1615481885 march windows 10 update causing printers to crash computers

March Windows 10 Update Causing Printers to Crash Computers

Some users who installed the monthly Windows 10 cumulative update of March are reporting that they have not been able to print properly until later, with the computer showing the so-called blue screen of death instead.

In particular, the issue affects printers of Kyocera, Ricoh and Zebra. After the latest KB5000802 update has been installed, sending a file to print on these printers is showing the blue screen of Windows 10 death and the error code “APC_INDEX_MISMATCH win32kfull.sys”.

A mismatch driver causes an error and occurs while printing from Notepad, Microsoft Word, and other system apps. This means that it does not appear to be associated with a specific program or when printing in Windows.

Microsoft has acknowledged these issues, but is not known for a specific time. The support page for the KB5000802 update mentions that the company is aware of concerns. “We are currently investigating and will provide an update when more information becomes available,” Microsoft notes.

March windows 10 update causing printers to crash computers

This issue is well documented on Reddit, as raised by the blog Windows Latest. Windows users are discussing the issue on the Microsoft Answers page. Although there are more than 1 billion Windows 10 devices in the world, the exact scope and range of the problem is not known.

If you are having problems with this update, it may be best to try uninstalling it from your computer. In the Reddit thread and others who are experiencing problems, they report that this may solve the problem. Just be aware that the KB5000802 update under consideration comes with the main security patches and bug fixes for Windows 10.. Uninstalling it can put your computer at risk.

If you choose to uninstall updates caused by these issues, you can do so by clicking start menu, selection of Adjustment The icon is going in again Update and security. From there, click view Update history And then click Uninstall update. After that you will want to search for the update in the list and click on it Uninstall. Your computer will then reboot and remove the problematic update.

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