Lo bosworth details the terrifying reality of her brain injury

Lo Bosworth Details The Terrifying Reality Of Her Brain Injury

He just needed a moment to collect his thoughts.

During our 30-minute chat, Lo bosworth There was eloquence and charm that you expect from the CEO of a welfare empire. But in that moment, discussing her innate ability to take risks – mainly on herself – she struggled to say what’s on her mind.

“It’s hard to get the words out,” she admits, “it’s hard to find the words I’m looking to express myself.”

This is a battle she has been silently battling for years – until now. On March 13, Bosworth shared with his nearly 1 million Instagram followers that, in March 2019, he suffered a traumatic brain injury while celebrating his friend’s birthday at a NYC restaurant. After a door was closed and on Bosworth’s head, he got out and fell into a nearby booth.

“I had a huge bump on my head and a black eye,” she recalls in her exclusive interview with 34-year-old E! News. “The doctor told me that if the door pushed me back an inch, it could have been a really serious accident.”

Not to say it was not, in fact, a serious accident. “I hardly remember them for a few weeks,” she says, “I was horrified.”

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