My foldable phone expectations were way too high


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Let’s face it, mobile phones, even the best ones, just aren’t exciting anymore. They are all the way more powerful than we really need, they are all nifty multilance cameras and they all look essentially the same. I really hoped that the folding phones would give a much-needed shot of adrenaline to the industry. But well after a year of their arrival, they fired out like a damp fire and left me feeling disappointed.

I have worked for ClearTips for a decade, and most of the time I have exclusively covered mobile phones. I have seen many times coming and going. I have seen the rise and fall of Blackberry, I have seen strange phone ideas like Russian Yotophone with its E Ink second screen, And I saw a brief trend of curved phones like Lg g4 And Samsung’s galaxy round. But in recent years, it seems that real innovation has been set aside, for every company to ensure that modifications of the same product can happen easily.

Think of these phrases: “a large, vibrant screen,” “a great multi-rear camera setup,” “an attractive metal and glass design.” Can you think of many phones that cannot be applied to those feelings? The result is that all the phones are very good, but that means they are equally boring. Each year’s refreshments add a few megapixels, or additional screen size, to the camera. Or a slight bend for a design that, fundamentally, remains just a rectangular slab.

Lg-g5-6164. Jpg

The LG G5 came apart. And then did LG’s mobile business.

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I got it. Innovation is expensive, and spending millions of dollars researching a new idea means that you need a guarantee that it is going to sell well. LG Finds Out Its Cost With Its Phone Strange, modular G5, Which did not sell well, and now the company is reportedly looking into Sell ​​your phone business.

So when the folding phones came along, my spirits rose. There was innovation here. It was this new technology here that really took me back when I first saw it in a person and made me excited again about what a phone could make. I know that I am not the only person who loved that idea of ​​a phone that you wear like a watch on your wrist and reveal it when you need a big screen. But where is it?

The foldables we have are fine… okay. Galaxy z flip And Moto Razr’s The design in the CP is very clear that it makes the big-screen phone foldable in half and more pocketable, while Galaxy fold 2 And Huawei Mate X Essentially there are tablets that fold in half to become phones, which is also fine.


Both the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X are essentially tablets that turn into phones.

Andrew Hoyle / ClearTips

But beyond the bending screen, they haven’t really pushed any boundaries. They have not changed the way we use our phones or brought any revolution which is so terrible that it completely changes the face of mobile. They use the same version of Android, to provide additional functionality for some apps with only a few small tweaks, but slightly beyond that. In fact, they are the same phones as before, but you can fold them in half. I like it very much that I have the Galaxy Fold and Z Flip in my house, but they are in a drawer among other previous phones, and I have no great desire to get them out again.

And you pay handsomely for that one folded feature, as all folding phones cost significantly more than their respective manufacturers’ regular flagships. This, in turn, means that adoption is low, which gives those companies – or third-party developers – little incentive to think of new and creative ways to use this technology. In time, folding phones can be neatly inserted into a stack of other gimmicks, along with banana phones, Samsung Camera / Phone Hybrid And 3d phone displays.

But I hope not. I hope it sticks around and develops into something useful and exciting. Frankly, I hope that Apple will cause this, as it only has a tendency to adopt new technologies when it can actually put them to useful use, although perhaps not always (I see you 3d touch) Belongs to.


The original Galaxy Fold was interesting, but had its problems.

Andrew Hoyle / ClearTips

But I hope that no mobile company is afraid to try something new and try something different. The phones used to be fun, and the phone launch events were really exciting to see what would be amazing this time with the new technology.

That enthusiasm is not where he used to be. It is now an amber flicker at the bottom of the fireplace, with each generic phone launch there is a danger of having a bucket of sand that can completely knock it out. There is a chance that the folding phones may still be kindling which turns the ember into a roaring inferno, but I am not crossing my fingers.

Foldable phones ended up being kind of a letdown didnt

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