Livestreaming App Periscope Will Shut Down on April 1

Livestreaming app periscope will shut down on april 1

Livestreaming app Persicope is shutting down on April 1, owner Twitter has announced.

We have known since December that the six-year-old Periscope was on its way, although no specific date of closure had been given until now.

The app has already been taken from the App Store, but most of the functionality of those who still have this phone will expire on April 1. The Periscope website, meanwhile, will now be online to serve as a repository for content. Deployed on service for years.

If you have videos on Periscope that you want to save, you can Download them via twitter.

On Wednesday, the team posted a goodbye message. “We leave you with gratitude to all the creators and audiences who illuminate the Periscope community,” it said. “We hope to see all of you live on Twitter.”

Oh! That is the matter. Our last goodbye Today is the last day the Periscope app will be available.

We thank you to all the creators and audiences who have illuminated the Periscope community. We hope to see you all live on Twitter.


& mdash; Periscope (@PeriscopeCo) March 31, 2021

The decision to discontinue Periscope came after the service saw a decline in users, perhaps not surprising given that much of the app’s functionality has gradually joined Twitter.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a decline in usage and know that the cost of supporting the app will only continue to rise over time,” Twitter said in a message last year when it first announced that it would discontinue Is planning Periscope below.

It also states: “Leaving it in its current state is not correct by the current and former Periscope community or Twitter. We still believe in the power of live video to solve impressive problems, which is why we’ve brought most of Periscope’s core capabilities to Twitter. “

The company said the disruption caused by the ongoing epidemic meant that the livestreaming app survived a little longer than originally planned.

Periscope down!

Periscope founded in 2014 and launched the following year when Twitter allegedly bought the company for $ 100 million.

Initially it generated much buzz, prompting many to try livestreaming from their smartphones for the first time. For a while, rival Liverstreaming app Mercut appeared to threaten Periscope’s success, but Twitter put all its weight behind its own horse, but Miracat failed to compete and was soon shut down.

Over time, Twitter took many of Periscope’s elements and transformed them into its own app, while other social media companies also doubled their own efforts to incorporate livestreaming functionality.

If you are interested in doing livestreaming on Twitter, here’s how to do it.

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