1621570289 overwatch 2 shrinks team sizes down to five members each

Overwatch 2 Shrinks Team Sizes Down to Five Members Each

Overwatch 2 shrinks team sizes down to five members each

Overwatch 2 The goal is to bring many changes, including a reduction in 5v5 gameplay, rather than the size of the six-member team found in the original game.

Overwatch 2 Director Aaron Keller explained on Blizzard’s What’s Next livestream that the change would make it easier for players to understand what’s happening in any match.

Overwatch That has changed over time, ”Keller said during the livestream. “We have gone from having no hero limit in the game to the hero limit. We introduced a roll lock during the game. And we feel that this is the next step in this direction. Overwatch Should be played. “

Keller further stated that a Overwatch The match often has “a lot going on,” and that sometimes it can be hard to keep track of what the other 11 players are doing. This change in the size of the 5v5 team is an effort to simplify the gameplay and hopefully will allow players to “make better choices”, as Keller explains.

The other major change is the lack of one tank player per team. “Tanks can be problematic,” Keller said. “a [damage-per-second] The protagonist is simple – they are shooting. But a tank has capabilities that can be noisy, or have problems with other teams trying to overcome and counter when stacked with other tanks. Keller argued that when a team has two tanks, it can be very “aggressive” for the opposing team.

Race to the Monte Carlo finish line in Overwatch 2.

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section . Was loaded with very few details about Overwatch 2 PvP modes, such as the reveal of the new Monte Carlo map, as well as the announcement that Blizzard is working on more maps for the upcoming Push Game mode. Blizzard says that it is also experimenting with new methods in addition to Push. Several characters will be tweaked as part of the sequel.

Overwatch 2 There is no release date yet, but fans should not expect it until at least 2022 at this point.

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