Khloe Kardashian Unauthorized Photo: Is She a Victim or the Problem?

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An expert says both. Here, one sees how the Kardashians struggle with the same impossible ideal Khloe and make a profit.

Earlier this week, an unedited photo of Kardashian opened on social media surfaced and as things happen on the Internet, it spread. Soon after, people started posting how His legal team was messaging many of them to take it down In a futile attempt to rub the image off the Internet.

But the way things spread fast online, they also never Really Go away. This was followed by the true example of the Streisand effect, which occurs when attempts to hide something only make it more publicized. It was built in 2005 Techdirt ‘Say goodbye to Mike Masnik, and Barbara Streisand, who, in 2003, sued a photographer for a breach of privacy for taking aerial shots of their California mansion as part of a public collection of beach photographs. Before the lawsuit was filed, that picture was downloaded only a few times, but later, due to publicity, the number rose from thousands to thousands. So, in the same way, this week’s favorite topic of the Internet became the photo that Kardashian did not want anyone to see.

And a lot of chatter has been made about whether, in fact, the 36-year-old reality TV star wanted to innocently shoot herself in a leopard bikini, smiling at the water, fingering nails and all but the first web from the place?

Here’s the thing: The photo is unedited, unfiltered, and wearing very little makeup. He is also not the one who posted it online (prays for the assistant who made that mistake). And if the Kardashian clan is known for anything, it is a tightly controlled image.

Many people on Twitter expressed confusion, wondering if she wanted to delete the photo because “His ‘real’ face does not match the shape-changing CGI face, which he puts on IG, “While some noted”She looks very beautiful and happy in this picture, I wish we saw it this way“Others wonder why the rest of us, who don’t post pictures of themselves online and who don’t have Kardashian’s bodies, should feel about our appearances if she’s still not proud of him. .

On April 7, Kardashian addressed the backlash in an emotional Instagram post. The caption reads: “The picture posted this week is beautiful. But as someone who has struggled with body image all his life, when someone takes a picture of you that is not flattering in a bad light or captures your body in the way After working so hard to get to this point from – and then shares it to the world – you should have every right to ask not to share it – no matter who you are. In truth, pressure, constant ridicule and perfecting my whole life and meeting other standards for what I should look like.

As a famous family member who has received the most criticism about her body since the reality series keeping up with the Kardashians Debuted in 2007, Kardashian’s appearance has been analyzed to be tall, large, and bladdery – even to the point of speculation as to whether she has a different father for her alleged physical differences. In this regard, Kardashian said that her struggle with her body partially “mocked” and poked fun at “every single flaw and imperfection”.

He said, “You never have a habit of judging and pulling and told how ugly a person is, but I would say that if you hear anything you will start believing it.” In this way I have been conditioned to feel that I am not beautiful just because I am. “Kardashian said she has used criticism” to get herself in the best shape of her life, “but without people wondering if she” pays it all “. She says she needs” a good filter. , Good lighting and an editing choice here and there. “

That post includes a video of her topless and an attempt to demonstrate that her body is hers, and what we see on her Instagram feed is genuine. She hosted an Instagram Live the same night as proof, removing all smoke and mirrors.

Needless to say, this only sparked online buzz, with Kardashian trending on Twitter for the rest of the week, and many describing her as “part of the problem,” an exponent of unproven beauty standards, and No has promoted unrealistic beauty standards by selling products such as flat tummy tea with the majority of his family.

Meanwhile, actress Jamila Jamil, who created the body inclusivity platform I Weigh, tweeted that we are all victims of beauty standards, and “[the Kardashians] We may get hurt, but God has hurt society. Katie Kaurik, too, commented on Kardashian’s post that it was “raw and honest”, but that “non-stop procedures and continuous filters are promoting unrealistic and harmful aesthetic standards.”

