pixel 6 could come in the range in August.

Camera: The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will have bigger, better sensors and lenses

One of the biggest improvements to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be their imaging systems. Physically they’re a lot bigger than the camera hardware you’ll find on the Pixel 5. These new cameras are so large they reside in a raised bar on the backside of each phone. They run the entire width of each handset too.

And if the word on the street is true, there’s a reason for the extra bulk. Rumor has it that the Pixel 6 camera platform is built around a massive main 50-megapixel sensor with a wide-angle lens. Both phones should have a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens and sensor combos, too. The Pixel 6 Pro, though, will set itself apart with an additional 48-megapixel telephoto camera.

Either handset’s camera system should run rings around the Pixel 5’s hardware. That device ships with 16-megapixel ultrawide and 12.2-megapixel dual-pixel main camera sensors.

Google Pixel 6 models

The Pixel 6 Pro features a higher quality design, curved edges, and more aluminum materials compared to the flat Pixel 6. The screen is also a half-inch larger with a better resolution and fast speeds. Google won’t launch its Pixel 6 XL handset – it will instead use an industry-standard model. They will both contain the same built-in Google chip called Tensor and the same Tensor chip. The Pro will also feature a single camera setup with a Telephoto camera which the Dual-Core Pixel 6 doesn’t support. Google will launch a Google Pixel next fall. However, it will not produce a small version of the smaller model.

More cameras

According to sources, the Pixel 6 is designed to increase the basic camera up to 50mm. The Pixel6 Pro will get an extra camera – likely a Telephoto 8MP sensor in keeping with the Pro title. Google has confirmed to me that Google’s new iPhone could come with a 5MP camera. Despite all this, the count of pixels that Google has made has remained largely rumored for years. Currently, there is only a little rumor in favor of the camera in question, which could cause some confusion. So given as great as Google photography, it would have taken the company for granted, and we’ll see more hardware in the smartphone.

Processing: The Pixel 6 phones will boast custom, not stock chips

In another seismic break from the past, the Pixel 6 phones will run in-house silicon. Specifically, Google’s new Tensor SoC (system on chip) is the heart of both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is Google’s new Tensor SoC (system on chip). Designed personally by Google engineers, the Tensor is tailor-made for Android, much like Apple does with its A-series mobile chips.

The result should be snazzed up computing and video processing performance. Hopefully, this won’t come at the expense of battery life either. Google hasn’t yet released details about Tensor’s speeds and feeds. That said, compared to the off-the-shelf Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G on the Pixel 5, this custom chip will likely be a big improvement.

The Pixel 6 phones will feature custom chips, not stock.

Google’s new Tensor SoC (System in Chip) Designed by developers, the Tensor was specially designed for Android. Its result could result in a reduction in processing or computing performance. Google is yet to confirm whether or not Tensor supports the data feed in the application. Hopefully, this won’t happen at the cost of battery life either because this could improve the available Snapdragon 6470 chipset on the Google Pixel 5.

Charging: The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro could have faster wired and wireless charging

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will likely be the first Google phones not to come with chargers in their boxes. At least that’s what the tech giant said at the launch of the Pixel 5A. Other reports point to big improvements in charging. For example, according to 91mobiles, the new flagship devices could support 33-watt fast wired charging.

And another report by Android Police suggests the new Pixel phones will interface with 23-watt wireless charging stations. In either case, that beats what the Pixel 5 can do. Its wireless charging tops out at 18 watts.

Specs and a new Google chip

The rumored Whitechapel chip called Tensor could be a game-changer in the Pixel 6. It may help google better support Android in the smartphone. Tensor would open up many more possibilities regarding the capabilities available for AI / Machine Learning applications on smartphones. Tensor chips are supposedly 4G compatible. The Pixel 5 is the first flagship 5G Pixel, with mm-wave and sub-6GHz support, so it will probably be the same with this new chip. We don’t know just yet, but we’re excited to see what the six might do with this chip. Also, the chips may support 5G wireless.

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