1614105681 lenovo has made a thunderbolt 4 display for m1 macs

Lenovo Has Made a Thunderbolt 4 Display for M1 Macs

Lenovo is ushering in Intel’s new Thunderbolt 4 era, with the Thinkvision P40w, the world’s first monitor to support the connectivity standard. With its “Think” pedigree, the Thinkvision P40w is designed for professionals. Its ultraviolet 21: 9 aspect ratio allows for multiple open windows spanning the monitor’s 39.7 inch display.

The ThinkVision P40w with Thunderbolt 4 support is designed for Windows 10 systems running on Intel’s 11th General Processor Platform, including Rocket Lake Silicon designed for Tiger Lake-powered laptops and desktops. Apple’s new Mac systems, powered by the iPhone manufacturer’s custom M1 processor, also support Thunderbolt 4, so the monitor should work with the latest Mac Mini, MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro in the market today.

Lenovo has made a thunderbolt 4 display for m1 macs

By supporting Thunderbolt 4K 40 Gbps data and video transfer speeds, the Thinkvision P40w aims to help you better manage your cable clutter at your desk. Thunderbolt 4 allows a single cable to be connected between the ThinkVision display and your PC or Mac to handle both power delivery and video connectivity. Additionally, with a built-in hub on the rear, a single Thunderbolt 4 cable can open your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop to additional ports, including an Ethernet jack, DisplayPort, and additional Thunderbolt and USB ports.

Overall, Lenovo states that the hub behind the ThinkVision P40w features a total of 12 ports and a built-in KVM switch if you want to connect two computers to the same monitor and peripherals. The additional Thunderbolt port on the monitor will allow you to daisy the second screen for multi-monitor setup.

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The ThinkVision P40w comes with several features that will delight creative professionals. The pixel-packed IPS screen boasts a WUHD resolution of 5,120 x 2,160, and the screen comes with an antilaguer coating and TUV for eye comfort and to reduce eye strain while viewing the panel over an extended period of time. – is certified. In terms of ergonomics, the monitor supports lift, tilt and rotate features on the stand, but you can also mount the display in any compatible VESA mounting bracket. ThinkVision comes in a classic matte black hue which is the hallmark of Lenovo’s Think Series products. It boasts narrow bezels on the top and sides and a slightly elongated chin on the bottom.

Lenovo said of the screen, “the big picture offers impressive views with sharp, eye-catching detail, while noting that the” 2500R curvature revolves around you, making your field of view more visible to remove the deflection. Heals and immerses you in the latest market movements. “

1614105673 684 lenovo has made a thunderbolt 4 display for m1 macs

Lenovo also supports Intel’s active management technology, Lenovo said.

The ThinkVision P40w has achieved 98% of both the expanded DCI-P3 and sRGB color space, and is calibrated to a Delta E measurement of less than 2 at the factory. The screen has a refresh rate of 75Hz, so it is ideal for fast action games. , But it comes with 4ms response time in peak mode. The brightness can reach 300 nits, and Lenovo stated that its contrast ratio is 1,000: 1.

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