Melissa mccarthy reveals she was flipped off over her oscars tracksuit

Melissa McCarthy Reveals She Was Flipped Off Over Her Oscars Tracksuit

Whether it is in fashion or in life, Melissa McCarthy Works on its own terms.

In a cover story for in styleIn the April issue, the 50-year-old actress spotted the dress she wore in 2019 Vanity FairRemembers the Oscar after-party and some comments she received about the ensemble.

Followed by a jumpsuit worn by a cap Brandon Maxwell At the award show, McCarthy slips into matching adidas tracksuits with her husband Ben Falcon.

“I’m sure it threw everyone into a chuckle because the idea came one day before the Oscars,” he told the magazine. “I asked, ‘Can we wear matching tracksuits?” And someone liked, ‘For tomorrow? Like, that both fit? ‘ it’s not that easy. I just wanted to live in tennies and tracksuits. It felt so funny and so comfortable to me. ”

McCarthy certainly remembers the response. “I was never flipped or told to F that party could have as much [laughs], And it was all done, uh, jokingly, but also with something real behind it, “she shared.”[After the ceremony] Everyone put on a different dress and different heels. They were completely like, ‘You walk yourself [for wearing a tracksuit]. ‘My response was,’ Oh, well, I’m going to dance very hard right now. ‘

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