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New ‘Descendants’ Workout Will Have You Dancing and Sweating in Minutes 

If there is one way we recommend working out, it is to Disney music!

Let’s face it, sometimes getting in a workout is a little harder to do than getting up in the morning and heading to Magic Kingdom, so why not find a way to sprinkle a little Disney into your workout routine. Having good music underscore your workout is always a great way to stay motivated, and when that music is Disney, it truly feels like you are in your own musical.

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Workout instructor and YouTuber Emily Thorne (emkfit) lead a series of cardio style HIIT workouts to fantastic themes and music which can get anyone off their couch and squatting. One of those themed workouts is set to the Descendants soundtrack, and it is a must-try for anyone who loves the films!

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Disney's descendants: the musical stage show
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The song list includes popular tunes such as:

  • (Warm-Up) “Chillin Like a Villain”
  • “Ways to be Wicked”
  • Good to be Bad”
  • “Night Falls”
  • “Set it Off”
  • “Rotten to the Core”

So if you are ready to dance along with songs by Mal (Dove Cameron), Carlos (Cameron Boyce), Jay (Booboo Stewart), Evie (Sofia Carson), and more, set aside 25 minutes to work up a sweat with a big smile on your face.

If you are not a fan of Descendants, there are other Disney-style workouts that you can try. If you want to work out classic songs from animated films, or music from Disney Channel Original Movies, we have you covered! Please take a look at some of the other Disney workouts we have written about here.

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Getting some exercise in before your next Disney trip is crucial! Considering an average step count for a Disney day can average around 20,000 – 25,000 steps, having the cardio power to make it through the day without hitting complete exhaustion is key! Fun workouts like these will not only assist you while at the parks but are a great way to cure the Disney blues when your vacation comes to an end.

Have you ever tried working out to Disney music? Let us know in the comments below! 

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