The discussion, of course, is a complex one. Kardashian is A victim of online harassment, but as a part of a family that has long adapted black and drag culture to its look, promoted weight loss products for its fans, and whose appearances have given rise to their online content A lot has been edited, he is also a criminal. He is criticizing a lot.

Ayesha Fairclough, a body image advocate and co-founder of Body Confidence Canada, says, “Khloe is not immune to the pressure that society places on women’s bodies, but her family also maintains those toxic, unrealistic beauty standards is.” Body diversity through programming and community engagement. “They have shut down these standards through flat belly tees, body-contouring shapowers and by imitating the physical features often associated with Black aesthetics. It is under fuller lips and large buttocks which are near black bodies. You cannot discuss Kardashian and body image without applying a race, class and gender analysis lens. “

In recent years, any of the Kardashians or Jenners can be found in magazines, always decked out, on red carpets or walking down the street. Her heavy makeup beauty has become so distorted over the years that it has come to dominate the looks of social media influencers and Gen Z. The look — which includes symmetrical eyebrows, flared lips, bronze skin, and layers of makeup — above – was even dubbed by the “Instagram face” new YorkerGia Tolentino. Add to the trim waist, big chest, toned belly, crooked back and long hair, and you’ve got hell to try and fit in a mold, with many features that women of color don’t usually admire She and Kardashian are idols for the way they are.

Consider Khloe’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner, who was scorched in fire in 2015, lying about using filler. When she later revealed the truth, she had a makeup line to sell, so you can – theoretically – achieve the same look with nothing more than lip liner and gloss.

So while yes, it is difficult to live up to today’s beauty standards, Kardashian consistently blames them. There is a confusing cognitive dissonance, then, to say that you don’t feel “I just feel so beautiful”, while also saying Changed body, Selling fans diet products and encouraging them to emulate the impossible-to-achieve image posted daily on their Instagram. An image that is, undeniably, often photoshopped. It is a powerful thing, after all, while it keeping up with the Kardashians With its 20th and final season wrapping up later this year, the family’s impact is likely to last long.

To move forward and break this harmful cycle, imagine a world in which the Kardashians never post, filtered pictures? Or if they did, and if they happened to buy a nap here and a tuck there, they were completely transparent about it?

Kardashian’s Fairclaw says, “Khloé has the right to do what she wants with her body and to take down any photo, but it’s a step in the right direction. To remove an image She did not agree to share online. “[But] With the photo removed, what message does it send to real fat people, women, girls and people of all genders who struggle with Eurocentric Body Image Ideal? For body justice, ‘body positivity’ and for all women who struggle daily with their body image, they should have abandoned it. We are living through an epidemic and we are all fighting to survive and survive in the bodies that we are. Khloe is telling us that we should be thankful for our bodies, knots and bumps that make us whole. “

It is clear that Kardashian is struggling with body image issues, as there are so many women and girls today. Multiple studies suggest that people experiencing body dysmorphia or any type of predisposition with their weight usually exhibit high levels of symptoms for depression and anxiety, and are more likely to have suicidal thoughts. . According to the Mental Health Foundation the major reasons for those concerns may be any of the following: our relationships with our family and friends, how they speak about bodies, images of idealized or unrealistic bodies through media or social media Our contact for, and the second pressure to look a certain way or to match an “ideal” body type.

“Khloe’s story seems like the story of many who have fallen prey to a visual culture that undermines women and girls in every situation, literally in their efforts to shape us literally Figuratively and figuratively tries to take up very little space, ”says Fairfor. “Khloe may need a lot of help, but it is bigger than Khloé: our society needs help. There should be no app to lighten or tighten our skin and body. And Photoshop should not be used to alter our images to make us look younger or thinner. “

The sooner we reach that state, the more we will feel – including our own self – about our authentic selves. But for this to happen, the Kardashians, Jenners, and all the other powerful celebrities in Hollywood and who separate and profit from impossible beauty standards must stop playing the game and start being honest.

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