Nick Jonas Reveals How He Really Cracked His Rib at the 2021 BBMAs

Nick Jonas All his life — literally preparing to host the 2021 Billboard Music Awards.

“It’s a real feeling,” Nick told E! Tanya Rado Rick to host one of the music industry’s biggest nights on the carpet. “Our dad brought us up to study the Billboard chart and magazine. So we used to go to Virgin Megastore and see Billboard magazine every week and dream of living on it and now here we are.”

Talk about a full circle moment! Of course, nick’s brother Kevin And Joe Jonas Will join them on stage as well Jonas Brothers A very special song performance in addition to a mix of his biggest hits during the broadcast.

The 28-year-old shared, “It’s our first time performing it and really the first time we’re performing live in front of a crowd.” “The song is titled ‘Remember This’. It’s going to be a big part of NBC’s broadcast of the Olympics.”

Oh, and speaking of the Olympics, Nick recently revealed a crack in the rib, suffering from a bike accident, was actually due to a global sporting event.

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