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Karol G Reveals How Her Collab With Nicki Minaj Went Down in the DMs

Name another iconic pair!

On Sunday, May 23, during the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, Mr. Karol Talked on I! Live on the red carpet About his explosive support Nikki Minaj This happened.

And apparently, it all went down in DM! Karol, 30, jokingly said that all artists should take a shot at sending messages to their idols on Instagram, “Give it a try! Try it, because it works for me!”

The Colombian songwriter explained, “I just realized one day that Nicki started following me on Instagram … I was like,” Oh my, Nicki Minaj is commenting on my photos, adding ” So I sent him a DM saying, ‘Hey, let’s do a song.’ He said, ‘Yes, I like what you’re doing.’ ”

Karol sent her the beginning of “Tusa”, saying that Nikki had written her poem on the same day. the rest is history!

As he said, “I think this is a song for my generation.”

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