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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… As Luna takes more and more risks, Babeth and Patrick do not suspect that Manon is lurking around them. As for Thomas, he must react to François’ change of strategy.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Luna continues to cooperate with the police

While Bastien threatens Talbot, Ariane wants to intervene to avoid the worst. But Jean-Paul is convinced that he won’t go any further in front of Luna. And he’s right since Bastien ends up releasing Élodie’s ex-lover. The latter promises her that he has no more news of her from Colombia. He gives him his cell phone to check that he doesn’t even have his number anymore…

The next day, Bastien and Luna stop at a café, while Ariane and Jean-Paul follow them. They listen to their conversation. Bastien is convinced that Talbot erased the traces of his crime and that he should have been more violent to succeed in making him speak. Luna admits to being afraid of her outbursts of violence.

Back at the Celeste, Bastien and Luna notice that Hugo and Sunalee have continued to renovate the hotel. The Castels are also considering renaming it. Tired, Luna intends to return to Carmen. In reality, she goes to the police station, where she continues to defend Bastien, who nevertheless remains the main suspect. Jean-Paul gives him this time the mission to take pictures of the notebook that Bastien always has with him.

In the night, Luna runs without realizing that Bastien sees her doing…

Manon sabotages Kalya’s interview with the Nebouts

Overwhelmed by their baby and household chores, Babeth and Patrick are eager for help. Recommended by Claire, Kalya prepares for her interview at the Mistral bar. At a nearby table, Manon observes him. She spills her glass of water on him on purpose to create a diversion. Once Kalya and Claire are in the kitchen, Manon takes the opportunity to pour alcohol on Kalya’s coat and leave a vial in her bag.

Kalya arrives late at the Nebouts. While Babeth shows him around the owner, Patrick notices the smell emanating from his clothes, as well as the opened vial of vodka in his bag. He dismisses her immediately, then explains the reasons to Babeth. On her way home, Kalya calls Claire to tell her how the interview went. Manon follows her to listen to her conversation. Later, while Claire convinces the Nebouts to give Kalya a second chance, Patrick receives a call from Manon who is applying for the job of housekeeper. He gives her an appointment for an interview the next morning.

Kilian and Lola negotiate with François

Kilian and Lola want to go to the concert of one of their favorite stars, the day they have an appointment with their homeroom teacher. If Thomas thinks it’s not a good idea, François proposes on the contrary to postpone the meeting. Ravis, Kilian and Lola book their concert tickets.

Later, Thomas calls his brother a hypocrite and manipulator whose sole purpose is to get the teenagers in his pocket so that they return to work at the bar. François denies, arguing that he takes his advice to the letter by being cooler with them. As for Roland, he would like to see his sons form a real team to educate the twins.

Learning that François is ready to negotiate, Kilian thinks about the possibility of returning to work at the bar. Jules admits that the establishment isn’t the same without him and that Betty thinks so too. At the bar, Kilian and Lola advance their demands. They find common ground with François who offers them an internship agreement to remunerate them as they should. Kilian imposes the Betty Hour, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. For his part, Thomas constantly complains about his brother, which begins to tire Gabriel.

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