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This evening at 8:55 p.m., Arte is broadcasting the three-part miniseries directed by Dominique Rocher (“The Night has devoured the world”), in which a group of scientists discovers a mysterious rope in the middle of the woods. Successful thriller or nebulous fable?

La corde on arte what is the fantastic miniseries worth
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What is it about ?

A small group of scientists isolated at a base in Norway discover a mysterious, seemingly endless rope that runs along their observatory and plunges into the vast forest. Some decide to follow her, others decide to stay. As the innocent expedition slowly turns into a determined quest to unravel this mystery, everyone will face the dire consequences of their choices.

The rope, 3 X 52 minutes

January 27 at 8:55 p.m. on Arte and in full on

Who is it with?

In this fantastic thriller in three episodes, Quebec actress Suzanne Clément (La Forêt, Mommy) plays opposite German Richard Sammel (The Head, Un Village français), Jean-Marc Barr (Two cops on the docks), Jeanne Balibar (Lost Illusions) and Danish Jakob Cedergren (The Guilty).

Christa Théret (The Adventures of Young Voltaire), the Israeli actor Tom Mercier (We Are Who We Are) and the Belgians Planitia Kenese and Gilles Vandeweerd (Zone Blanche) complete the cast of this series with strong European resonance, resulting from a co-production between France and Belgium.

Well worth a look ?

Freely adapted from the eponymous novel by German author Stefan aus dem Siepen by Eric Forestier and Dominique Rocher, director of the singular zombie films acclaimed by critics in 2018 The Night has devoured the world, La Corde apparently has everything to intrigue fans. genre, fantastic incursions into French series being still too rare today.

A group of European scientists, a research base cut off from the world in the middle of a Norwegian forest, a supernatural disturbing element, great metaphysical questions in the background… In its intriguing first part, the series presents its gallery of characters, a group of seasoned scientists led by a couple of astrophysical researchers, Agnès and Bernhardt Mueller (Suzanne Clément and Richard Sammel).

While their team is about to carry out a harvest of historical data to understand the phenomenon of repeaters (or FRB, English fast radio bursts: rapid radio bursts) which would allow them to receive emissions from the other side of the universe in order to understand its formation , the discovery of a huge rope stretching in the woods destabilizes and fascinates researchers. Where does it come from, and how far does it go?

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Several of them, led by Bernhardt and his taciturn sidekick Serge (Jean-Marc Barr), then decide to drop all their work in progress to go hiking along the rope to unravel its mystery.

Sophie Rauk (Jeanne Balibar), an astrophysicist suffering from incurable cancer, sees this as a welcome escape. Leïla (Christa Théret), a brilliant analyst in the grip of depression, is followed by her companion, Joseph (Tom Merci), the team’s cook, who is trying to save their couple. Dani, a young English trainee, also joins the adventure, driven by curiosity and a desire to find faith.

From there, everything falls apart. After a day’s walk, seeing that the rope is getting longer, the little group decides almost unanimously to stay put, without any means of communication, and to continue the exploration the next day, while Bernhardt tries to turn back to the research center where his blind wife, Suzanne, is waiting for them.

If the starting postulate has everything to pique our curiosity as a spectator (but what does this damn rope lead to?), the unfolding of the plot, which is oriented towards a metaphorical illustration of the quest for knowledge and its limits , is much less so.

While the characters sink into the irrational until they lose their minds, gradually turning against each other, the rope motif illustrates a transition between two worlds, and tries to make us think about the notion of infinity while playing at making us lose our bearings in space-time. But is not Interstellar who wants; by dint of getting lost in metaphysical reflections on death, the quest for meaning and infinity, this existential yet promising fable ends up misleading our interest.

While there would have been so many staging finds to be made in an oppressive natural environment like this to reinforce the fantastic poetry of its subject, La Corde is weighed down by a lazy production and by the disembodied acting of certain performers. . A lack of direction, all the more unfortunate when we manage to bring together so many foreign actors on the screen.

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