Keen home smart vent review keen home sharpens its formerly

Keen Home Smart Vent review: Keen Home sharpens its formerly dull smart vents

editor’s Note: Keen Home has released some hardware and firmware updates that have changed the product experience significantly. Our review has been updated to reflect those changes.

A few months ago, I tested the Keen Home smart vents and gave them poor reviews. Terrible connectivity made some features practically inaccessible, and a design flaw made roof installation dangerous. Keen Home continued to work on its product, with ample feedback from users and reviewers. Now, these $80 smart vents are starting to look appealing.

The idea behind Keen’s vents is that you can personalize the temperature of individual rooms around your home. If a room gets colder in the winter, vents can direct more heat, or if you prefer your bedroom cooler, you can direct warm air away from it. On a basic level, Keane performs. If you’re interested in smart vents, or have a compatible smart thermostat, Keene Home vents are definitely worth a look, especially as their features keep evolving.


Keen Home Systems take some time to set up, but it’s hard to imagine how easy one could make it. The real hassle is actually having to sit on a ladder to install ceiling vents, if you have them, or screw fixtures into the wall. The Keane has also done away with most of the old connectivity issues, so syncing the vents to the hub is easy.

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Tyler Lizenby/ClearTips

In my experience, installation takes 15-20 minutes per unit. Depending on how many you do, this could take an hour or an afternoon.

Once the setup is complete, the Keen Home app is intuitive to use. The app has been streamlined, and now, when you run into connection issues with a vent, the app senses it and automatically pulls up troubleshooting recommendations. I love this addition, especially after my basic experience with the system left me confused and puzzled.


Where the key vents is in the excel design. Now that the ceiling fall problem has been fixed, users are left with a minimalist aesthetic that works with almost any decor. The white faceplates attach magnetically to the vent, so unlike a traditional vent, you can easily pull the plate off to clean the slats or change the battery.

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Tyler Lizenby/ClearTips

The vents look sleek even without the faceplate. A small LED light in the structure of the vent itself is the primary means of communication between the user and the device. And for the most part, its blinking pattern is easy to understand: green for “connected”, yellow for “searching for connection”, and so on. But just in case, I found it helpful to keep the included translation card handy while setting up.

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