1622423119 monster hunter rises ending is a new beginning

Monster Hunter Rise’s Ending is a New Beginning

Update to 3.0 Monster hunter’s rise The main storyline brings a new map, new armor, a new monster (technically two), and narrative conclusions. In the end we get a definitive answer to the fate of the quaint little village of Kamura and the stampede affecting it. While the main story has ended, Capcom has promised that a significant amount of content will be coming in the future. We will get new monsters, weapons, armor and events over time.

So what does this really mean that the narrative story is over? Running games like Monster hunter’s rise Force us to rethink what exactly it means to complete the game in the era of live service.

when does it end?

In Monster hunter’s rise, The story functions like other narratives in many live service games. Plot is actually a way for players to experience mechanics and enemies at a steady pace, before they become unlit and begin a never ending grind for gear and cosmetics. While the structure of the story is about increased action, a climax, and everything that your 9th grade English teacher likes, it hardly catches us.

the story of Monster hunter’s rise Takes no risk and fails to make reliable bets. Does it really matter that Kamura Village is “under attack” if we never see the city in danger even from a distance? Sure, the village is technically under siege during the Rampage Quest, but when a monster breaks the final gate the screen fades and a large “Quest Fail” stamp appears. Players return to the village completely without damage, just to knock down more Bunny Dangos from their mouths and find a new quest to burn.

Monster hunter rises ending is a new beginning

It is not a unique issue that Monster hunter’s rise is. Love the game Destiny 2 and also world of Warcraft The feature extends where the “main plot” actually relates to the events of the apocalypse where the fate of the world (or the world, or the dimension? Or the plane?) In outer space. Wow Strange) is at stake. This does not prevent the player centers from looking peaceful and unaffected by the events around them. It does not matter that a demonic army is threatening our existence; We still have plenty of time to work on our herbs and drug manufacturing.

For the most part, I think this is a good way to handle games like this. Most of the players are not in it for background lore; They often see those large numbers flying around while playing with the system and fighting enemies. However, this leaves the narrative of these games in an awkward position. How can we reconcile an aspect of a game with a definite end where many players would argue that these games do not begin completely until that part is over?

Usually, when we say that we have defeated a game it means that we have played the entire game and it is acceptable to put the game down to focus on a new game. However, live service games are constantly updated with new content so the game’s totality is always expanded. One can access the end credits and still potentially miss more than half of the content provided by the game. Does it really matter that we saved Kamura village from a stampede when new and stronger monsters keep popping up?

Love the game Monster hunter’s rise When the plot is not finished, they keep on going until the developers decide to stop adding new content to it. Only the last update of a game is the true end of a live service game, regardless of the narrative weight. Then the material stops, so the game ends there.

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We have to look at the plot of live service games from a different perspective, as we do for more specific games. Such as the main stories of the games Monster hunter’s rise There are just incredibly long tutorials. They introduce us to mechanics, give us an explanation of the system, and show most of the content. Once players spend approximately 14 to 20-plus hours in the game, they can confidently say that they have a deep understanding of what the game actually entails.

This may have been the ultimate objective of the main storyline in such games. Instead of saying “I’ve finished the game” after reaching the end of a story arc, players should say that they now understand what the game is about. is.

An end in such games is just a new beginning that gives us the freedom to deal with them in any way and at our own pace.

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